On review of our last episode, we found Tulay had been rushed to hospital after experiencing contractions.  It is here that Filiz accidentally runs into Baris who is looking for employment after being fired from his previous job following a fight with Tufan.   Filiz is surprised to see him and they argue with hurtful comments being made by Baris.  He walks to the hospital car park after his confrontation with Filiz and sits down inside his car continually punching the steering wheel in frustration and anger. His behaviour leads you to believe that he did not want to hurt Filiz’s feelings and maybe he is forcing himself to keep her away from her.  As Baris drives out of the parking bay we see a smashed back rear window on his car.   We saw in our last episode Filiz chasing a black sedan which has been suspiciously parked outside her home.  She throws a large stone at the car and smashes the back rear window.  The vehicles looked exactly the same.   Could this be the same black sedan?   If so, why has Baris been watching her home and family?
At University where Rahmet works as a Janitor,  he meets Derin  (a fellow student at the University) and tells her how upset his sister is and about all the lies that Baris has told her.  He also tells her he believes the marriage between Baris and Nihal  (who is a prosecutor) is a fake and how he wants to investigate this further.  Rahmet and Derin go to visit Nihal under false pretences looking for an excuse to interview Nihal.  They question her as to how long she has been married to Baris (her answer to them is 6 years) and confirms this with photographs of their marriage. She also tells them they have never been divorced. Rahmet’s hopes of proving it was a fake marriage were now dashed and he leaves the office.  Little does he know that in the office of the Mr Selim the Lawyer,  Necat (the Lawyer’s assistant) after checking the marriage register, informs the Lawyer that Nihal and Baris have only been married since the summer.  Why are Baris and Nihal lying and what about the child Savas?   Mr Selim tells Necat to keep investigating and get back to him with his findings.
After a group of women present a group action at the Lawyers office against Mahmut, the Lawyer puts forward a petition which they all sign hoping to retrieve their money. The Lawyer agrees to help them petition for 20,000 Lire and believes the petition will be successful.  The police put out an arrest warrant for Mahmut (the bead seller) and it does not take long before Cemil arrests him and brings him to the Police Station for questioning.   When confronted by Filiz and the Lawyer,  Mahmut is feeling considerable great pressure and agrees to pay the 20,000 Lire to avoids going to jail.
Fikri wanting to make Melek happy before she dies decides to give her a wedding ceremony. Fikri gives Tufan a large amount of money and asks him to provide food and drink for the wedding.   The wedding is to be held in the Hood (a name given to the Elibols neighbourhood) inviting all their family and friends to attend.  Fikri and Melek arrive at their ceremony to be greeted with music, dancing and feasting whilst Filiz are taken back when she sees her little sister Kiraz overly dressed and covered with make-up which is not appropriate for her age.  The siblings argue which leaves Filiz very sad and frustrated seeing the changes to her family which she cannot control.  She fears it is not in her power to stop her siblings from growing away from her.
Filiz is still trying to convince the women involved in the group action not to spend the 20,000 Lire. She wants them to consider the opportunity to commence a business venture.   In an attempt to talk to them further she invites them to the wedding ceremony in the neighbourhood, hoping for an opportunity to convince them to go into business with her.  After listening to Filiz and Tulay talking about the business venture they all agreed to go ahead.   The venue is an old shop which is owned by one of the women and situated in the Hood.  They are told that the shop would require a little renovation but they did not have to pay any rent.  Armed with this information they proceed to ask Mr Selim (who has agreed to help for free) to make all the arrangements necessary.
Hikmet continues to hide Zeynep in Baris’s old house in the Hood.  Zeynep is pregnant and reveals that she wants Hikmet to help her sell the baby after it is born.   Hikmet tells her that although the baby is not his he is prepared to marry Zeynep and make a false marriage for the sake of the baby but he will not agree to her selling the baby.
Rahmet meets Derin at University and gives her a helping hand with her assignment.  Deniz, on the other hand, has not studied and has an exam the next day which she has not prepared for.  She decides to blackmail Rahmet into breaking into the University at night and stealing the answers to her exam paper for the following day.  That evening (using Rahmets key) they enter the University and steal the exam paper. We see security cameras following them which lead us to believe that they will have to pay for their actions.
Baris has now been given employment working at a health clinic in a low-income area in the Hood.  The only position he could get after he was fired.  He attends a young man who had cut his hand from trying to break into cars and after seeing prescription drugs were kept at the clinic he returns commits a robbery. Baris chases him and befriends the young boy and tells him that if he needs money to come and see him at the clinic instead of leading a life of crime.   One day at the clinic
Baris is disturbed by loud noise by the renovations being carried out next door.  He leaves the clinic angrily to complain to the builders about the noise.  He enters the building and much to his surprise comes face to face with Filiz who is visiting with the Lawyer to see the newly renovated shop belonging to her new business venture.  There is a long pause as their eyes stare awkwardly at each other.   Filiz and Baris will now be seeing each other every day as her shop and his medical clinic are side by side.     Join me in our next episode to see the outcome.   


Written by Sandy 



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