Our last episode revealed the hidden 30 Million TL that Yilmaz had hidden in the field that Zuleyha had gifted to the Child Protection Agency.

Behice couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the money and she hysterically clings to the tin screaming and yelling that the money belongs to her. The Chid Protection Agency now believe that the money now belongs to the State. If Zuleyha wants to claim the money she will have to go through the court.

The relationship between Demir and Umit intensifies. He thinks of her non stop. Umit has also been constantly thinking of him since they spent the night together.

Umit’s goal is to push Demir into divorcing Zuleyha. She does this by telling him that she is free of complications where he is concerned but on the other hand has a wife and children. She reminds him that he is not free. Demir tells her that there is no obstacle stopping him from seeing her whenever he wants.

Zuleyha takes the problem of the 30 Million TL to Demir. She does not know what to do and asks his advice. They both know that if Zuleyha goes to Court and is successful then the money would go to Kerem Ali for his future but Behice would also get her hands on it.

The security at the Hunkar Holdings building is increased. Demir believes that the man who broke into his office and left the letter will shortly send them a blackmail letter asking for money or he will go to the newspapers with the story. Both Demir and Zuleyha are not aware thaat Fikret left the letter.

Zuleyha asks Demir to consider the possibility that the person who left the letter might really be his brother. Demir tells her that there is no chance that it could be true as his father was not that kind of person and would never abandon his child.

Behice arrives back at the small mansion in a fowl mood after losing her temper at the field with the government officers. She tels herself that she very nearly had her hands on the money. She rips into Saniye, Fadik and Gulten and calls them peasants because the girls will not do her bidding.

Behice is fuelled in bitterness and comes looking for Zuleyha to vent her anger. She screams and yells at the front door of the mansion and finds Zuleyha is not at home. The infuriated Behice then faces Sevda who is not about to listen to her demands. A fight breaks out between the two women. Zuleyha turns up and stops the verbal diarrhoea coming out of Behice’s mouth. Behice pushes Zuleyha too far and tells her to get off her property.

Zuleyha is confused when she notices that Behice only walked to the small mansion. She knows nothing about how Gulten and Cetin were told to leave. Gulten has to tell her that they have been kicked out by Mujgan.

Mujgan is not happy about the money is going to the State. She talks to Fekeli about it who tells her that the money is now the property of the Child Protection Institute. Fekeli believes that Yilmaz would be happy about his money going to such a worthy cause.

To ease her worry and frustration Fekeli shows her a document which shows a bank account was opened by Yilmaz and Fekeli with an opening deposit of 30 Million TL. Mujgan now can see that Yilmaz loved his son and was thinking about his future.

Umit gets a little brazen when she calls the Ranch and wants to talk to Demir. Demir makes an excuse in front of Zuleyha to go out. Zuleyha knows that something is amiss. She feels a little jealousy. Maybe Zuleyha has a little love for Demir that she hides even from herself.

That evening at the lookout where he and Hunkar would meet, Fekeli welcomes his guest, Zuleyha. They discuss Yilmaz’s money and Fekeli tells Zuleyha that a bank account has been opened for Kerem Ali and when he becomes 21 he will receive 30 Million TL as his birthday present. This is separate to the money that has been found in the field. This makes Zuleyha happy as she is quite convinced that Yilmaz would be happy to have the 30 Million TL donated to Child Protection.

Fekeli wants Zuleyha to continue with her life and to search for love. She tells him that loving Yilmaz has stopped her from loving anybody else.

Fekeli knows that Demir loves her very much and encourages her not to feel guilty if she has any feelings for him. After so much has gone on in the past with Demir, Zuleyha does not want to betray Yilmaz but she tells Fekeli that a relationship with Demir is impossible as they both have open wounds which cannot be healed.

Fekeli reminds her that Yilmaz on his dying bed entrusted Demir to care for her even though they had been enemies . Fekeli tells her that Yilmaz knew that Demir had a deep love for Zuleyha.

Fikret and Mujgan have a cuddle when the coast is clear and the house is empty. Mujgan is happy for them to have a relationship but it has to be an open one with no secrets. She tells him that if he is prepared to be open about his love for her then they can continue. Unfortunately for Fikret if Umit sees that he is in love with Mujgan she may not go through with her planned relationship with Demir. Fikret has to back off.

After speaking with Mujgan, Fikret makes his way to Umit. Umit does not want him to stay long in case Demir finds him with her. She tells Fikret that she has Demir eating out of her hands. Fikret plans on disgracing Demir and show everyone in Cukurova that he cheats on his wife just like his father did. Fikret is going to make him pay for his father’s sins and he tells Umit he is not going to be able to get rid of her easily. Fikret reminds her their plan is to destroy Demir’s marriage and take all his possessions and shame him. When all is finished Umit and Fikret will be free to leave together.

Fikret warns her that the only complication to their plan could falling in love with Demir. If that happens then he will make her pay and end her life

At the Yaman Ranch, Behice continues to give them trouble ordering around the staff and gets Gaffur into bad trouble with Demir. Nobody knows that Gaffur killed Hatip Aga, only Behice. Gaffur then again knows that Hunkar Yarman had Behice investigated and he suspect her as being her murderer.

Mujgan visits Behice in the small mansion after she lost her temper with the Yamans. She calms her down by telling her that Kerem Ali has 30 Million TL in his bank account. Behice is thrilled and tells her that finally she will be able to get out of Cukurova. When she hears that the money is in trust and Kerem Ali and he can only get it when he is 21 she cracks.

Behice has been very fortunate. She has a small a mansion to live in and all her expenses are for yet it is still not enough. All her dreams of a luxurious life on the 30 Million TL are shattered when she considers her future.

Mujgan finally realises that her Aunt has only thought of one person since she has lived with them and that is herself. She never had one thought for Mujgan or Kerem Ali all this time and only wanted money. Behice also realises that she has gone too far in her uncontrolled anger and Mujgan now sees through her. She tries to make things better but Mujgan tells Behice that she is no longer her Aunt and she is now on her own.

At the hospital Mujgan breaks down in front of Fekeli when she tells him that she regrets putting her Aunt into the small mansion as she is going to cause trouble. She tells him about how Behice only wanted the money for herself and how hurt she is.

Behice still torments poor Gaffur and uses him as her personal servant. Demir has forbidden him to have anything to do with her but Gaffur is blackmailed by her with her knowledge of Hatip Aga’s death. Gaffur looks for a way out of his blackmail.

In Demir’s office, Zuleyha speaks with her own private investigator. He tells her that many people were interviewed on the day that Hunkar died but they missed one thing, Hunkar didn’t go to the ruins in her own car. He believes she could not have walked to the ruins and she must have taken a taxi there. He found that there was not even one taxi drivers statement in her investigation documents. The investigator will now try and find the taxi driver and get his statement.

The investigator shares one other thing with Zuleyha. He has investigated Behice. He tells her she comes from a noble family in Moda and her father is a known doctor. Behice has been married twice but both her husbands died shortly after they were married and Behice was a suspect in their deaths. The investigator has no proof that Behice killed her husbands but he is looking into the case. He will advise her of his findings as his investigation proceeds.

That evening Zuleyha and Demir tuck the children into bed after a happy time together playing with the children. Sevda encourages her to increase the love in her marriage and not to be afraid of it and to give Demir another chance.

Zuleyha finds out that Demir once again did not sleep in his own bed. He has crept out to be with Umit.

Firet that evening creeps into the Yaman Ranch and places a letter on the driver’s seat in Zuleyha red sports car.

Mujgan waits for Fikret to arrive home at the Fekeli Ranch. He has been a little removed from her since she told him that she doesn’t want a secret romance with him. She meets him at the top of the stairs and asks if he is running away from her. He tells her it is not that easy and draws her into his arms and kisses her.

Just at the right moment Fekeli enters the house and catches them embracing.

At the breakfast table at the Yaman Ranch there is an atmosphere between Demir and Zuleyha. There is a little jealousy on Zuleyha’s part now she knows that there is somebody else Demir is giving his affection to. Of course she does not know that it is Umit.

Gaffur begins the get the family ready for work the next morning and prepares to take the red car out of the garage. He places his coat on the seat which knocks the letter to the floor and it is hidden from view.

At the same time fate sends a strange man to the front door of the Yaman Ranch. The man tells Demir that he knows who killed his mother.

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WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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