Last week’s episode ended on a rather sad note where Tulay lost her twins. The others have no choice but to let Baris check on her at home because he saved her life. Tulay’s situation is very sad. She keeps crying all day and they finally decide to go to their hometown for a while.

Visiting them reminds Baris of the good times he had with Filiz in the past. He has decided to stay in the health clinic next to Filiz’s atelier, but he has to deal with seeing Selim who now visits Filiz frequently. He comes to have a casual chat with Filiz, trying to get her opinion on Selim, but Filiz explains that Baris is now only a stranger to her and the only reason she’s still talking to him is that he helped Tulay. Selim seems to be developing some feelings for her. Even his colleagues tease him about this. Filiz tells him that she doesn’t feel anything for Baris since she went through so much pain with him.

Deniz continues to tease Rahmet, this time about the math problem he secretly solved and pinned to the noticeboard under Derin’s notice. Deniz seems to be falling for Rahmet, and there was a brief moment where you could see some spark between them, but Rahmet leaves the scene quickly. He later arranges a small picnic for Derin in an isolated area in the university. They share a kiss while Deniz watches them from far. She confronts him later and Rahmet seems to be a little confused about the two sisters at this point. Deniz informs the school that Rahmet solved the math problem, but he is angry that the sisters keep meddling with him. Derin gives him a new math problem to solve and they kiss the next day. But Deniz blackmails Rahmet again, this time giving him money and takes the answer to the new math problem.

Melek’s mother has found a better clinic in Switzerland for her cancer and Fikri doesn’t want her to go. But apparently her mother is scary so no one wants her to come to their house, so finally, Fikri lets Melek visit her instead. He makes a mess of the house when Melek leaves for two days by inviting his alcoholic friends. He gets drunk again and the next day Melek’s mother’s lawyer comes with police because she has complained that he took over her house. He has to leave the house as soon as possible. He immediately calls Melek but her mother answers and everyone has to leave. Fikri ends up in jail and the kids have nowhere to go now. Fikret informs Filiz about what happened and she calls Selim to help her. Fikri believes that his mother in law kidnapped Melek and wants to file complaints against her. The kids have no choice but to go back to Filiz’s house, though Kiraz is still stubborn with Filiz. The house is crowded again and Fikri comes back the next morning, drunk as usual.

To add more fire to the drama, Zeynep makes an appearance in front of everyone. She wants to let everyone know they’re married but Hikmet explains that his father returned after being thrown out of his villa. We will see how Zeynep reacts to this news since she rushed the marriage thinking of the riches of his dad. Later Hikmet goes back to see Zeynep but she is missing. Cicek sees him coming out of the house and she checks every inch of the house but it’s empty now. She’s very suspicious about Hikmet so she follows him the next day to Zeynep’s house, which is still empty. Cemil finds her spying on Hikmet. Their conversation was funny and makes you wonder if you’re going to see more of them together in the future.

Selim believes that Baris is hiding something and tells him to leave Filiz alone. He confronts him about his marriage, that he married Nihal only recently. Baris tells him that he is not leaving the clinic. Later he tries to talk to Filiz but Cicek warns her to be careful. She goes back to him so he could check her hand (she cut her hand in the last episode and Baris attended to it) Baris tries to learn more about Selim. At first, they talk calm but it isn’t too long before they start fighting again. Filiz notices the black sedan outside their workplace and wonders if it’s Baris’s car.

Filiz confides in Selim about her problems with Kiraz. In this episode we see them getting a little closer to each other and Baris notices this too. Selim’s colleague pushes him to let Filiz know how he feels about her. They meet quite often and Filiz doesn’t seem to mind this too. She also tells him about the black sedan and that she believes it’s Baris. Selim then tells her that Baris married Nihal years ago and divorced, but remarried while Filiz was in prison. This news completely throws Filiz out from her anger towards Baris, and she tries to justify his lies. She now thinks that Baris lied and made him look like the bad person in order to protect Filiz from something and that he remarried Nihal only for the kid. She now believes that he really loved her, and this reaction of hers stops Selim from taking a step forward in his relationship with Filiz.

Nihal is annoyed that Baris doesn’t pay any attention to her, so she calls someone to investigate on Filiz. She finds out that Filiz works right next door to Baris. She lies to Baris that she heard about Selim from the courts and he is in love with Filiz.

Melek’s mother has stopped payments for Fikret and Kiraz’s school, so now Filiz has to pay a large tuition fee for them too. Kiraz calls Emre and tells him everything that happened to her, expecting some comfort from him. When Emre learns that there’s no one at Melek’s house now, he decides to go back to his unfinished business, and at the same time, Fikret goes back too, to get his things back. He hears a noise inside (Emre was trying to break the safe) and sees Emre. Will Emre harm Fikret?

At the end of the episode, we see Zeynep (she seems to have got beaten on her face) go back to her house, crying. What happened to Zeynep? Meanwhile, Cicek finds out that Hikmet got married to Zeynep. At the clinic, Filiz is waiting for Baris for some answers. She confronts him again about his marriage. Looks like Baris will tell her the truth this time but we have to wait for the next episode for that…




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