Scorned woman?  Yes! Desperate for answers?  Yes! Filiz is determined to confront Baris because, like the viewers of the series, she cannot accept his disappearance, his lack of communication.  Baris, the man who pursued her relentlessly, who proclaimed his eternal love with a ring, who claimed her family as his own, who promised to get her out of prison…how can this man just disappear?

Filiz, with the help of her attorney, locates Baris at a hospital where she sees him emerging from a room on the second floor.  Before she can say anything, a young boy runs past her calling “Baba,” and jumps into Baris’s arms. Baris sees Filiz but says nothing as a willowy blond woman joins him.  When Filiz demands answers, Baris says some terrible, hurtful things that wound Filiz to the soul, and later, to ease her heartache and anger, she goes to a bar where she drinks copiously.  When time to pay the bar tab, Filiz takes off her engagement ring and gives it to the bartender; then she tells a young bride not to trust the man she has married until she checks the registry, for he, too, may be married with children. The attorney Selim, who accompanied her to the hospital, finally gets her in the car and takes her home.  

In the meantime, Hikmet discovers that his friend Zeynep is no longer his secret.  When he arrives at Baris’ apartment with food for Zeynep, he finds neighbourhood policeman Cemil is visiting.  Cemil questions Hikmet’s use of the apartment and Zeynep’s presence, but Hikmet provides suitable answers and ushers Cemil out.  Poor Hikmet… .he is such a sucker for women in distress. Zeynep is a mystery at this point, a pregnant girl who has run away from home and whom Hikmet has agreed to marry, but we don’t know why.

Tulay, Tufan, Cicek and Rahmet return home with hopes of finding Filiz.  When Tulay calls Selim to ask about Filiz, she learns the terrible truth that Filiz discovered… Baris is married and has a child.  Cicek condemns Baris even though she doesn’t know him and that irritates Tulay. Thus begins the bickering between the two women… Tulay is jealous of Filiz’s friendship with Cicek and Cicek is blunt, unafraid and outspoken about men in general.  When Filiz arrives, she doesn’t want to talk to the family, so she goes to bed, and as the family settles in with their questions, a mysterious black car leaves the neighbourhood observed only by Zeynep. Before Selim leaves, he asks a question: What was Servet Aktan’s problem with Filiz since he planted evidence to have her arrested?  Tulay says that he didn’t want his son Baris to date Filiz. Selim says,“ Well, why didn’t he just tell Filiz that Baris was married?” Aha… good question!

The next morning everyone quietly moves about the house until Tulay comes in and demands to see Filiz.  When they open the bedroom door, they discover an empty bed. Soon Filiz appears with fresh bread for breakfast and fresh determination to get her family back together.

Uh oh, Fikret’s master plan to get Filiz to move into the mansion has gone awry.  The potion that he and Kiraz drank has given them red spots on their faces. Kiraz is beside herself, saying she will not go to school with a spotty face and Fikret agrees.  Their father, Fikri, lets them stay at home rather than argue and upset his sick wife Melek. When Filiz comes to take the children home, Fikri tries to stop her but he has to admit that when Melek dies, he will not be allowed to stay in the mansion.  Filiz doesn’t want Fikret and Kiraz disappointed when their lush lifestyle is taken away. She thinks it better for them to return to their humble home and neighbourhood before they become too used to the rich life. She may, however, be too late, because once they are back in the old home, Kiraz and Fikret realize how small and crowded it is. They are not happy because they don’t have many of the luxuries they’ve become accustomed to in the mansion.  When Fikri comes to take the children back to the mansion, Filiz lets them go. She is upset that Kiraz and Fikret want to leave without a backward glance.

Rahmet goes to see Baris.  He tries to get Baris to tell him the truth, that Baris’s father has forced him to renounce Feliz, but Baris simply says he has a family and everyone should just move on.   Rahmet declares that he doesn’t believe him, even though Rahmet is living his own deception. Filiz and the family believe he is a student at the university, but while he goes there every day, he isn’t attending class.  Rather, he is working as a janitor. He has made a haughty rich girl, Deniz, angry and she is determined to get him in trouble. She plots to have some of her friends beat up Rahmet and make him lose his job. Her sister, Derin, however, is kind and she tries to help Rahmet.

Tufan feels that Baris has deceived him as much as he has deceived Filiz.  He decides that he must approach Baris and find out the truth, but Baris tells him that he had fun and now it’s over.  Tufan feels as violated as Filiz since he welcomed Baris as a friend, and in anger he hits Baris. This incident is seen by Baris’s supervisor and he fires him.  

Selim the attorney calls Filiz and offers a plan to get financial compensation for her unjust imprisonment, but Filiz, with her pride and independence, rejects the offer.  Cicek and Tulay impress upon her how she needs money to provide for Kiraz, Fikret and Ismo when they return home. She and Cicek decide to make costumes for a man named Mahmut who promises them a great deal of money.  He promises them 3300 TL if they replicate a very fancy dress.

Deniz, the mean rich girl, isn’t done with Rahmet.  She dislikes him because he doesn’t show her respect and obedience and he’s talking to her sister, so she puts him in a compromising position and threatens him.  If he doesn’t leave her sister alone, she will give pictures to the Dean that will cost him his job, maybe even his life.

Filiz and Cicek finish the fancy costumes and call Mahmut because they are anxious to get the money he has promised.  When Mahmut comes for the dresses, he makes an excuse and leaves without paying them. At the same time, Hikmet has seen the mysterious black car and tried to catch the driver, but the car speeds off.  Filiz and Cicek go to the police station and tell their story to Cemil, but he makes fun of them and says there is nothing he can do. The next possibility is Selim, the attorney. When Filiz returns from Selim’s office, she sees the mysterious black car.  She approaches but the car speeds off and she hurls a rock at it, breaking a rear window.

Zeynep receives a call from a girlfriend while Hikmet is buying a treat.  She tells her caller that she told Hikmet that her brothers would kill her if they knew she was pregnant, that Hikmet has promised to marry her, and after the baby comes, she will probably run away.  

Although it is too early for the twins’ birth, Tulay seems to be in labour. Tufan, Filiz and Cicek rush her to the hospital.  Filiz, on her way to the pharmacy to get a prescription, bumps into Baris who has come to see his medical mentor for a job. Filiz tells him not to come to her neighbourhood and he responds with cruel words before going to his car.  As he drives off, we see the broken rear window that resulted from a rock Filiz threw at the car.

So many questions to be answered: 1) Will Selim retrieve money from Mahmut for Filiz and Cicek? 2) Is Tulay about to give birth to her twins? 3) What will happen to Rahmet’s job at the university? 4) Will Derin, the nice sister, set up a meeting with Baris’s wife? 5) How long can Hikmet hide Zeynep before the family discovers her and his intentions? 6) Is Melek’s death from cancer imminent and what will happen to the children? 7) Where will Baris practice medicine? 8) Will the family discover who is in the mysterious black car? 9) Does Selim have an interest in Filiz beyond his professional capacity as her attorney?  Stay tuned for Episode 40.

Written by Susan Watson


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