Hosgeldiniz, welcome everyone to the second episode of Bizim Hikaye, Our Story, well it’s not our story but you know what I mean.. HAHA

Just as last week, this opening song, gets me going, everything about it is on point… once again amazing work from Cagatay Akman. Something I didn’t mention last week was the styling of the characters of the Elibol house, I have to give credit to the stylist they really have portrayed the characters well for the show, the recruitment team for the producers have also selected the cast brilliantly.

I can’t help but notice that washing machine being on all the time, how much clothes these guys have. The chair that holds the door shut is a piece of art… HAHA. Mujde is such a tease with Rahmat, the poor guy spills his tea. The funny scene from the first episode when he got caught under the table has its consequence Mujde dad ends up head-butting Fikri in the face…. OUCH

Fikri takes it out on the son he dislikes the most, poor Hikmet gets to see his dad being aggressive towards him and heads butt him on the nose, I think Hikmet knows he has taken this blow for Rahmat, but will he tell him why his dad did this to him. Baris is at the scene again trying to be the peacemaker but Fikri tells him where to go.

Fikri finds himself at the bar and gets totally drunk, I must say he acts amazing for a drunken guy, again credit to him and the stylist to making sure he portrays a very stereotypical image of a drunken guy.  Fikri does not return home and Filiz runs to Tufan`s house to see if he knows anything.  The cute little munchkin Ismet has a shower and straight after she lets off some gas and poop… HAHA

Ismet decides to go out and play football with some street kids…. This was a funny scene, I think Mujde mums character is funny and cute. Baris all this time kidnapped Fikri and left him astray in Greece… Filiz gives him a right slap…

Filiz and Baris are on the way to go get Fikri from across the border in Greece. I’ve noticed Baris is actually very stubborn he doesn’t like Filiz being moody and getting her own way… Oh dear the car has broken down this should be interesting, Filiz and Baris on the travels to find some gas.

This Rahmat needs to stop hitting my favourite guy, poor Fikret is always getting slapped around the head… I think he does deserve it, but he is so good. Fiko decides enough is enough and he jumps out the window and off he goes. He actually does something good, he sells his nun chucks and buys a pan and toy to replace the ones he damaged, What got to him was when one of them said he is just like his dad. He proved himself, see I always knew he is good. Fiko you are the man.. HAHA

Baris and Filiz share some cute moments in the car, before they rescue Fikri back home. There certainly is something in the air with Baris and Filiz but it’s a little tricky, the strange think is that not much is told about who Baris actually is, his family, what he does, I am intrigued to find out

Policeman Cemil surely fancies Filiz, asking her to come on a police night out… Baris is now being chased by the Police and its none other than Cemil… he surely will enjoy this.. HAHA

Bizim Hikaye is aired on Thursday night on Fox TV

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