Demir is caught out at Umit’s house by Sevda. Sevda challenges him to tell her what he is doing there. He tells her that he was trying to tell Umit that it is all over. Demir asks Sevda to not say anything to Zuleyha. Sevda tells him that it is a dangerous game he has played with Umit.

Meanwhile, Fikret has failed to blow up Demir’s refrigerated trucks. Fikret wants to know how this managed to happen.

Demir finally plucks up the courage to speak to Umit. She gets the feeling that something is wrong just by looking at him. At first she thinks that Zuleyha has refused to divorce him.

Demir lets her down gently. He is honest with her and tells her that she may never forgive him but things have changed. He tells her that he and Zuleyha have decided to be a family. It hurts him to tell her and he hopes some day she will forgive him. He wishes her happiness for the future and turns his back and walks away, leaving her sitting devastated.

Meanwhile, Sevda is helping Zuleyha out at the workers huts. She brings them produce. She meets a moneylender with a nasty attitude. Sevda stands up to him in front of the other workers. She tells the moneylender that if she sees him around the workers again she will banish him from Cukurova. Saniye sees a different side of Sevda, one that is merciful and compassionate. This changes her view on the new lady of the Yaman mansion.

Fikret has been nasty to Mujgan. She does not want to see him any more and gets him removed from her office. He goes to the Cotton Factory where Fekeli and Luftiye wait for him. The plan is for Lutfiye to speak with Fikret about his mother to try and change his attitude of hate and revenge.

Lutfiye tries to get Fikret to see reason that continuing his vendetta against Demir Yaman will get him only into trouble. What happened 35 years ago is over. Fikret unfortunately is consumed with jealousy and hatred which at the present time is uncontrollable.

Demir has waited for a long time for Zuleyha to love him. Their future together is something they now both look forward to. Tonight Demir is wining and dining Zuleyha instead of Umit.

Demir has gone to a lot of trouble to put together a romantic evening. They discuss together the time that Demir asked Zuleyha to marry him. She reminds him that he never asked, he only dictated. He regrets those early days now.

Demir tells her that he has loved her since the very first time he saw her but the love he has for her now is different. He puts his hand into his inside pocket of his jacket and draws out a ring box. He opens it to reveal a beautiful ring. As if they had never been married before, Demir asks Zuleyha if she will marry him.

With a smile on her face Zuleyha can truly say “Yes” she will marry him without any reservations. She now has love for him and from now on all she wants is to spend a lifetime with him.

Her response bring happiness to Demir’s face. This is what he has wanted from the first moment he saw her. They now have a new beginning. He asks her to forgive him for every bad thing he has done to her. Zuleyha forgives him without reservation.

Demir has arranged a room for them for the evening. Just as if it was their first night together. He sees love in her eyes now and that is enough for him.

Gaffur is still in the bad books with Saniye. She will not let him sleep or eat at the Ranch. He takes it upon himself to move into the small mansion as nobody is living there at the moment. He is so happy to see a comfortable bed with a blanket. He is asleep in no time.

Fekeli asks Lutfiye to stay at the ranch for a while and not go home yet. He needs her to help with Fikret.

Lutfiye surprisingly sees Fikret go into Mujgan’s room. Mujgan has wanted nothing to do with him since she found the posters at his office in town. She thought she understood him but has found out that she knows nothing about the kind of man he is. She tells him to get out. Fikret declares his love for her but she tells him that his kind of love is destructive and she doesn’t want this kind of love.

When Fikret hears that Demir and Zuleyha have renewed their love he is very angry. Umit was supposed to lure Demir into leaving Zuleyha. Her part in Fikret’s plan has not worked. Fikret tells her that he brought her to Cukurova specifically to break up Demir’s marriage to Zuleyha.

When Fikret tells Umit that Demir bought a new wedding ring for Zuleyha and they are away on a honeymoon, he can see by her reaction to his words that she is upset by the news. He realises that Umit fell in love with Demir. He suspects she was the one who reported the explosives on the refrigerator trucks.

Umit promises herself that she will make Demir regret that he ever left her.

Meanwhile, Demir and Zuleyha arrive home. Demir receives a phone call from a business colleague inviting him to meet with him. He goes reluctantly. Inside the restaurant Ramazan the glazier is sitting at a table drunk. He sees Demir and begins a boisterous defaming of Sevda in front of the customers.

Ramazan does not let up on slandering Sevda in front of him, Demir cannot hold himself back and attacks. He drags him from his chair and bashes him.

Demir later arrives back at the Ranch battered and bruised. He tells Zuleyha what went on. The next morning Zuleyha visits the glazier who owns a glass window shop in town. She brandishes a metal crow bar and smashes his windows in his shop in front of him and the towns people. She tells him that she will ruin him if he slanders Sevda’s name any more.

Demir is in his office that morning when two police officers enter the room. They have had a complaint against Zuleyha from the shop owner Ramazan. Demir hears that his wife broke all his windows with a crowbar. Demir chuckles when he hears what she has done. Actually he is proud of her.

Fekeli builds an outhouse for Lutfiye on his property. She can decorate it however she wants. Fekeli is trying everything to get Lutfiye to stay at the Ranch.

Mujgan gives Fikret a choice. He either chooses revenge or he can be her lover. She will not entertain both.

Umit becomes desperate. She is a smart lady. She pushes the envelope of jealousy and goes to the Yaman Ranch uninvited. This places Demir in an embarrassing position. Sevda warns Zuleyha not to get too close to Umit.

Demir leaves the house in the morning for business. He tells Zuleyha that he will be late as he is having dinner with Erkan. Their last dinner ended up in a fight with the glazier. On the road Demir stops to help a man with a broken down car.

As he reaches the car he is hit over the head from behind and lies unconscious on the road.

Meanwhile, Zuleyha wakes up and finds out that Demir didn’t come home from his business meeting. Sevda suspects that Demir has once again has stayed with Umit. She makes a journey to her house looking for Demir and finds out that he is not there.

Umit does not like Sevda’s interference and tells her she was no better when she had her affair with Adnan Yaman. Sevda tells her that she knows the kind of woman she is. Umit replies that Sevda has no idea of “who” she really is.

Demir regains consciousness with a hessian bag over his head. When it is removed he sees Fikret glaring at him.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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