Hosgeldiniz, welcome everyone to the fourth episode of Bizim Hikaye, Our Story, well it’s not our story but you know what I mean.. I said the same joke last week and the week before!

In the end of episode 3 we see a strengthened approach between Baris and Filiz. The couple we had all been waiting for finally got together. Filiz on her side, does not feel that it is the right moment. She thinks she does not have time to have a boyfriend and start focusing on love when her family is always struggling to make ends meat. Baris admits “Your life really is very complicated and full of responsibilities”. But Baris makes it clear that this can not be an impediment for them to try to have a relationship.

Baris manages to convince her and she accepts, but hold on there is one condition Filiz stated ” dont lie to me, I dont like liars”, lets see how this plays out. To be honest we know very little about Baris. Sometimes I think he’s too good to be true. In fact the end of the episode confirms that. There are things about him that we do not know and it sounds like they are not good things..

Baris has done many things for Filiz and her brothers to gain her respect and liking towards her. We see how he helps to prepare and host the birthday party for Kiraz, the little girl is well impressed. It’s really sad when they ask Filiz how they celebrate birthdays?

On the other hand, we are witnessing a kidnapping. This is very strong because a girl has been kidnapped. This is a very stressful part because you feel the anguish of the mother looking for the daughter. Everyone in the neighborhood also helps, while the kidnappers want money. In the end, the girl returns home without any issues, but she had to live a very traumatic situation that nobody wanted to live, except a child. I thought the little girl enjoyed spending time at the Elibol Mansion.. Haha

At the end of the episode we again talk about Baris. Filiz goes to look for him at his work so she can give hime some of the birthday cake he missed out on, as he said he had to go to work, But when Filiz arrives and asks for Baris she is shocked to hear some real truths. Poor Filiz actually defends him as she tries to give a physical description of him and ends up telling him what we all did not want to hear. Baris is involved in shady affairs.

Poor Filiz! Happiness has lasted very little. But there are still many things to unfold..

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Bizim Hikaye is aired on Thursday night on Fox TV


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