Fikret has just told Fekeli that Adnan Yaman is his step father. Fikret tells Fekeli that his reason for coming to Cukurova was for revenge after Adnan Yaman rejected his mother and himself and left them homeless.

Fikret tells Fekeli his story. His father Musa was a gambler and newly married to his mother. Musa left his mother alone and went away for a long time. She neither had food nor money. Adnan Yaman had just moved into the neighbourhood and his mother was hired to clean his house. Whether Fikret’s mother was forced to sleep with Annan is not known but she did fall pregnant.

The fact that Adnan Yaman was the father of her child was kept from Musa and during his first five years of life Musa thought that Fikret was his own son. It is not known how Musa found out that Fikret was not his son.

Fikret does remember his mother and himself being thrown out of the front door of the Yaman Ranch. He doesn’t know why or what happened or the reason that both men did not want them.

Fekeli tells Fikret that Adnan Yaman died a long time ago and he has to leave the past go and not hold Demir accountable. Fikret holds great hatred in his heart towards the Yaman’s and he tells Fekeli that his upbringing in poverty in a foreign country was not fair.

It rips his heart in two to think of all the suffering he and his mother went through.

Meanwhile Sevda has found a letter in Zuleyha’s red sports car. It is addressed to Demir.

It tells Demir that his father was dishonourable and a cruel man. He tells him that he doesn’t want money but he does want him to know that they have the same blood.

Demir who has just returned from spending time with Umit and arrives home just in time to see Sevda reading the letter. He takes it from her and reads it himself. He swears that it is all a lie and all the writer wants is money.

The letter makes Demir feel unsettled. He goes to talk to Fekeli about it. He lets him read the letter. After what Fikret has told him, Fekeli can understand why Demir is disturbed by its contents. Demir respects Fekeli and asks for his opinion. Fekeli tells him that it is well known that his father had a lot of women in his life.

Demir sees it as more than just a fling of his father’s but rather an evil game played by somebody. Demir is moved to anger and he can see that blood may be spilt. His respect for his father leads him to believe that he could never throw a woman and her child out into the street.

Fikret and Fekeli enter into an argument. He tells Fekeli that by blood he is not his nephew nor his brother’s son. Fekeli rips into him and tells him that he is every bit his son as Yilmaz was. He begs him to give up on his revenge and be part of his family and to forgive the past.

Fikret is finding it hard now to keep his vengeance alive. His Uncle Fekeli has told him to forgive and forget but his hate eats away at his heart.

In the Yaman kitchen it is brought to Saniye’s attention that Uzum needs an I.D. The little girl is unregistered at the local school and this situation cannot go on much longer.

Demir types a letter and keeps a copy. He sends it to the newspapers.

At the Yaman Ranch the morning papers have been delivered. Zuleyha reads the type written note that Demir wrote. His advert tells the reader that there is someone claiming to be his father’s illegitimate son and this coward will not even sign his name to his letter. Demir asks this person to come and face him instead of going behind his back and slandering the Yaman name.

The newspaper article infuriates Fikret.

Zuleyha tells Demir that the newspaper article could provoke his enemy. She is right, when Fikret reads the article he is moved into an emotional rage filled with hate for Demir. It is Fekeli who tries to calm him and keeps telling him to forget the past.

Zuleyha decides to do her own investigations. She writes down some names of previous employees at the Ranch when Adnan Yaman was still alive. Saniye helps her break down the list to one name, Huseyin.

Huseyin is remembered by Gaffur. He tells Saniye that he and his wife moved to Istanbul to open a kebab shop. Gaffur remarks that the shop is still there. Although Huseyin may not be alive now, his wife Esma who was 30 years younger than him is still alive.

Umit hasn’t seen Demir for some time now and she is missing him. She has certainly fallen in love with him. They prepare for a weekend away together in Antalya.

While Demir is away with Umit, Zuleyha and Sevda head to Istanbul in the hope of talking with Huseyin’s wife about the situation in the letter to see if she remembers anything.

At the Fekeli Ranch, Fikret has not been seen Mujgan for some time. He has tried staying away from her but he is continually drawn to her whenever she is around. Tonight he cannot ignore her and takes her for an evening walk. They declare their love for each other but Fikret tells her that he is apprehensive as he cannot promise her a life of happiness. Mujgan tries to get him to tell her what is hurting him but he will not talk to her.

Both Demir and Zuleyha leave the Ranch on their weekend away.

Zuleyha and Sevda arrive in Istanbul and go straight to Huseyin’s house to speak with his widow Esma. They find Esma home. She cannot remember if Adnan Yaman had an illegitimate son or not but she tells them that she was there when a woman came to the door of the Yaman mansion with a little boy who she claimed was his son.

She told her husband who was the butler at that time that the little boy she had with her was Adnan Yaman’s son. She recalls that it was a cold and rainy night and her husband Huseyin would not let them into the house.

The woman tells Zuleyha that Adnan thought the woman was just somebody trying to get money out of him. He didn’t come to the door but sent Huseyin to the door to get rid of her. The woman and her child never got to see Adnan Yaman and they were turned away into the dark wet night. Adnan Yaman apparently warned Huseyin that night that if the woman returned again he will be held responsible.

Zuleyha and Sevda now know that what was written in the letter to Demir was the truth and just maybe Demir really has a step brother. Sevda remembers Hunkar telling her that she really didn’t know what kind of man Adnan Yaman was. Zuleyha wants them to have more patience as they may only know half the story.

Meanwhile, Demir arrives at a house in Antalya where he and Umit will spend the weekend together. It is a warm and homely house. They immediately feel comfortable.

Umit is concerned that they may be seen together if they go into town to have dinner. She tells him that it is always going to be this way because they are two well known figures in Cukurova. Demir agrees that the situation is not good and it will always be like this as long as he remains married to Zuleyha.

Instead of going out, Umit and Demir remain home that night and have dinner. The atmosphere seems strained. Umit tells him that she would be devastated if they broke up but he has a wife and if he is happy with her she would understand.

Demir confesses that Zuleyha has never loved him. He is a father to his children in the mansion but not a husband to Zuleyha. She asks him why he stays in an unhappy marriage. He replies mainly for the children. She encourages him not to wait until the children grow up.

Demir after careful thought tells Umit that he will ask Zuleyha for a divorce when he gets home.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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