We’re now on a new chapter of seeing Baris and Filiz being neighbours at work, but from day one they’re on to fighting. Filiz is determined not to see him again, and Baris tries to convince Tulay to make Filiz forget him and move on, but Tulay says Filiz doesn’t care about him and she has already moved on. She also says that he should leave her and move away because of what he has done to her. Baris eventually gives his resignation, but the owner of the health clinic is convinced he will have to stay because no new doctor will come to that neighbourhood.

Baris’s marriage still remains a mystery to us. They do talk about a deal they arranged earlier and we can see for sure that there is no love between them, but I wonder if Nihal wants something more.

When Zeynep finds out that Hikmet’s father got rich through his marriage to Melek, she agrees to marry Hikmet soon. Her hastiness makes you wonder if she’s an opportunist since she too is a mystery right now. Cemil is suspicious about them and tells Cicek about Zeynep, who doesn’t believe it at first. She later doubts Hikmet’s behaviour and visits Zeynep to find out more, who actually turns out to be a gold digger, as she speaks to her friend about somehow moving into Fikri’s villa after she becomes his wife. They get married in secret by the end of this episode.

The girls are excited for their opening of the atelier, and Filiz warns Baris to stay out of her brothers’ sight when they come, in order to avoid a fight. He watches her brothers and Selim, the lawyer come in and leaves silently. Selim brings the first business contract for Filiz’s new business. When Fikri, Fikret and Melek bring (a very reluctant) Kiraz to the opening, she watches one of the rebels (Emre) from the neighbourhood, kind of awestruck. She offers to take Emre to the market and tries very hard to impress him by pretending to be older and showing off that she is rich. Emre, another apparent opportunist gets more information about their villa and parties that Kiraz tells she’ll invite him for one of the parties. This whole scene screams trouble for future…

Meanwhile, Filiz is worried about the dispute between her and Kiraz, and Melektells her to relax that Kiraz is a good girl. Little do they know that Kiraz is making major plans to avoid them and meet Emre in secret with her friend Ipek.

While working on the first day, Filiz cuts her hand by accident and guess who comes to dress the wound? The scene was a bit touching when Baris attended to her hand, the way he was looking at her. I really wish they were still together. For once they were not fighting here, though Filiz was still a bit cold towards him. Baris seems to be burning inside. What is he hiding?

Rahmet gets into trouble because of the camera footage. Deniz accuses him of not turning off all cameras to frame her. She blackmails Rahmet with the photos unless Rahmet gives a fake testimony. Rahmet says he doesn’t care and plays cool, leaving Deniz frustrated. He tells everything to Derin, and she’s worried that Rahmet will get fired. She also tells him not to tell the truth.

Later on, Rahmet and Deniz are questioned by the university council. The council is not convinced by Deniz’s testimony, but Rahmet says they’re dating and they wanted to have some fun outside that night in the empty school. Deniz says its true and they get a warning from the council with no severe punishment.

Kiraz and Ipek persuade Fikri to go on a holiday with Melek. They plan on sending Fikret for a basketball match and invite Emre for a party over the weekend during their absence.
Tulay believes Selim will be good for Filiz. It’s also obvious that Selim likes Filiz. Baris watches them go together for their dinner, and he starts following them. He even tries to barge into their dinner but stops when he sees another businessman join them. This is the business contract Selim found for Filiz, but Baris knows that this is Selim’s dad! What is Selim trying to do? Why didn’t he tell Filiz it’s his dad? Their conversation, however, is not what Baris was assuming. They speak about doing the business with good trust, and Mr Mansir (Selim’s dad) needs a guarantee from Filiz that she would deliver the clothes on time. Filiz agrees to deliver 50 dresses a week and Selim makes him pay in advance for the trial.

Baris had slept the night at the clinic. His patron is very nosey and wants to know what’s going on between him and Filiz. He finally goes home (to Nihal) and he looks extremely broken hearted. At one point he says Nihal’s son is his too, and he’s the only reason he didn’t die last night (He was shattered after seeing Filiz meet Selim’s dad)

Melek and Fikri leave for their holiday. Melek’s plan was to leave the kids at Filiz, so Filiz is preparing food for them, but the kids have other plans. They lie to her that they have extra lessons, but Filiz insists on picking them. Ipek comes to the rescue by telling Filiz that they’re planning a surprise for Filiz at Melek’s place. This plan gets ruined when Fikret accidentally answers Filiz’s call and she hears a commotion. She realizes that Fikret has lied and calls Kiraz, who doesn’t see it. Emre is with Kiraz at the party, and he wanders around the house looking for valuables to steal.

An angry Filiz brings Fikret back, and as she suspects there’s something wrong going on, Fikret confesses about their plans. Kiraz gets the shock of her life and her party comes to an end when Filiz barges in with Fikret, just as Emre was trying to open the safe upstairs. He somehow escapes unnoticed. Filiz calls everyone’s parents and looks like it was the end of Ipek and Kiraz’s friendship. This infuriates Kiraz and she blames Filiz for ruining her life and orders her to get out of her house.

When Melek and Fikri return, Filiz confronts them for leaving alone. Fikri doesn’t care at all and blames Filiz for confronting them, but Melek agrees with Filiz and thinks the kids should go back to Filiz. Kiraz goes on a savage rant at Filiz. She probably didn’t mean everything she said but this makes Filiz leave looking so broken.

Next, she goes to Baris and fights with him for not leaving the clinic. She blames Baris for the five months she spent in the prison because that caused her to lose her siblings. While she keeps blasting Baris in front of everyone, Baris notices that Tulay is sick and she faints into his arms. They take her immediately to the hospital. Here is when this episode comes to a very sad ending. Baris informs everyone that her babies were dead and he had to perform an abortion. He hugs a crushed Tufan while the others try to wrap up their heads with this shocking news.
Let’s hope the next episode will make us viewers happier…




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