The mansion is in a turmoil.  Haminne has left baby Adnan in his pram on a dirt track in the fields behind the Ranch.  All we see of our kidnapper are masculine hands, black pants and shoes.  The Ranch is turned upside down in their search for the baby.  Zuleyha collapses with fear realising that he has gone without a feed for 9 hours.  He will surely die if he is not found soon.  Demir has been brought back from Istanbul by a phone call from Hunkar.  He immediately returns to join the search.   Cengo joins their search and Demir’s paranoid mind believes that Yilmaz has taken the baby.
  They search all day without success but that evening a farm worker rushes up to Demir and tells him that a friend thought he saw Moslem (the son of Rustan) walking a pram.  Demir and Cengo rush to the village to confront him.  Upon arriving Demir is once again in a rage and Cengo  calms him down.  After the recent burning of the huts the workers feel threatened by Demir .  He questions Moslem’s sick father about the whereabouts of his son to such an extent that he suffers a heart attack and dies.   The villagers tell Cengo that Moslem could not have taken the baby as he was in the fields with the workers all day.  Our great Lord can see that his efforts are fruitless and he returns home.
Demir enlists the help of Said (an investigator) to put together a team of men to help search caves, fields, coffee houses and farms in search of somebody who could have seen walking the pram.   Gaffur of course wants to find the baby first.  He still has his eyes on the 10,000 TL that has been promised to him.
Zuleyha is grief stricken.  They will not allow her to search the grounds for the baby.  Instead they lock her in her room not wanting her to run into a farm worker who might tell her that Yilmaz is alive. She will not eat nor drink and will not allow Demir to comfort her.
Yilmaz’s grooming continues at the home of Fekeli.  He reminds him that once he loses his humility he has lost everything.  He asks him to start controlling his own evilness within him.   Fekeli has made his property into a horse ranch.  He is out walking with Yilmaz when they receive the news from Cetin that Zuleyha’s baby is missing.  Yilmaz fears Demir will once more attack the farm workers in their huts looking for the baby and travels to the village.   They are grieving over Moslem’s father after Demir’s savage questioning.   He finds Nazire and enquires of her gently who she thought took the baby.  He is told that Fevzi looked just like Moslem and it could be him.  Yilmaz makes his way to his house in search of the baby.
Gaffur has also heard the possibility that it was Fevzi that took the baby and races to the Ranch to tell Demir.  With this news, he can see his 10,000 TL coming a little closer.
Yilmaz arrives at the home of Fevzi and his wife.  On walking towards the house he can hear the cries of a baby.  Outside the house, he can see the babies Pram.  He now knows that he has come to the right place.  He enters the house to find the baby in the arms of Fevzi’s wife.  It is obvious that she herself has just lost her baby.   Yilmaz encourages her to let the baby go with gentle persuasion. She releases the baby into her husbands care.
It is a tender moment when you see Yilmaz holding his son for the first time (even though he doesn’t know that he is his son).  He is gentle handling his little bundle and gazes down at the baby knowing that this was Zuleyha’s son.   He wishes that things could have been different and this baby could have been their child and not the son of his enemy.
Yilmaz carries his son and gently places him in his pram under the shade of a tree.  He raises his
hand in the air and fires multiple times as an alarm.  The sounds of the shots are heard at the mansion and the Great Lady and the Great Lord run to the location to find little Adnan asleep in his pram.    The baby is returned to Zuleyha and nothing can compare to her joy.  Her observations of her son reveal he is clean, content and not hungry.  Who could possibly have breastfed him?
Yilmaz has returned to Fekeli.  He feels good about himself as he has used the gun for a good reason instead of using it as a weapon.  He also feels good that although Demir is his enemy he has returned the baby to its mother’s arms.
Zuleyha has noticed that the security has been increased at the property and knows that Demir is keeping something from her.  She asks him “Why”?   She still feels that her baby could be kidnapped if Demir has an enemy and doesn’t tell her about it.  She tells him that, “She will kill anyone that tries to harm her child!”   (Let’s hope that Demir doesn’t try this when later on in our episodes he finds out that Yilmaz is the baby’s father.  He may learn what lengths a mother will go to protect her child)!
The death of Rustan (Moslem’s father) has brought much anger at the farm workers village.  They blame Demir for his death.  It is the day of the funeral and there is much tension at the huts. Hunkar has shown up with food for the villagers and an offer of prayers for 7 days for the grieving family.  These are all turned down.  She returns home having not broken down their aggression towards her son and not having any of her food accepted.
Zekeli and Yilmaz have been deep in conversation planning a new revenge towards the Yaman’s.  They have sent Cetin on a mission.  What is going on?  Cetin returns and is asked; “Did you handle it”?  His answer is “Yes”!    What is going on do you think?
Her son is safely back in her arms and Gulten and Zuleyha have been cuddling him in thanksgiving.  Zuleyha asks Gulten if she knows anything about the babies kidnapping.  Gulten denies hearing anything and still keeps Zuleyha ignorant about Yilmaz’s existence.  At the same time, Yilmaz has joined Fekeli in the lounge room.  They both feel restless and cannot sleep.  Yilmaz comments on how he felt strange holding the baby in his arms knowing that it belonged to Zuleyha and Demir.  The baby looked so innocent and sinless.  He will never forget what Demir has done to him and Zuleyha.  He is his arch enemy and he will devastate him!  Fekeli reminds him to continue to have control of his revenge and do not give in to his evil side.
The next day Yilmaz visits the village.  Nazire is there and welcomes him with open arms. The villagers are also happy to see him well.  He tells them that from now on they do not have to rely on Demir for anything.  He is going to provide all their needs.  He has brought them new clothes, toys, food, coal for warmth and wheat.  He is blessed by the workers.  Upon leaving he hides a wad of money for Nazire in gratitude for her help whilst he was injured. Nazire knows that she has been blessed by Yilmaz and is grateful.  Yilmaz proudly stands in front of the farm workers and tells them they can trust him.  He will stand up for them in front of Demir.  They now see him as a friend and protector.  (So this is the way that revenge is going to be dealt out to Demir.  The respect of his farm workers is now gone for the Great Lord of Cukurova)!
Fekeli welcomes his newly found son and asks; “Have you delivered our good faith to the villagers”?   Yilmaz answers; “Yes,” but wishes he could have told them that behind the good faith stands Fekeli!
The next day in the courtyard of the mansion two children has come to visit their mother.  Gulten stops them and comments on their new clothes.  Hunkar isn’t too far away and hears their conversation.  When asked how they came upon their new clothes Gulten is told that Yilmaz was responsible.  They continue to tell her that he also brought food, coal and wheat for all the families.  She is told that Yilmaz is now their master and will take care of them.
Hearing this news Hunkar calls for Demir to come home so she can give him the news.  He now knows that somebody with money is behind Yilmaz.  He wants to know WHO IS HELPING HIM!
He drives to the huts but nobody wants to talk to him. His usual power he has over the farm workers has now gone.  Their stomachs are full of food, they are clothed and they are warm at night plus their children are happy.
Saniye realises that the Ranch is in trouble.  If Yilmaz has the support of the farm workers it could go against them if they will not work for Demir.  Demir’s idea was to keep them dependant on him and that way keep his fields ploughed.  Things are changing.
Fekeli has taken Yilmaz to a large cotton factory and tells him that this factory is his.  He has put the deeds in his name and it is up to him to run this business from now on.  He asks him to accept it as a father would give to a son.  Yilmaz is frightened.  He has only ever laboured in his lifetime and does not know how to run a business.  Fekeli tells him not to retreat.  Have courage.  Leave the rest to God!   It is with this encouragement Yilmaz sits behind the large office desk and later the factory cotton workers begin to train him in the running of the business.
That evening at dinner in Adana, Gaffur sees Yilmaz.  He immediately takes off to tell Demir.  Sitting down to dinner Yilmaz asks Cetin; “How long do you think it will take before he tells Demir”?  His answer is; “about an hour”.  They settle down to eat kebab and drink Raki whilst they wait for Gaffur to take the news back to Demir.
Gaffur arrives at the mansion.  Once again he can see that 10,000 TL!   He tells Demir of what he has seen and together they travel into Adana to the kebab shop to find Yilmaz, but by the time they get there, Yilmaz has gone.   What they don’t see is Yilmaz sitting in his car watching the proceedings.  He is playing a game and Demir is falling into his trap.  You can see that Demir has become decisively nervous.
Cengo has made a trip to Istanbul to obtain a file of the people who competed with him for the field that Yilmaz has bought.  There are 300 of them. He scans the list of names knowing that one of these names is the name of the wealthy man that is helping Yilmaz.  He sees the name ALI RAHMET FEKELI.  This is the name of his father’s murderer.  Why hadn’t he thought of him before?  At the same time, Hunkar comes into the office to show him a death notice in today’s newspaper.   Yes, you guessed it.  There is a photograph and death notice of ALI RAHMET FEKELI !
Back at the horse ranch Fekeli and Yilmaz look at the death notice in the newspaper and agree it looks OK.  They smile at each other.
The Yaman’s have been invited to the wealthy County Club for an event that evening.  Hunkar, Demir, Zuleyha and the baby will attend.  Demir has dressed Zuleyha in a beautiful red silk dress and draped her in diamonds around her neck and in her ears.
Demir feels proud to have the beautiful Zuleyha on his arm as he walks into the Country Club.  They are seated at a large table in full view of the guests in the room.  The first to look up and see Yilmaz enter the room is Demir.  He is shocked at what he sees.  A handsome Yilmaz perfectly dressed in a white tuxedo enters the room.  He looks dignified and holds his head proudly upright.
Zuleyha raises her head and looks directly into the eyes of Yilmaz!  Yilmaz, as always, only has eyes for her!  I doubt either of them will ever forget this evening!




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