Mujgan and Behice have returned to the Fekeli Ranch. They have found out the only inheritance Yilmaz has left to Mujgan is the small mansion on the grounds of the Yaman Ranch.

Behice is embarrassed that they have had to come back to the Fekeli Ranch with their tail between their legs. She finds the staff of the Ranch not as obliging as they were before she left. She previously spoke to them like a bit of dirt and they obeyed, now when she gives them orders and they ignore her.

Fekeli hears Behice giving the staff a mouthful. He stands up for Nazire and tells Behice to pack her bags and leave the Ranch.

Zuleyha found a letter at the end of our last episode. She continues to read the letter this week. The letter is from Adnan Yaman. He calls the woman who he is writing the letter to, presumably Fikret’s mother, that she is worthless. He denies that the child she has is his and threatens to kill them both if they do not get out of Cukurova and leave him alone.

Zuleyha asks herself who is this child ? Who is the woman that Adnan Yaman talks about and who has gained access to Demir’s office and left the letter for Demir to find?

Meanwhile Fekeli and Fikret are dining in Cukurova. He asks Fikret if there is something that he is not telling him because he can see in his face that he hides a secret. He asks him why he smashed Adnan Yaman’s gravestone and why so much anger towards the Yaman’s. Fikret beats around the bush. He tells Fekeli that he was drunk when he smashed the gravestone. Fekeli sees this as an excuse for not telling him the truth. Fikret’s secret is that Adnan Yaman was his father he rejected his mother and himself. This means Demir Yaman is his brother.

Behice is driven to the unit that will now be her home. She does not like it. She is offended to be given something so humble. She had dreams of living a life of excess on the 30 Million TL that Yilmaz had. She places a call through to Mujgan and gives her the news.

Of course Behice finds no fault in herself and blames Fekeli for her plight. Although she has no income herself she refuses to stay in the unit telling Mujgan that she deserves something better.
Demir and Zuleyha lunch together. Their relationship is stable and Zuleyha is getting to know more about the business.

While they are at lunch Zuleyha presents Demir with the letter she found on his desk. He recognises the handwriting as that of his father Adnan. He reads the letter and tells Zuleyha that he believes it is all lies and whoever placed the letter at the office must want to blackmail them. This person could be walking around Cukurova and they are unaware of who it is. He does not want Sevda to see the letter or anyone else for that matter.

Fadik has not heard from Rasit since he left to get his I.D before the wedding day. She believes that he left her and she has been very upset since that day. Sevda comforts her as much as she can.

Gulten and Cetin have settled into the small mansion as Yilmaz requested after their marriage. Mujgan, after speaking with Behice , decides to give Behice the small mansion to live in to please her Aunt. This decision brings Gulten much unhappiness after only being married two days and it places Behice and her evil ways right on the Yaman’s doorstep.

Saniye sticks up for Gulten in front of Mujgan who is too weak to say no to her Aunt. Mujgan tells Gulten to be out of the house within a week. As the house was left to Mujgan they have no choice but to get out. Mujgan decides not to tell Fekeli and Zuleyha that she wants Gulten out of the house. She knows that this was Yilmaz’s last wish and he was happy to give the home to the newly weds.

Fikret reminds Umit that time is slipping by and she needs to get closer to Demir. She creates a water leak at the house that she rents from Demir. This will be a good excuse to call Demir and get him to come to the house where she can tempt him a little more.

The Yaman family gather at dinner when Demir receives the call from Umit. He leaves immediately to go to fix her problem. He fixes the leak quickly and then Umit turns on her charms and invites him inside. Demir is restless. He knows he is in a compromising position but he doesn’t care.

Umit takes the opportunity she has been waiting for. She kisses Demir. Demir has some reserve but it doesn’t last long.

They spend the night in passionate embrace. Demir has a feeling of unfaithfulness but it is only fleeting. Life may be different for Demir from now on.

At the Fekeli residence, Fikret makes another move on Mujgan. He tells her that he loves her and takes her into his arms and asks her not to run away from what they feel.

At the Yaman Ranch, Zuleyha knows that Demir left the house and she waits for him to come home. She finds herself with unusual feelings toward Demir since he has changed his behaviour. He has let go of his bitterness. He is not tormented by jealousy anymore now that Yilmaz has died. Zuleyha misses him in a strange kind of way when he is not around. She herself feels that if she has warm thoughts towards Demir that she is dishonouring the love that she has for Yilmaz. She looks at clock as the night wears on and Demir does not turn up.

In the morning Demir gives the excuse that he stayed over night at a hotel after visiting a friend.

On his way to work that morning, Demir feels good. Last night with Umit was still fresh in his mind. As soon as he arrives at his offce desk he calls Umit at the hospital wanting to know when he can see her again. She tells him that she is free any time but he is not as he has a wife and has to make explanations for his absence. Umit will now encourage Demir to divorce Zuleyha so the plan that she and Fikret have planned can be put into action.

Cetin locks up the small mansion after they pack up all they’re wedding presents and moves out. He takes the keys to Mujgan at the hospital. He does not talk to her but his eyes tell her he is angry, hurt and offended by what she has done. He just leaves the keys on the table.

Meanwhile, Behice is getting impatient. She pressures Mujgan to come and take her away.

After receiving the keys Mujgan picks up Behice and heads for the small mansion. She just hopes that when Fekeli hears about it he won’t be too mad.

As soon as Behice puts her foot in the house she begins to run down Gulten and Cetin let alone voicing her hate for Zuleyha. All that is on Behice’s mind is “Where” is the 30 Million TL that Yilmaz left. She believes that Zuleyha is hiding it and she tells Mujgan that she will ruin her life for what she has done to them.

Zuleyha still does not know that Behice has moved into the small mansion. She will get a shock when she sees that her neighbour is none other than her enemy Behice.

The charity auction is held that evening. The money will go towards Child Protection and the orphans. Hunkar’s favourite clothes are on sale.

Not only will the proceeds of the evening go to orphans, Zuleyha has donated a field to be made into a summer camp for the children. She called it the Hunkar Yaman Summer Camp for Children.

The first item to be sold that evening is a scarf worn by Hunkar. Fekeli gives 5,000 TL as a donation to the charity. Outside the event Fekeli covers his face with the scarf breathing in the love that he has for her.

Behice in her boredom sneaks around the Yaman Ranch watching what is going on. She can see the construction of the summer camp which is under way. The bull dozer begins to clear the land.

Gaffur guides the bull dozer driver and watches as it picks up a large scoop of dirt. In the dirt he can see a metal tin. The metal tin breaks open and showers everyone with money. They have dug up the 30 Million Lire that Yilmaz had hidden before his death.

Gaffur is shocked and thrilled at the same time to see the money.

Not too far away Behice watches as the money falls out of the skies. She is like a bee drawn to honey. This is what she has been looking for.

Join Turk-flix next week for the outcome.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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