Mujgan and Behice have found out that Yilmaz only left them 80,000 Lire instead of the 30 Million Lire they were expecting. Now they have no money left and nowhere to go.

Zuleyha is taking her job as head of the Yaman Ranch seriously. She acts every bit like Hunkar and the staff respect her.

Zuleyha is wealthy in her own right now as Demir has given her all his mother’s property shares which include those that Yilmaz sold to her. Nobody knows where the cash is that Yilmaz received for the property. What we do know is that in one of our earlier episodes we saw Yilmaz bury the cash money in a large metal tin.

Mujgan and Behice are now in dire straights. Mujgan calls Fikret and tells him what is going on. Fikret approaches Fekeli and asks if the two women and baby Kerem Ali could return to the Fekeli Ranch as they have nowhere to go.

Mujgan asks Fekeli to forgive her she is accepted back at the Fekeli Ranch. He tells Mujgan that although Kerem Ali is not his blood he is still his grandson in his heart. He is aware that Behice ld only wants is her money and is using Mujgan and Kerem Ali to get it.

Fikret updates Fekeli about Yilmaz selling all his property to Hunkar. They both wonder cannot understand what happened to the 30 Million Lire Yilmaz received. Fekeli knew nothing of the sale of the property and Hunkar never told him.

The two men go to Zuleyha and tell her of the situation. Zuleyha knows nothing about the money also. Yilmaz never spoke to her about it although she knew he had the money as he was going to buy her a new home with it. Zuleyha is in agreement that the money should be held for Kerem Ali if they find it.

That evening Fikret tells his cousin that he has known Umit for quite some time. They are together but not in love with each other.

Mujgan is crying again. The only inheritance Kerem Ali has from his father is the small mansion in the grounds of the Yaman Ranch valued at 80,000 Lire. She puts her head on Fikret’s should and he comforts her. He even lowers his head and in a moment of desire kisses her .

Later, Mujgan catches Fikret and Umit having a warm chat. She asks if they know each other and is told that they met in Germany. It seems that Fikret and Umit are working together on a set plan and Fikret’s relationship with Mujgan may complicate things.

Behice is not finding it at all that comfortable at the Fekeli house. Nazire will not take orders from her any longer and will not serve her. Behice is getting very restless not being able to get her hands on the money that Yilmaz has hidden. She encourages Mujgan to visit Zuleyha to find out if she knows where it is. When she does, Mujgan accuses Zuleyha of stealing the money and keep it from for herself.

Meanwhile a Real Estate Agent visits Demir wanting to enquire if he would rent a property near the hospital to Umit. Demir normally does not rent his properties out but for Umit he is going to change his policy. Not only does Demir rent her a property but he offers her a mansion with a pool and no contract will need to be signed.

Umit calls Demir and thanks him for the house. She feels a little embarrassed by his offer but she accepts it.

Behice joins the ladies charity luncheon and is belittled by Sermin as she tells everyone at the table that Behice has been left penniless by Yilmaz. Sermin needs to be careful where Behice is concerned as if she pushes her too far she just may murder her like she did to Hunkar.

Gulten’s wedding day draws closer. Fadik will also marry Rasit on that day if he can find his I.D .

Fikret visits Umit in the new house. He congratulates Umit for making such an impression on Demir. He tells Umit that he wasn’t expecting Demir to move so quickly. He believes she will have Demir divorcing Zuleyha before they know it. He encourages her to develop a close relationship with Demir and they will finish what they have planned.

Fikret makes a hasty departure out the back door when an unexpected Demir turns up at Umit’s door. Demir has brought Umit a welcome gift and stays to have a drink with her. He has sparkles in his eyes and his pursuit of Umit has begun.

This morning Fikret makes another stop at the cemetery where he previously smashed Adnan Yarman’s headstone. He sees a brand new headstone has been erected in its place. This angers him and he slams his fists into the gravestone. He leaves the cemetery a very angry man and not aware that a cemetery employee saw what he did. The worker tells Fekeli that he saw Fikret desecrate Adnan Yaman’s headstone and he believes that it was done in hate and anger. This comment leaves Fekeli puzzled as to the connection between the Yaman’s and Fikret.

Finally the wedding day arrives for Gulten and Cetin. The ranch will be having more than one couple married today. Family and friends arrive for the ceremony. Zuleyha who is a Seamstress, has made Gulten’s wedding dress and she looks very beautiful.

Fadik was going to marry Rasid at the same time as Gulten married Cetin. She is dressed and ready for the wedding ceremony but her groom does not turn up. She feels abandoned.

Fekeli keeps his eyes on Fikret at the wedding. After what the Cemetery worker told him, he is suspicious now of the reason why Fikret has so much interest and hatred towards the Yaman’s.

That evening Fikret breaks into the Hunkar Yaman Holdings building. He walks upstairs to Demir’s office. He has an envelope in his hands which he leaves on the desk with Demir’s name on it.

At the Yaman Ranch, Demir tells Zuleyha that she did a magnificent job in organising the wedding. He says that his mother would have been proud of her.

It is a night of loving for the newly married couple. Also Saniye and Gaffur renew their love for each other. Zuleyha and Fekeli look back with the sadness on their lovers who have died.

It is not so romantic at the Fekeli Ranch. Fekeli has watched Fikret all night at the wedding and he feels disturbed by his actions. He asks Fikret to tell him why he is concerned about a man who has been dead for many years. Fikret covers himself and lies to Fekeli and tells him that it is what Adnan Yaman had done to Fekeli and Hunkar that angers him. He does not tell him the truth.

Zuleyha is asked to go to the Hunkar Yaman Holding on behalf of Demir who will be on a road trip that day. Zuleyha agrees to go in and sign documents on his behalf. The feeling of walking into the building which carries Hunkar’s name gives her a good feeling. She arrives at Demir’s office and feels good to be helping out just like Hunkar used to do. She takes her place behind Demir’s desk. The first thing she sees is the envelope that Fikret left on the desk. She opens it.

At this stage it cannot be determined who the author of the letter is. We assume it is Adnan but it could very well be Hunkar.

The letter is in reply to communication received at the Yaman Ranch telling them that Adnan Yaman has another son. The writer explains that the child could be anybodies and will not accept that the child is Adnan’s son. The writer explains that he only has one son and that is Demir.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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