Last week Zuleyha had confronted Behice at the Businessman’s Club with a file her investigator had given her on Behice’s marital history. It appears that Behice has killed both her husbands and their Death Certificate were authenticated and signed by Mujgan’s father. Zuleyha also told her that they had found the knife that was used in the murder.

Sevda was told by her neighbour that she saw Behice leaving her house the day Hunkar died.

Behice panics and run to the small mansion and packs her bags. She then steals Gaffur’s savings. Needing a car to get away in Behice goes to the hospital and steals Mujgan’s car and hits the road.

Mujgan has a melt down once she reads the file that Zuleyha gives her. The realisation that her Aunt is a murderer of three people is just too much for her to take in let alone the involvement her father had in signing the Death Certificates.

Mujgan locks herself in a room and Fikret is called to come and calm Mujgan.

After Zuleyha leaves the Businessman’s Club she goes immediately to Fekeli and shows him the evidence she has against Behice. Zuleyha is worried that Behice will now escape to Istanbul and they may never find her. Fekeli takes over and organises a search for Behice.

The word gets around town fast about Behice. Sermin who was at the Businessman’s Club rushes off to tell Demir. Demir takes the news badly and races away in his car towards the main road which leads to Istanbul.

On the road to Istanbul we now have four cars, one with Behice, Fekeli and Zuleyha not too far behind, Demir and Sermin and finally Fikret and Mujgan.

After Behice’s car breaks down she takes to running on a pathway through private property. Zuleyha and Fekeli run after her. She is caught by Zuleyha and Fekeli on a cliff edge.

Fekeli tells Behice to kill herself and to die honourably. He gives her his gun.

She turns the gun on him and blames him and Hunkar for the plight she is in. She wants his car keys which he refuses to give her. Fekeli pushes her closer and closer to the cliff’s edge.

Behice still holds the gun in readiness to fire but when she pulls the trigger she finds the gun wasn’t loaded. Her confession of killing Hunkar is heard by them all. Fekeli tells her to give herself up or die honourably.

With the arrival of Demir who is intent on killing Behice she gives everyone one last sarcastic smile and throws herself off the cliff.

Meanwhile back at the Yaman Ranch, Gaffur finds out that his money has been stolen. Not long afterwards the staff at the Ranch hear that Behice was responsible for Hunkar’s death and she now lies at the bottom of a cliff. Gaffur hopes that somehow he can get his stolen money back.

The whole of Cukurova begin to tell the story of how Behice who confessed to killing Hunkar threw herself off a cliff.

Behice’s body is brought back to the hospital. Fekeli tells the Prosecutor that it was divine justice.
The body will be released when funeral arrangements are made.

Later that day Demir finds Zuleyha sitting at Hunkar’s graveside. She tells Hunkar that she has been avenged. Demir tells her that he has much respect for her as does the whole of Cukurova. Is it any wonder that the town accept her as they’re leading lady.


Mujgan finds it hard even looking at Fekeli’s face. She feels guilty that it was her Aunt that killed his Hunkar. Fekeli tells her that they will heal their wounds together.

A funeral will go ahead for Behice but not in Cukurova. She will be buried outside the town and Fikret will accompany Mujgan to the funeral. No other person will attend.

Fekeli blames himself for the trouble Behice brought to Cukurova as he was the one who allowed her to stay in his home. Little did he know that Behice would end up in being Hunkar’s killer. He speaks to Hunkar’s picture and tells her that soon they will be together soon.

Fikret and Mujgan collect Behice’s body from the morgue. They take the casket to the airport where it will be transported to Istanbul for burial. The funeral for Behice was short and certainly not sweet. Instead of Mujgan looking at the grave of her Aunt and thinking of fond memories, she will remember her with embarrassment and pain.

Back at the Hunkar Holdings building, Zuleyha and Demir arrive at the office. Zuleyha sees a jewellery box on his desk. She picks it up and sees that it is an expensive pair of cuff links she sees that the gift is not for her. His Secretary tells a story that it was sent by one of his business colleagues when all along she knows that Umit had bought them for him. Demir lies his way out of the situation.

Umit watches for the phone to ring and to hear from Demir. Her gift nearly got him into big trouble. Umit has stirred the pot and it seems that Demir didn’t like the feeling of lying to Zuleyha.

After arriving back at the Fekeli Ranch, Mujgan suffers from depression and embarrassment. She doesn’t know how she is going to hold down the shame of what her family did.

Zuleyha innocently invites Umit to the Yaman Ranch for dinner that evening. Umit tries to get out of the invitation but in the end Zuleyha insists. Demir has a surprise waiting for him when he arrives home from work. His dinner guest makes him feel uneasy. Having his lover sitting at the same dinner table as his wife leaves him nervous.

It appears that Sevda and Umit share the same home town. Umit tells her hosts that she lost her mother when she was young. Her father is alive and lives in Izmir.

Sevda catches the glances between Demir and Umit as they sit across the table from each other. She gets a weird sense that something is going on between them. Sevda even notices the new cuff links that Demir is wearing and makes comment of their beauty.

The ball of deceit has begun to roll for Demir. He has started to lie to his family and now he has a net drawing closer around him which leaves him nervous and may expose his infidelity.

Demir watches Zuleyha in her innocence invite Umit to join her at her charity meeting in the future.

Fikret is up to no good. At night he enters the grounds of the Yaman dairy factory and destroys the fresh milk supply.

Fikret is caught out by Fekeli who has followed him from home and sees what he has done.

Demir gets a call to tell him that somebody has turned on the valves at the dairy factory. He leaves home to check it out. Not long after Umit leaves the Ranch.

Sevda with her suspicions drives out of the Ranch in Zuhleya’s red car. She knocks on the door of the house where Umit lives. She calls up the stairs thinking that Demir would be there. She tells Umit that she knows they are having an affair and she has been through the wringer not once, not twice, not even three times but many more. She has seen the glances and the sly innuendos before and she demands that Umit does not continue to see Demir again.

Sevda tells her that this is her first and final warning. Sevda turns and walks away leaving a shocked and quivering Umit. It is not long before Demir turns up. He tells her that he was shocked to see her at his home. He notices that she is sad. He holds her close and tells her that he is happy to be there with her. She says nothing to him about Sevda and her visit but the visit has left her shaken.

After arriving home in Zuleyha’s car, Sevda finds the envelope addressed to Demir on the floor of the car. She reads it.

Meanwhile, Fekeli has taken Fikret aside. It is now clear to him that Fikret has a definite hate for the Yaman’s. Fikret has desecrated Adnan Yaman’s gravestone and now he has been caught in the act of destroying Demir’s milk supply. Fekeli asks him, “What is your problem?”

Fikret tells him that Adnan Yaman was his father. Fekeli’s rage is stopped in its tracks. Fikret looks at him with tears of frustration in his eyes and yells at him, “He is my father, my father!”

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WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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