Bizim Hikaye in English known as Our Story has kicked off the new season 2017/2018 on Fox TV. This has been anticipated to be a good show, which reflects the struggles of a family in modern Turkey in one of its richest and most popular city Istanbul. Hazal Kaya is the leading role with the character of Filiz Elibol. Filiz is the eldest sibling of the family and is the sister and mother figure to all her siblings. Filiz has 3 brothers named Rahmat, Hikmet and Fikret. Filiz also has 2 sisters, Ismet being the youngest, really cute and adorable with her frizzy curly hair. Last but not least is Zeynep. We have Fikri the father of the house, on paper he is but his actions are far from being a father.

Firstly I want to start off with the music to this show, as soon as the trailers were released I thought the music was very catchy and different.  I really think it’s incredible, very different to what we are used to hearing from our popular Toygar Iskli. A very young talented artist named Cagatay Akman has sang the official track for the show, the instrumental melodies are played by Abdullah Ozdagan.

The episode starts in great fashion, Filiz being the elder sister seems like she is the mother of the house, cooks, cleans and gets every ready and organised for school, she then works a full shift at work earning the money to keep the house above water, the father on the other hand is snoozing away like I would normally on a Saturday morning HAHA. Fikri is a regular drunken man, he clearly has a habit of doing nothing and drinking alcohol and eventually falling asleep in the drunken state, the funny thing I found is that all the family members were so used to seeing their dad in this state, so much so it didn’t bother them at all.

Poor Filiz is working around the clock to pay for the food, and bills around the house, it really is a struggle for her, and I still find the whole thing very cute. Did anyone notice, milk being mixed with water… aww they didn’t have enough L. Even the tea looked very watery and very light in colourL.

One of my favourite’s scenes was when Filiz had to take a call from the principal at school because Fikret knocked someone out from his class a week before and he locked two of his class mates in the bathroom the principal said that was tolerable but this time he went too far with pouring some cologne on the teachers desk and lighting it on fire.. HAHAH. I want to meet this guy, he rocks J

You should see his facial expressions on this scene, he really did crack me up… Watch the scene from 14 minutes in, this Fikret will be amazing in this show… I like him already.

Burak Deniz who is the lead male actor bumps into Filiz and her friend, whilst he is caught speeding on the local streets, this is the first encounter, Baris does leave a good impression on Filiz as he gets himself in a fight with a guy passing by who steals Filiz purse. This is the first time the rest of the family meet Baris to as Filiz and her friend think it is a good idea to take him home and bandage him up.

Baris then comes round the house and asks Filiz to go out in the evening, poor Filiz is stuck trying to keep the washing machine in one piece, he subtly leaves his number on a piece of paper… Baris you smooth guy… I like it. Baris does not stop there, he orders Filiz a new washing machine and gets it delivered to the house… Baris you cool dude… I think Filiz is getting impressed.

Mujde and Rahmat`s studying goes downhill when her father comes home and finds him hiding under the table…

Hikmet has an emotional one to one with Filiz about their father, Hikmet declares he hates his dad, and tells Filiz why she does everything for the family like the mother.

You know what else is funny, Fikret the poor guy keeps getting clipped round the head… HAHA

Remember when I said Baris was smooth and cool, he really took this to the next level when he tries to pester Filiz for a date but she refuses him all the time until they bump into each other on the bus and he finally tells here there is some attraction, so she tests him and ask what was I wearing when you first saw me, he remembers it all, the earrings, the badge, the bracelet, Baris you smooth criminal. I must admit I really do like Baris Character, Filiz assumes he is a rich snob and full oh himself but he plays a game at dinner which surprises Filiz with how he really is. She realises that he just like them, match made in heaven.

Rahmat finds out that Fikret is in love with Esra the lady in the shop he works in, Rahmat thinks Fikret is insane. Baris then walks Filiz home and they bump in to Fikri who causes a scene in front of the neighbours.

Bizim Hikaye is aired on Thursday night on Fox TV

Roll on Episode 2


  1. Its really worthwatching……I just lovedddd the subtitles as I can,t understand turkish…but its perfect ….thanks 4 translation….Thank God ….I,hv finally found something good to watch after a long time…

  2. Your dramas are famous worldwide. Why dont they add English subtitles to the dramas as default ? This is just going to help all of those who really wanna watch the drama without language being the barrier.


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