Hosgeldiniz, welcome everyone to the third episode of Bizim Hikaye, Our Story, well it’s not our story but you know what I mean.. I said the same joke last week… HAHA

Guess what, Bizim Hikaye was number one in the ratings yet again… Vay… Vay.. Vay.. Imagine this being said in the Alyanak voice…

The chase is on between Cemil the policeman and Baris, who is supposedly in a stolen vehicle, who would have guessed, we still do not know much about him. Baris nice car mate, I like it, Guzel, Cok Guzel. Cemil does eventually catch up to him but Baris is saved by the bell with one of his mates coming to the rescue… It seems like Baris has an undercover clan. Interesting

What.. I don’t believe this Baris.. He so smooth, dropping the line about “we will get married and have a baby girl, who will look like you”. Why is he so confident and so casual, is he up to something else, seems like it’s too good to be true. Cemil you legend called at the right time and Filiz actually enjoyed answering the phone, confirming her date for the evening.

Fikri bey has settled down in Seyma house I can feel a head but coming from Mujde dad… HAHA Rahmat turns up to the house to meet up with Mujde but his dad opens the door, both in shock of course. Fikri is trying to motivate Seyma to get over her phobia of going out in the open, Seyma actually trusts Fikri.

Fiko rolls in this episode after the 39th minutes. I missed him. This kid is so good, he is teaching Ismet boxing… HAHA. Baris is at the rescue to save Kiraz, Ismet and Fiko who were left home and wasted the last bit of eggs. Thanks to Baris they enjoyed a nice meal out. Rahmat did it again the slap is officially a trademark for this show.

Mujde plan to get Arzue and Hikmet liking each other did not work, Arzue has told her brothers to go find Hikmet and the chase is on. This time Rahmat is on the receiving end of the punishment.

There is an official fight Hikmet and Rahmat come face to face with Arzue brothers to finally get the matter settled, yet again Baris is to the rescue, and this Baris dude should be super man and save the world from terror.

Filiz is now in the middle of Cemil and Baris, Cemil is a nice guy but we know Filiz has feelings for Baris.

Leave me your comments below I am alway interested to  hear your thoughts on the show and episodes.

Bizim Hikaye is aired on Thursday night on Fox TV


Roll on Episode 4



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