Last week we left Demir speaking to a taxi driver. He tells Demir that he knows who killed his mother. This week Demir questions the taxi driver. The taxi driver tells him that he heard a gunshot and the truth is that Hunkar died by being stabbed to death. The taxi driver was lying to get the 1Million TL reward.

Meanwhile, Gaffur is caught by Saniye talking to Behice. Gaffur has been told not to do anything for Behice but she still has a hold over him. Saniye can feel that there is something going on between her husband and Behice that doesn’t feel right. Saniye tries to worm out of Gaffur the reason why he is indebted to Behice. She tells him that she will make him talk to her later on.

Demir is filled with anger after speaking to the taxi driver and tries to strangle Behice. As Demir’s hands tighten around her throat Zuleyha screams at him that he can’t commit murder on one man’s word and there is no proof. Demir lets her go.

Zuleyha tells Sevda that she has a private investigator looking into Hunkar’s death. She knows the investigator has been questioning the taxi drivers knowing that Hunkar did not drive herself to the ruins. The arrival of the taxi driver today must have come from his questioning.

After seeing Fikret and Mujgan in each others arms, Fekeli takes an opportunity to speak with Fikret alone. Fikret is not surprised when his uncle brings up the subject of Mujgan and what he has seen. Fikret tries to tell Fekeli that he was only comforting Mujgan and there was nothing in it.
Fekeli looks at it as though Fikret was dishonouring the memory of Yilmaz.

Fekeli sees doubt in Fikret’s eyes as to the extent of his love for Mujgan. Fekeli tells him that Hafiz Sirazi says that love is not a garden of roses and after a while it gives you a thousand worries. He tells him that if there is the slightest doubt in his mind about his love for Mujgan then he wants him to leave her alone.

Behice leaves the small mansion and runs into town to call Mujgan. She asks Mujgan to meet with her. Behice has not seen Mujgan since she saw her true character over the money left to Kerem Ali. Mujgan explains to Behice that Fekeli has told her that she was too weak and she believes what he said was true. She allowed her aunt to dictate to her and to make her feel sorry for her.
Mujgan does not change her opinion of Behice and tells her that she will help her financially but that is all. Behice works on Mujgan’s compassion and tells her that she would rather die than accept one penny from her and she will be leaving at the end of the month anyway. Behice wants Mujgan to ask Fekeli for money. Mujgan refuses and tells her that she will buy her a train ticket herself and give her enough money to send her on her way.

Zuleyha finally takes out her red sports car and she still doesn’t see the envelope that has fallen beside the passengers seat. She meets with her private investigator Sadi. He tells her that even if Hunkar took a cab the day that she was murdered that she probably got out of the taxi before the ruins. Sadi hasn’t found anything new to tell Zuleyha but he is on the track of some documents that are pertinent to the case and asks her to be patient.

It is the time for Gaffur to come clean with Saniye. He has been hiding from her all day as he knows she will not give up on finding out what he is up to with Behice. Saniye draws out of her husband that he killed Hatip Aga. Saniye now knows what and why Behice is able to blackmail her husband but she now worries just like he does if and when Behice will turn him in to the police.

After careful thought they decide to go to Demir and tell him everything. This would be better than the police turning up at the Ranch and taking Gaffur away. They will wait for the appropriate time.

Fikret meets his cousin at a kebab shop. He tells him in detail about the way he feels about Mujgan and how he will try to stay away from her. All the while Cetin is sitting close by and hears what he says. Cetin was very close to Ylmaz and sees Fikret’s declaration of love for Mujgan as betrayal of his best friend.

At the Yaman Ranch, Zuleyha has had a good day with Demir. They both show happiness and they seem to be very settled with their little family. Zuleyha thinks more about her feelings for Demir as time goes by.

At the Fekeli Ranch, Mujgan waits up late at night for Fikret to come home. When he does arrive he is a little drunk. He tells her not to expect anything from him and to stay away from him, although his heart aches for her.

At the Yaman Ranch the next morning, Demir is in the stables. It is here that Saniye and Gaffur chooses to confess Gaffur’s sins. Demir cannot believe his ears when he hears Gaffur confess to killing Hatip. He raises his voice and glares at Gaffur. Gaffur does stick up for himself and tells him that it was accidental and that Gaffur knew that Hatip Aga had killed Cengo. He explains how he wrote a letter to Hatip and tells him to bring him money or he will go to the police. Hatip Aga then places a gun to his head. In a struggle to take the gun off him it goes off and kills Hatip.

Saniye then tells Demir that Sermin saw Gaffur kill Hatip and she told Behice about it. What they don’t see is Sermin listening at the stable door.

Sermin who is hiding behind the stable door, now approaches the group and denies seeing Hatip Aga’s death at Gaffur’s hands nor receiving his blackmail letter which she kept at the time.

Poor Gaffur is left to receiving his punishment from Demir who beats him with a stick.

Saniye leans over Gaffur’s beaten body. Gaffur breaks down after Saniye tells him that Demir will not tell the police about what he has done.

That morning, Sevda leaves the ranch to go to her old house in town where she used to live when she first arrived in town. As Sevda drives up to her old home she sees Demir’s car parked outside Umit’s house. She wonders what it is doing there. Inside the house she would have seen Demir and Unit dancing in each others arms. They plan a weekend away together on the next weekend.

At the front door of her home, Sevda meets her next door neighbour. The neighbour tells her that on the day that Hunkar was murdered she saw Behice creeping out of her house.

Sevda realises that it must have been Behice who planted Hunkar’s jewellery in her bedroom drawer after she had taken them off Hunkar’s body. She also lost an envelope of money at that time which was in the same drawer. She can’t wait to get back to the Ranch and tell Zuleyha.
After speaking with her neighbour Sevda returns home quickly. She takes Zuleyha aside.
Both the women now believe that Behice is Hunkar’s murderer but they can’t tell Demir straight away as he would kill her.

Zuleyha at the same time receives a phone call from Sadi the investigator. She leaves the Ranch to meet with him one more. He has a large file on Behice. He tells her that he has proof that she has killed before but she has got away with it. He does tell her that they need proof or a witness to prosecute.

It is not only Zuleyha who has been trying to find Hunkar’s murderer. Fekeli has also and had his own private investigators looking into the case. They know that Hunkar was stabbed to death and his investigators bring him four knives found in the water under the bridge. This is the same bridge that Behice threw her murder weapon from after she killed Hunkar. Fekeli looks at the four knives thinking that one of these killed his sweetheart.

His investigation elaborates that the size and shape of the scar left on Hunkar’s body will be used to identify the correct knife. His investigators tell him that they are very close to finding out which one it is.

At the Businessman’s Club in town, Mujgan and Behice are saying their last farewells. Behice is only waiting on money that Fekeli will give her before she leaves.

It is here that Zuleyha finds Behice . She has a file in her hands of Behice’s criminal behaviour. She confronts Behice and tells her that there is now proof that she murdered Hunkar and the knife she used has been found. Zuleyha goes on to tell her that she has evidence of her ex-husbands deaths and how after a short period of time Behice killed them and her father falsified their Death Certificates for money.

For Mujgan, this is the first time she has heard of any of her aunt’s past marriages. Zuleyha tells her that Ali Rahmet Fekeli was on Behice’s list as her third husband and all Behice ever wanted was money.

Behice swears she is not afraid of anyone. Zuleyha tells her there is one person she needs to be afraid of and that is Demir. He would kill her with his own hands and that will be before she even goes to court for her crimes. Zuleyha gives her with a satisfied and sarcastic look knowing Behice has finally been found out and Hunkar’s murder will be solved.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles




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