We’ve been seeing Filiz confront Baris a lot in the past episodes, and I’m expecting him to tell the truth today. Will he tell, though? She learned that he married Nihal only during her time in prison and that he has been following her in the black car this whole time. But no, Baris does not answer any of these questions yet again. It’s frustrating to see this scene repeated many times…

Tulay and Tufan return to Istanbul and she starts working back at Filiz’s atelier. Tulay is acting a little strange and funny. Back at Melek’s house Emre somehow escapes Fikret with his lies. Fikret returns to Filiz’s home with their belongings, and he asks if she sent Emre to collect these and Kiraz lies “yes” just to escape all the questions about Emre. Fikret believes that their dad is working on getting Melek’s house back, but in reality, he’s MIA again. A drunken friend of Fikri insists Cemil that he checks on Fikri because he’s in trouble again, but when Cemil checks around, Fikri seems to be fine.

Zeynep talks about selling her baby to someone on the phone. When Hikmet asks what happened to her face, she avoids it and cries like a baby. I’m starting to dislike her even more because she seems to be a big liar. Poor Hikmet, he always gets into trouble trying to help the damsel in distress. Last week Cicek found out about their marriage, so she calls Cemil to come and help her with this information. She finds the couple in their house and Cicek is one heck of a woman! The way she barged in, asking for an explanation for his stupid decision! Zeynep says her brothers hit her and both of them have to face Filiz now. While they argue about this, Cemil and Tufan also join.

I knew we’d see more of Cemil and Cicek, and they’re so funny in their scenes. In a matter of a few minutes, everyone knows about Hikmet’s marriage except Filiz. They try to put some sense to Hikmet, wondering why he got married so fast. Hikmet explains that Zeynep is pregnant, but they believe it’s his baby because he doesn’t mention the actual father. In the meantime, Filiz comes looking for everyone but Hikmet quickly says they’re all looking for their dad because he’s in trouble. Filiz doesn’t really care about Fikri and says he must be sleeping somewhere as usual.

Meanwhile, Fikri is roaming around somewhere, looking lost and holding onto a bust of a statue. He meets two strangers on the way and says he’s looking for Switzerland. Fikret and Kiraz are waiting for him at home, and Hikmet says he must be looking for Melek. Filiz calls Selim to help her track him. Fikri is making a scene wherever he is and even the police get involved this time to sedate him.

The next day morning Emre is fighting with Gulsum, who thinks he has stolen something again (I wonder if it’s something from Melek) In the same time Baris and Filiz have one of their usual fights outside their workplace while Nihal watches them secretly. Baris wants to help Emre. He tells Emre that he too has problems with his dad, how he killed his brother for money and how he sent his girlfriend to prison. Emre tells him that his mother committed suicide, and Baris teaches him to not be like his father and choose the right path. Emre then tells him to explain the truth to Filiz. We’re all waiting for this moment to happen!

Mrs Nurgul, Baris’s patron is nosey as ever. Both Baris and Filiz cut her off but she’s very inquisitorial. Filiz is ready with their first order to be delivered. The girls wear the dresses to show Mr. Mansur, and he agrees to work with them in the future. He takes them for dinner but Filiz and Selim decide to stay back and have coffee together.

Kiraz and Ipek amend their friendship. Derin and Rahmet are now officially together, but Rahmet still has to deal with Deniz. He finds her later fighting with a man in the car park who seems to be forcing her to come with him. Rahmet hits the man and drags Deniz away. Deniz thinks that Rahmet is dating Derin to stay away from her, but Rahmet tells her that he doesn’t like Deniz, but Deniz vows to prove that Rahmet is in love with her. He is now uneasy around Derin.

Deniz somehow works a plan where Rahmet is forced to help with her project. Rahmet tries to avoid it but Deniz surely knows how to get things done. Derin thinks Deniz is jealous of them and explains to Rahmet that she has been like this with all of her ex-boyfriends. Rahmet realizes that Deniz is just playing with him, but Deniz forces him take her photos and there was a hot moment where he was about to kiss her. Even though Rahmet seems to be confused, he tells Deniz to stop playing with him because he loves Derin.

Fikret tries to leave home to go look for his dad. He too fights with Filiz this time but gives up when no one supports him. Hikmet is struggling to tell Filiz about Zeynep.
Baris comes back to have a casual chat with Filiz, where he asks if she’s seeing someone. These two really need to stop beating around the bush! It’s clear they miss each other and they still have feelings for each other. Baris tries to say something to her, but Mr Mansur comes at the same time. Baris knows that this is Selim’s father, so he leaves without saying anything. Selim also comes at the same time, and he has some shocking news for Filiz. While looking for Fikri’s records, he has found out about Hikmet’s marriage. Filiz storms out to talk to Hikmet, but Selim tries to calm her while Baris watches them. After seeing all of this, Baris seems to have decided to move on… He asks Nihal and his son to come to see him at work the next day.

Filiz is worried that she’s not doing a good job raising the kids because she’s having so much trouble with them. She goes on and on about her problems with Selim, who is clearly into her now. Later that night Filiz asks Hikmet about marriage, where she now gets to know about the baby. She starts hitting Hikmet and next we see Filiz questioning both Hikmet and Zeynep. The entire household is there, but everyone is a bit softer now that Filiz is the furious one. In the end, Tulay offers Zeynep to stay with them and Filiz has no choice but to face this problem.

Nihal and Savas (Baris’s son) visit Baris the next day, and this time its Filiz watching them… She calls Selim immediately and asks him to take her for lunch. Clearly, she’s doing this because she’s angry at seeing Baris with his family, and Baris is doing that because of his anger with Selim. Both couples leave for lunch, and Filiz has a smug smile when Baris sees her with Selim. What are the chances they’re going to the same restaurant? We’ll find out next week!




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