Demir finds Fikret’s posters strewn all over town. Fikret’s revenge is becoming a little more aggressive.

Mujgan knows that Demir and Umit spent the weekend together. She tells Umit she knows about it. Demir is also told by Sermin that she knows he wasn’t in Ankara as he had told them.

Zuleyha is sufficiently recovered to be discharged home. In last week’s episode Zuleyha told Demir that she had grown to love him. He also realised that he can love no other woman but her even though he has declared himself to Umit and told her that he would divorce Zuleyha.

Although Zuleyha is recovering from her wound, her memory still has not returned from the trauma of the event.

Mujgan and Umit share together their love for Fikret and Demir.

After being discharged home, Zuleyha sits in her lounge room and suddenly remembers why she was in the forest. She remembers following Fikret after she saw him in the Yaman Holdings taking down a speech given by Adnan Yaman which was hanging on the wall. This was the same speech that has been plastered all over Cukurova.

Zuleyha tells Sevda that not only is he the writer of the letters, he also is the son of Adnan Yaman.

Last week Gulten found out that Gaffur had put her property up as collateral on his loan he took out to go to Germany. Gaffur has not paid the loan back and Gulten is upset that she may lose the piece of land that Hunkar gave her. Saniye listens to their conversation and is ashamed of her husband and the lies he has told. She locks him out of the kitchen.

Gaffur has only one place to go and that is to the field workers huts. This will be the only place he will get a bed and food from now on.

Zuleyha does not tell Demir the truth about why she was in the forest. She makes up a story of stopping at a fountain for a drink of water and her car was stolen at the same time. She then ran through the forest and got her foot caught in the bear trap.

Demir has already had a meeting with the police over Zuleyha’s missing car. They found the vehicle abandoned and are looking into who stole it. This person saw Fikret at the forest and may well tell Demir that his wife has lied to him.

Ali Rahmet Fekeli has travelled all night to get to Bursa. In Bursa he visits a woman called Lutfiye. Ali Rahmet has not seen Lutfiye for many years.

Ali Rahmet tells Lutfiye that he has a problem and needs her. He tells her that Fikret is out of control and is like a wild bull. He fills her in on what has been going on in Cukurova and Fikret’s enmity with the Yaman’s.

She tells Fekeli that she knew from the beginning that Fikret was Adnan’s son. Her sister Safiye who was Fikret’s mother told her.

Mujgan follows Fikret to his office in town. He gets quite a surprise to see her on his doorstep. She knows he is hiding something from her. She sees the posters that he spread all over Cukurova. She asks him to explain. He yells at her telling her that he is Adnan Yaman’s bastard son. Mujgan can see the pain on Fikret’s face. She now understands.

Back in Bursa, Lütfiye shows Fekeli letters that Safiye wrote to her.

When Safiye met Adnan Yaman her husband had not been home for three months. She took up cleaning Adnan Yaman’s house. Adnan was a sweet talking man. Safiye fell madly in love with Adnan and gave herself willingly to Adnan. There was never any sexual assault which Fikret believes happened to his mother.

Fekeli believes that when Fikret hears the truth that there was love between his mother and Adnan, this will make his anger even worse because he had rejected them. Fekeli can see no peace for himself or for Fikret.

Fekeli asks Lutfiye to come to Cukurova and help him speak with Fikret.

Meanwhile, Demir and Zuleyha have begun to ship the citrus products grown in Cukurova. Demir has bought four new refrigerator trucks purchased to get his produce to market. As Demir explains his plan to the Governor Fikret listens from a distance.

Returning to town Fikret makes an anonymous phone call and is sent a couple of hired criminals to carry out a plan against Demir and his trucks.

In the cover of darkness he and the men set explosives under the refrigerator trucks.

Meanwhile, back at the Fekeli Ranch, Fekeli returns from Bursa with Lutfiye as his guest. Lutfiye is Fikret’s aunt and she will try and speak to Fikret about his mother.

Since Fekeli saw the posters Fikret placed all over Cukurova, he doesn’t feel the same towards Fikret now that he knows his vengeance is hate based. The atmosphere at home is a little strained.

Zuleyha’s red car which was stolen on the forest road is returned by the police to the Yaman Ranch. The culprit still hasn’t been found.

With the help of Sevda, Zuleyha and Demir are encouraged to give their marriage another chance. They both feel a little awkward about this and Demir has told Sevda that he is scared of being rejected by Zuleyha yet again.

That evening Demir is ready for bed. He enters their room and offers Zuleyha his hand. With a smile on her face she places her hand in his. A sign to him that she accepts him.

For the first time since Zuleyha has been married to Demir she feels the barriers have been taken down. Demir has always professed his love for Zuleyha and she has always fought him off. Tonight she is free to love again and that love she gives to him.

Both Fikret and Umit are having trouble with their love life. Umit feels the withdrawal of Demir since coming back from their weekend away. Fikret on the other hand loves Mujgan but she has found out that he is the one that is defaming the Yaman family name. She is ashamed that he can do such a thing. So the two of them stay away from each other.

Meanwhile that evening, Fikret meets with his men at the first truck stop. He has planted explosives in the trucks and waits with the trigger mechanism ready to detonate his explosives.

Fikret repeatedly presses the trigger but there is no explosion. He runs to each truck and finds that the explosives have been removed.

As it so happens Demir has been called into the police station. His trucks were searched and the explosives were removed before they allowed them through a checkpoint. Demir tells them it must have been the same person who has been sending him those hateful letters.

Demir still has the job of telling Umit that things have changed. He goes to see her that evening. He is sad that he has to break her heart. Deep down Umit knows there is a change in him but she just doesn’t want to face it. They have dinner together with a strained atmosphere with Umit not allowing Demir to speak knowing that when he does he will break it off with her.

Demir begins to tell her akwardly but he doesn’t know where to start. She can see by his eyes there are unspoken words.

They discussion is disturbed by a bashing on the front gate. When Umit opens the gate she finds Sevda standing there. Sevda pushes her way past Umit calling out to Demir as she goes.

There is a surprised look on Demir’s face as he hears Sevda’s voice.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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