The opening of Our Story season 2 starts with Filiz being taken to her cell in the prison, which she shares with a bunch of other ladies, and a woman named Cicek immediately becomes friends with her. (Has anyone ever wondered why Turkish prison cells look so homely? I honestly don’t see a big difference between Filiz’s cell and her home! I mean, it’s not luxurious but I’m sure I haven’t seen this type of prisons anywhere else in the world… well, I mean on TV, haha)

Even with the strict regulations on outside contacts in the prison, Baris manages to call Filiz on the same day she goes to prison, to explain that he was married only for a month to that woman (who appeared last minute in the season finale) a very long time ago. He begs her to believe him that they never saw each other after their divorce, but I think Filiz doesn’t even know to believe him or not. She doesn’t comment on this but begs Baris to help her get out of prison and to take care of her siblings.

During the next five months, Filiz gets closer to Cicek, her cellmate, and they celebrate Hikmet’s 18th birthday as Filiz’s siblings visit her in prison. When Filiz asks about Baris, they all say he’s very busy and they hardly see him anymore. Filiz gives everyone a letter including Baris, her grandmother and her friend Tulay, who is very pregnant now. Back at home, Hikmet and Rahmet still have the two letters addressed to Baris and their grandmother, and Hikmet tells Rahmet to read them and write replies as they had been doing in the past few months. Does that mean they have cut off Baris from their lives? Or has he cut them off from his life? I didn’t like the way Rahmet told Filiz that Baris is too busy these days…

Filiz is suddenly released from prison as her new lawyer Selim brings evidence to prove that Sevret Aktan incriminated Filiz. As she walks free from the prison, a car starts following her, but we don’t see much of this car again. As Filiz goes home to surprise her siblings with her early release, it’s actually Filiz who gets many surprises. First off, she learns that her grandmother passed away during her prison time. And then she learns that only Rahmet and Hikmet live in their house now, as their father has taken the three younger kids with him to his new luxurious house (remember that he got married to the rich lady Melek?)

A furious Filiz barges into her father’s new house, and what she sees there was one of the funniest scenes in the episode today. Fikri, her father is having a barbeque in the back garden, wearing a Super Baba (super dad) apron! Kiraz, Fikret and Ismet are having the time of their lives by the poolside, busy on their new tablets and smartphones! This scene momentarily calms down Filiz, but she wonders how she could ever treat the young kids this way when they have to leave this new house. She confronts Fikri for spoiling the kids and fooling Melek to marry him. But Melek has cancer and she could live only for 3-5 months, and she wanted to have kids and a crowded family. Fikri says that is simply what he gave her. It’s funny how he finds his way out somehow from everything!

Kiraz and Fikret don’t want to go back to their “pathetic wreck of a house”, and hearing this saddens Filiz even more. She wants all of them to come back with her to stay in their house, but the kids and their dad disagree.

A disappointed Filiz goes back to her home, and her next question is “where is Baris?” Finally, Rahmet says that Baris has been missing since the day of Filiz’s arrest, and they tried everything to find him but failed. It was Rahmet and Hikmet who wrote back to Filiz’s letters to Baris, pretending to be him. This infuriates Filiz again, and she runs out of the house to find Baris. (The black car that followed her from the prison is seen again here, but we can’t see the driver.)

Tulay wonders if Baris had gone back to his old wife, but Tufan disagrees. Filiz tries to call Baris many times on his phone, and Rahmet advises her that it’s best to stay away from him since his family caused them a lot of problems.

Meanwhile, Hikmet secretly prepares Baris’s annex for his pregnant girlfriend Zeynep. He plans to marry her in a week when she hits 18. She stays alone in the house but is found by Cemil later in the episode, who suspects that Baris has come after catching a glimpse of someone inside the house.

Rahmet has got a scholarship at one of the best universities in Istanbul, which makes everyone in the family very happy, but we see that he is actually only a janitor there. He is being bullied by a group of rich girls in the university while he’s cleaning the cafeteria. Only one girl from this group, Deniz, is the real mean girl (she might remind you a bit of Regina George from Mean Girls haha) while her sister Derin seems to like Rahmet. On the first day Rahmet ignores Deniz’s bullying, but on the second day he reacts (very funnily indeed.)  Deniz spills all the trash that Rahmet collected outside the university and asks him to clean it in front of everyone, and Rahmet just picks her up and shoves her into the trash can and walks away. Derin follows him and tries to talk to him, but Rahmet ignores her.

Filiz meets her lawyer Selim again and finds out that it was Baris who gave the evidence against Servet Aktan to help her release from the prison. Filiz then forces Selim to find out what happened to Baris, who is very reluctant to do so at first (I may be wrong, but I have a feeling that Selim has a crush on Filiz!) but since Filiz is very adamant with Selim, he finally gives in to help her. However, he says that maybe they can’t find anything about Baris because he doesn’t want to be found. Filiz says if that’s the case, she has a couple of things to tell Baris.

Cicek is also released from the prison and starts living with Filiz. There was an immediate dispute between Cicek (who has a very loud mouth) and Tulay (who is clearly jealous that Cicek is taking her place in her friendship with FIliz) but they get along later at the surprise party that Kiraz and Fikret throw for Filiz at their new rich home. Their ulterior motive is to get Filiz to live with them. The kids even take some pills to get sick so Filiz would stay with them. But the same night Selim calls Filiz having found Baris’s new address, and offers to give her a lift to Baris’s new hospital.

Filiz finally meets Baris, but oha! Here comes another shock… His (supposedly ex-)wife comes back to the scene, but this time with a young boy of about 4-5 years old, who calls Baris “Baba” (dad)

What’s going on with Baris? Looks like we don’t know him at all! I’m so curious to find out what he has to say about this! 

Written by Neth Mi


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