Demir has met a new woman in town. She comes from Istanbul. He has changed her tyre on her car. As she drives away she tells him that she hopes to meet him again soon around town.

The Director of Health greets Mujgan at the hospital. He advises Mujgan that a new Head Doctor will arrive at the hospital by the name of Umit Kahraman. Mujgan seems surprised she did not get the position herself. She has been Acting Head Doctor since Sebahattin left and she thought the position could be hers.

Behice is becoming restless. She wants Mujgan to leave Cukurova and go with her to Istanbul. Behice is anxious to get her hands on the money that Yilmaz has left Mujgan.

Zuleyha has created a beautiful wedding dress for Gulten. Zuleyha tells a story to Sevda about a wedding dress she made for the Corakcilar family in Istanbul. The wedding dress was needed for a new bride in the family. As soon as Sevda hears the name “Corakcilar” it draws her attention.

Zuleyha tells her that the bride was particular and snobbish. Her name was “Berrin”. A name which Sevda was already familiar with. This story leaves Sevda very thoughtful with a remembrance of the time that Zuleyha is talking about. At present we do not know what Sevda’s connection was with the bride’s family was.

Gulten tries on her wedding dress before the big day showing everyone that Zuleyha has done a wonderful job.

Zuleyha does not mind being called the Lady of the House but she does not want to be known as Demir’s wife. Before Yilmaz died they were going to divorce and so far that legal document has not progressed. The atmosphere between them now is one of distance.

Fikret is beginning to make a play for Mujgan, with Yilmaz out of the picture he has freedom to pursue her. Aunt Behice can see what is happening and she does not like it.

Gaffur finds Saniye looking at her new brooch. Gaffur sees dollar signs and tells her that if they sell the brooch they would have enough money to buy a house. Saniye is on to him and calls him a snake. She tells him that she will never sell Hunkar’s brooch.

Three girls Sanye, Fadik and Gulten leave their jewellery with Zuleyha for safe keeping. She keeps the jewellery in the office safe for them for whenever they want to wear or sell it.

Zuleyha calls an old friend from Istanbul to investigate Hunkar’s murder. She tells him that all their investigations have been negative and although they have tried to find the murderer there is still no trace. She asks him to solve the case for her if he can.

Zuleyha is asked if there is a suspect. She is quick to tell the investigator of her suspicions that Behice may have done it but she cannot prove it. He promises Zuleyha that he will investigate the murder for her so she can feel at peace.

Meanwhile, the new Head Doctor arrives at the hospital. Mujgan was expecting to see a male doctor but it turns out that she is the woman. The same woman that Demir met on the road when he changed her tyre. Her name is Umit Kahraman.

Behice’s boredom grows with each passing day. She questions Mujgan about what money Yilmaz has left her. She puts the pressure on Mujgan to take the money and leave with her for Istanbul . Mujgan is quite content to remain in Cukurova, especially now there is the added attraction of Fikret.

Cukurova Business Club is hosting a dinner for the businessmen and their wives. Mostly all the social set in Cukurova will be attending. Although she was not invited Umit Kahraman turns up and is re-united with Demir after he changed her tyre on the road side. As she moves around the dining room she comes face to face with Sevda. There is certainly some recognition on Umit’s part when she looks at Sevda but Sevda on the other hand does not share the recognition.

The same cannot be said about Fikret, he has eye contact with the new doctor and their eyes tell you that have met before.

Zuleyha looks beautiful this evening in a bright red dress. She looks happier than we have seen her for a long time. At a speech in honour of his mother, Demir tells everyone that he has transferred all of Hunkar’s shares in his company over to Zuleyha. Zuleyha is now a very wealthy woman as Yilmaz sold all his property shares to Hunkar.

That evening we see Fikret standing in front of Adnan Yaman and Hunkar Yaman’s graves. He is weeping.

Fikret’s memories take him back to a time when he and his mother were thrown out of the house because his father found out that Adnan Yaman was his father. Fikret and his mother were left homeless and although his mother came to the Yaman Ranch to find Adnan Yaman she was not allowed in and was sent away. Fikret can remember seeing Demir as a child standing in the doorway of the mansion. It is not known whether Adnan Yaman even knew that they were on his doorstep or if he had another son.

Fikret is filled with sorrow and hatred towards Adnan Yaman. In his anger he even takes a rock and smashes Adnan’s grave stone.

Fikret’s mother dies at a young age and before she dies Fikret tells her that he knows he is Adnan Yaman’s son and he knows how cruel he was to both of them. He swears revenge for the hardships she has undergone because of him. He promises that he will make Demir Yaman suffer for his father’s sin.

Fikret returns to the Fekeli Ranch after an emotional time at the Yaman’s grave site.

The next day word is brought to Demir that the grave of his father has been desecrated.

Zuleyha is asked to attend the meeting of the charity organisation for Cukurova as Hunkar used to do. Zuleyha is nominated to be the President of the organisation.

Behice continues to ride the staff at the Fekeli Ranch. She drives them hard and shows them no respect. Behice specifically gets into Nazire who believes that she is an evil influence on Mujgan. Her treatment of Nazire forces Nazire to tell Fekeli that she is leaving.

In her explanation Nazire tells Fekeli how she has heard Behice and Mujgan plan on selling Yilmaz’s property and taking the cash and moving to istanbul with KeremAli.

When asked if this was true Fekeli is told by Behice that Nazire is correct and this is what they will be doing. Mujgan tells Fekeli that what Behice says is true. There is no reason for her to remain in Cukurova any more. Behice reminds Fekeli that he is not Kerem Ali’s grandfather by blood so he has no rights under law to keep them there. Fekeli tells them not to wait to leave the Ranch, they can pack their bags and go immediately. Mujgan is hesitant to do so but obeys her Aunt.

This confrontation breaks Fekeli’s heart. He has lost Yilmaz and now his grandson is being taken away from him. He tells Nazire that all his suffering has been for nothing and begs her to stay.

Mujgan and Behice leave the Ranch. Fekeli weeps as he says goodbye to his grandson. Mujgan promises him that she will not separate them and she will bring him back for visits. Behice tells Mujgan as they drive away that she will make arrangements for them to see a Solicitor and get the inheritance Yilmaz has left to them as soon as they arrive.

The Solicitor finally arrives. He tells Mujgan and Behice that Yilmaz only left them 80,000 Lire instead of 80 Million Lire that Behice was expecting. The smile Behice had when she thought she was going to be very wealthy is wiped off her face. The Solicitor tells Behice that shortly before his death Yilmaz sold all his property assets and turned them into cash. He leaves only the small mansion on the Yaman Ranch left and its value if sold is 80,000 Lire.

We turn now to Fikret who is sitting in his private hidden office he is renting in the heart of town He is expecting a visitor.

There is a knock at the front door and Umit is waiting to be let in. Fikret opens the door and draws her inside. He tells her that she has finally turned up. He draws her into his arms and places his lips on hers and they embrace.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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