After a weekend away with Umit, Demir decides to divorce Zuleyha. He tells Umit that he has waited for years for Zuleyha to love him but she never has.

Meanwhile, Zuleyha and Sevda are in Istanbul and have tracked down the servant who opened the door to Fikret’s mother but tossed them out into a cold night homeless. She tells them that what the letter says is true. She remembers the night very well.

Zuleyha tries to see both sides and says that maybe the child really wasn’t Adnans and maybe there was another reason why Fikret’s mother was rejected. The truth is not known. Zuleyha and Sevda cut short their trip to Istanbul and head back home on the afternoon flight.

Bahtiyar reads the newspaper article Demir wrote. He knows the article is referring to Fikret. He confronts Fikret as to why he lied to him about his father. He tells him that the road that he is on has only a dead end.

Meanwhile, Mujgan drives to Umit’s house. Her neighbour tells her that she went away with Demir Yaman that very morning.

Demir tells Umit that after the divorce he wants Zuleyha and Sevda to continue to live at the Ranch but he will not live there any longer. Demir promises her that he will build her a new mansion for them both.

Umit tells him the story of her past. She says she has never fallen in love before or had another lover. She tells him that his children will be her children.

When Zuleyha covers for Demir at the Yaman Holdings she sees Fikret walk into the building and take something off the wall. She follows him in her small red car wondering why Fikret was at the building at closing time.

Zuleyha finds herself on a dirt road in a forest. She can see Fikret’s car near the woods. She parks her car. And calls out to him. He shows up out of nowhere and scares her and asks why she is following him.

Meanwhile, a young man comes out of the woods and steals Zuleyha’s red car. He drives away.

It is getting late and Zuleyha has not yet returned home. Sevda and Sermin phone the Yaman Holdings in search of her but have no luck. The women decide to let Fekeli know that Zuleyha is missing.

Sermin tries to find Demir in Ankara but she comes up with a dead end. She does find out that Demir didn’t go to Ankara as he said he was and he has lied to the family. She tells Sevda the news.

Demir of course is oblivious to what is going on at home, he is wining and dining Umit in style.

Fekeli goes in search of Fikret. Bahtiyar takes him to Fikret’s rented office. This office has been kept secret by Fikret. Fekeli finds documents pertaining to properties that the Yaman family owned and it is obvious to him that this is where Fikret hides his past life and also focuses on his hopes for the future in ruining the Yaman family.

Fekeli organises a search party to look for Zuleyha.

Meanwhile, Zuleyha lies on the ground in the darkness after stepping on a bear trap. She cries for help but her cries go unheard in the darkness of the forest.

A new day dawns and still Zuleyha has not been found and she lies on the cold ground after a night of exposure. The jaws of the bear trap preventing her from moving.

Meanwhile Fikret turns up at the Cotton Factory and Fekeli learns that he knows nothing about Zuleyha’s disappearance. Fikret tells Fekeli that Zuleyha had followed him after he left the Yaman Holdings and that he had scared her a little but he swears that he left her in the woods and drove away.

The searchers call out to Zuleyha and she hears them but she is too weak to answer. It has been two days since she stepped on the bear trap with no food or water and exposed to the elements.

Demir returns to Cukurova after his romantic weekend away. He calls home and a panicking Sevda tells him that Zulehya is missing. She is angry with him because they have been unable to contact him. He feels the guilt that he was enjoying himself when he was needed at home.

Demir involves the police to help look for Zuleyha and her red car. Zuleyha on the other hand is semi-conscious after spending another cold night in the forest. It is decided to use dogs to aid their search.

The dogs are let loose after taking a sniff of Zuleyha’s scent. It is with relief when Demir hears the yell that the dogs have found her. He rushes to the spot and finds Zuleyha unconscious, weak but alive. Demir picks her up in his arms and takes her to hospital.

On examination, Zuleyha is dehydrated and has lost blood. Demir is frantic with worry over the state he has found her in. The fact that Zuleyha wore a boot has prevented the bear trap crushing her leg. Other than minor cuts from the trap she will be recover after she has been rehydrated.

Demir weeps as he tells the unconscious Zuleyha that he thought he could live without her and love another but his fear that something had happened to her has made him realise that he cannot love anyone else but her.

Gulten is asked to pay Gaffur’s debt incurred when he went to Germany. Apparently Gaffur left Gulten’s agricultural field given to her by Hunkar as security on the 2000 German Mark debt he took out to go to Germany. He now requires Gulten’s property to repay the debt.

When Zuleyha regains consciousness Demir asks her the question “what were you doing in the forest?” Zuleyha tells him that she doesn’t remember even though she does.

Demir and Züleyha are alone together in her hospital room. Demir takes her face in his hands and tells her that when she was missing he was taken back to the time that Hunkar was missing and he found her dead body. He tells her that he could not bear the pain of losing her too.

He wants to know if somebody set a trap for her and lured her to the forest. She still feigns a loss of memory but she does tell him that all she can remember is that she knew that Demir would rescue her.

Demir takes her face between his hands and kisses her and Zuleyha responds by placing her arms around him and drawing him deeper into her embrace. Neither of them see Umit looking through the door devastated at what she sees.

Although Demir kisses Zuleyha and she responds to him he wants her to know that she does not have to love him in return.

Zuleyha takes her time and tells him that she doesn’t know when it happened but she has grown to love him. When she was lying on the cold ground she had plenty of time to think and he was always on her mind. She promised herself that if she survived she would confess her love to him. She leans closer and says “I love you”.

Tears well up in Demir’s eyes. He has heard the words he thought he would never hear from Zuleyha’s mouth. His happiness is complete.

Demir asks Zuleyha to forgive him for making her suffer over the years. She tells him she wholeheartedly forgives him.

The door to the hospital room opens and Umit enters the room. Zuleyha and Demir draw apart. Demir feels awkward with Umit in the room. You can see by his face that he is heavily burdened.

Meanwhile, Fikret is up to his old tricks again. He pastes posters all over the walls of the Yaman Holdings building and also in the streets of Cukurova.

As Cukurova wakes they find Fikret’s posters on every window left for all to see.

The posters contain another letter. The letter is from Adnan Yaman to Fikret’s mother. It tells of the story of Fikret’s mother begging Adnan to accept his child. There is also a response from Adnan telling her that the child could be anybody’s and if she goes around town telling people that he child is his then he will kill them both.

Demir has a lot on his plate. An affair that he has to end with Umit.

The dream that his wife would love him has come true and he now has to survive the gossip surrounding his father’s affair.

Maybe his affair with Umit may help him understand his father a little more and how easily passion can lead to complications.

Join Turk-Flix next week to see the outcome.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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