Demir has been hit from behind and rendered unconscious. When he wakes he finds Fikret standing over him. Fikret has him tied to a chair and makes him listen to what he has to say. He tells the story of how Adnan Yaman raped his mother and when she became pregnant to him he disowned his son.

Fikret makes sure that Demir knows he wants no money and this matter is one of honour. Demir has to realise that his father was a dishonourable man.

The two men fight until both men are spent. Fikret asks Demir to accept what his father did. Demir still refuses. Battered and beaten Demir turns his back on Fikret and he is left frustrated.

Demir goes to Istanbul and visits the same woman that Zuleyha and Sevda visited on their trip. He is told the same story that Adnan Yaman kicked out Fikret and his mother from the Ranch on a cold rainy night. This confirms what Fikret told him. Could it be that he was wrong about his father all along?

Gaffur still sleeps in the small mansion after Saniye kicked him out of the house. He creeps into the kitchen at night and steals food without Saniye knowing.

When Demir returns home from Istanbul he is in a bad mood. He has found out that Zuleyha had gone to Istanbul to find out about his father and not told him. She had known that Fikret was the one who is threatening him.

Zuleyha tells him that she didn’t tell him because she didn’t want him to spill blood with his anger.

He asks her why she suspected Fikret in the first place. Zuleyha is in a position where she has to tell him about the incident in the woods.

After a huge argument they both realise that they were both only trying to protect each other. Later on they make up and hug each other grateful for each other.

Outside the gates of the Yaman Ranch they cannot see Umit standing, watching, and gazing up at their bedroom window with jealousy.

Lutfiye has entertained Fusun and Sermin for the afternoon. The women updated her on all the scandal that has been going on in Cukurova since Zuleyha and Yilmaz arrived in town. The gossip was prolific and Lutfiye feels totally weighted down by the gossip.

Fekeli finds out about the explosives under Demir’s refrigerated trucks. He immediately suspect Fikret.

Lutfiye takes Fekeli to Fikret’s secret office in town.

Fekeli sees the posters that were spread around town. They also find explosives that were used to blow up Demir’s trucks. The shock of this is too much for Fekeli, he becomes faint and collapses on the floor.

Meanwhile at the Yaman Ranch, Demir finds an article in the morning newspaper written by Fikret. Fikret tells his story to the whole of the town and lets them know that he carries Adnan Yaman’s blood in his veins.

Once again Demir is angered to the point that Zuleyha and Sevda are frightened that he may go and do something to Fikret.

Cetin loves Fekeli very much and he waits at the hospital to hear about his condition. He sees Fikret there and blames him for Fekeli’s heart attack. Cetin tells him that he has brought Fekeli nothing but sadness.

Demir on the other hand fights for the honour and good name of his father. The whole town now believe that Adnan Yaman assaulted Fikret’s mother. The Yaman name is stained.

Fikret is doing a lot of soul searching. He knows that he is to blame for his Uncle’s heart attack. He also makes Mujgan very unhappy. He tells Umit that he doesn’t do anything right and Demir doesn’t take him seriously. He is so frustrated it draws him to tears.

Fikret’s Aunt Lutfiye gives Fikret a letter she received from his mother. His mother writes that she is having a love affair with Adnan Yaman. Fikret finds it hard to believe that his mother was not threatened by Annan Yaman to have sex with him. Aunt Lutfiye has many of the very same letters declaring how much she loved Adnan Yaman.

Fikret denies that his mother would ever give herself to Adnan Yaman. Aunt Lutfiye tells him that it was as simple as that. There was love between the two. Lutfiye begs him to let the hostility go and move on.

Zuleyha who is visiting the hospital sees Fikret and hears Lutfiye’s conversation. She knows that Lutfiye put the letter in her handbag. With Lutfiye not around she sneakily steals the handbag and takes out the letter. She then throws the handbag in the garden like a stolen object.

Zuleyha brings the letter straight to Demir to show him that his father really did have an affair with Fikret’s mother. He is relieved to find out that his father never raped the woman. Zuleyha tells her husband that she stole Lutfiye’s handbag to get the letter. She feels bad about it but she did it for him.

Fikret tells Fekeli that he was too embarrassed to come to the hospital. Fekeli is ashamed of his nephew. Fikret tells Fekeli that as long as he lives in Cukurova he will not be able to stop his hate towards Demir. He decides to leave for Germany in the morning.

In the morning Fikret says farewell to his Aunt and his Uncle.

As Fikret leaves town he sees posters plastered all over town walls. The posters show the contents of the letter his mother wrote to Adnan Yaman. It is obvious that Demir has used the letter that Zuleyha brought him as fuel to get back at Fikret.

Fikret stops his car. He cannot believe his eyes. He reads the heading on the posters. The heading says that Fikret Fekeli is a liar and a slanderer.

Fikrets anger is re-ignited. I doubt he will be leaving town now.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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