At the conclusion of Season 3 we find that Zuleyha has been released from prison. Hidden from sight Yilmaz watches as she regains her freedom and walks through the prison gates.

Zuleyha rushes back to the mansion desperate to reunite with her children. She finds that Demir has taken them from her yet once again. He gets great delight in punishing her this way. What Zuleyha doesn’t know is that Sanye’s little adopted daughter Uzum saw where Demir took her two children. Uzum has been asked by Demir to keep the secret of where they are being held.

Although Demir has told Zuleyha to leave the Ranch and to get out of the mansion, she refuses to go. He openly gives Zuleyha the freedom she has always wanted but has been denied up until now. He banishes her to the kitchen to work and be treated as a servant. Zuleyha cannot leave not knowing where her children are . She decides to stay in an attempt to learn of their whereabouts.

Hunkar previously requested a private investigator to look into the history and character of Mujgan’s Aunt Behice. The private investigator meets with Hunkar with the collected information. We have to wait until Season 3 to find out what he was able to dig up.

Devious businessmen from Ankara have tried their hardest to obtain land in Cukurova. All their efforts have been in vain and they have been stopped every time by Fekeli, Yilmaz and the Yaman’s.

The Ankara businessmen are frustrated and angry with Demir and Hunkar who have been active in preventing them from doing their job. They have been ordered by their mafia boss to buy up as much land as they can in the valley but they have been unsuccessful. They contact their mafia boss in Ankara to tell him they have failed. The mafia boss has told them not to return to Ankara without killing Demir and Hunkar Yaman first.

Sebahattin and Julide decided to accept a job offer and leave Cukurova to start a new life.

Aunt Behice hates the thought that Zuleyha and Yilmaz still love each other. She has set up a cushy life for herself in Cukurova. She also had her eyes on Fekeli and his Ranch. Behice can see that Mujgan and Yilmaz are not happy. If their marriage breaks down all her dreams of becoming wealthy are dashed. Behice has been responsible for manipulating Mujgan from the beginning of her marriage and now takes the opportunity of setting up Mujgan against Zuleyha.

Behice pays a woman to write a letter to Yilmaz which is dictated by Behice but signed at the bottom with a forged signature of Zuleyha’s. She begins her letter with “My Yilmaz,” Zuleyha’s favourite title for Yilmaz when writing him a letter. She places the completed letter in an envelope addressed to Yilmaz and gives the letter to Mujgan as if it has just been delivered. (For those readers who would like to read the contents of the letter you can find this in Episode 63 Summary.)

The contents of the letter holds the secret that has been kept from Yilmaz all this time. It declares that Adnan is Yilmaz’s son. The letter also emphasises how much Zuleyha loves Yilmaz and how she can’t wait for them to be together. Over time Aunt Behice continues to work on Mujgan’s jealousy and repeatedly tells Mujgan that the only way she can have Yilmaz to herself is to kill Zuleyha. Mujgan’s jealousy reaches breaking point.

To cover her tracks after reaching her goal, Aunt Behice burns the letter so nobody can see that it ever existed.

At the Yaman Ranch, Zuleyha is working in the kitchen that evening. A message is brought to her by a farm worker . The message reads “Yilmaz wants to meet you in the woods “ . Unknowingly Zuleyha is lured into a trap set by Mujgan.

Zuleyha is confronted by Mujgan with a gun in her hand.

At the end of Season 2 we were left with a scene where Zuleyha has innocently walked into Mujgan’s trap. Mujgan is paranoid by this stage and can only hear her Aunt Behice’s voice repeatedly telling her that Zuleyha has to die.

I hope you enjoy Season 3 of Bir Zamanlar Cukurova .

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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