The village has burnt to the ground. The fire is so large that its flames are seen as far away as the mansion. The search of the huts found a jacket belonging to Yilmaz and his I.D but nothing more. He had escaped. The knowledge that his farm workers had betrayed him sends Demir into an uncontrolled rage. His workers fleeing in fear of being burnt to death.

That evening Demir visits the burned village to view what his rage had done to innocent people. He is saddened when he sees the despair of his farm workers and the unhappiness of the children which he was responsible for. His image as being the great Lord of Cukurova has been stained. He planning on making amends by building them another village.

Gulten has confessed to Gaffur that she knew Yilmaz waalive. . Knowing Gulten visited the village on a regular basis spurred Gaffur to directing Demir to search for him there. Gaffur also is motivated by 10,000 TL to bring Yilmaz to Demir dead or alive!

Gulten believes that Yilmaz is dead. She searches for him. He was so badly wounded with a high fever when last she saw him. Nazire has told her that he just disappeared. They have no idea where he was. What they don’t know is that Yilmaz has been found by Cetin and placed in the back of a red pick-up truck and being driven to Fekeli’s home. He is placed in a clean and comfortable bed where he remains in an unconscious state for the next 3 days

Demir is afraid Zuleyha will find out that Yilmaz is alive and has ordered Hunkar to lock the doors if necessary to keep her away from any of the staff and workers who could leak out the reason why he set fire to the workers village. Zuleyha argues with Hunkar over her freedom but is reminded that if Demir finds out that the baby is not his he would take his revenge and she would have to pay the price.

To boost Demir’s image within the Cukurova region a photographer is organised to visit the Ranch to take family photographs to use in the local newspaper to present the power of the family and re-establish his standing within the community.


Within a couple of days, the photographs have been delivered and the family are seated in the lounge room viewing the prints. Sermin brings them a visitor. To their surprise, it is Veli (Zuleyha’s step brother from Istanbul). This is the first time that Demir has seen Veli as he visited when Demir and Zuleyha were on honeymoon. He introduces himself as a cousin of Zuleyha and in the privacy of her bedroom threatens her. He doesn’t leave before he steals some of her jewellery. Hunkar and Demir realise that Veli is a dangerous man and Zuleyha is afraid of him.

The next morning Veli is not offered breakfast at the mansion, instead, Demir tells him he will take him out to breakfast. Demir loads him into his car and drives to a deserted farm road and puts a gun to his head. He demands to know who he is. He admits to being Zuleyha’s step-brother. This infuriates Demir who knows the story that he sold her back in Istanbul. He places the gun at his head and makes him swear to leave Adana and abandons him on the road.

Praise be! Yilmaz has awoken. He looks and feels stronger. He dresses and makes his way downstairs. He recognises Fekeli, his friend from the prison in Istanbul. He is welcomed and offered food and drink.

It is here that Yilmaz sees Zuleyha for the first time since he was in prison. He gazes at a newspaper which has a large photograph of the Yaman family including Zuleyha and her new baby. He points to the photograph of Demir and tells Fekeli that this is the man who stole his wife. To look at them they look like the perfect family. Could it be that she now loves the great Lord and has betrayed him for wealth? She was always his reason to live. The reason he had gone through all his suffering. How could she do this to him? He has no idea that Zuleyha thinks he is dead. Her love for him has never changed. She has given him a son.

The next day Yilmaz walks to the burn out village. His last memory is of the village burning and screams. He hears from Nazire how Demir in his rage burnt down the workers huts in an attempt to find him. This news fuels his anger towards Demir and spurs Yilmaz on to seek revenge. After sneaking into the grounds of the Ranch, Yilmaz sees the Yaman family sitting in the garden. He also sees Zuleyha and the baby. He creeps into the garage and closes the door.


As he leaves the grounds of the Ranch he gazes up and sees Zuleyha in her bedroom gazing out of the window. He also sees Demir taking hold of her and embracing her. He speaks to himself and asks, “Why Zuleyha have you forgotten our love?” That night, Zuleyha cannot sleep with longing for her lost Yilmaz. The memory of her Yilmaz and his handsome face lingers in her mind. She remembers their love and tears keep welling up in her eyes.

A new day has dawned. Demir farewell’s the family as he ventures out to the fields. Today he is alone with no driver. On a back road, his car breaks down. He pulls the bonnet and checks inside. Yilmaz approaches him from the rear. He has acquired a gun and strikes him on the head rendering him unconscious. When he wakes up he finds himself tied and bound lying on the floor of a wooden hut . Yilmaz stands over him and asks; “Now how does it feel to be the one who is lying on the ground “? He tells him his biggest mistake was to trust Demir in the first place. He pours petrol over the wooden hut and tells Demir; “You need to burn”. He sets fire to the hut and upon leaving throws a knife on the floor to help Demir escape. He then walks out. Demir struggles but eventually escapes his fiery hell with the help of Cengo .

Demir is now aware that Yilmaz must have help in Adana. He knows that he has new clothes. He also knows that he must have been at the Ranch in his garage to be able to tamper with his car. He confronts his guards and threatens them if they don’t keep a better watch over the house. He hires an investigator into find Yilmaz and also asks him to look into any recent arrivals in Adana and if any were recently released from prison. It wasn’t long before his investigator gives him some unsettling news. The field that Demir and Cengo want to buy for their dairy project has a new owner. It is owned by Yilmaz! How can this be? Yilmaz has no money? Obviously, he will not sell the land to Demir!

Fekeli is trying to guide Yilmaz into a different kind of revenge. He tells him he also has revenge to seek from the Yaman’s himself. He was imprisoned 20 years ago due to the Yaman family. He wants Yilmaz to stay with him. He would like to treat Yilmaz as a son that he lost 20 years previously. Yilmaz agrees to accept him as a father as he has nowhere to go and together they will seek their revenge. Fekeli is a clever and matured crime boss. He teaches Yilmaz about the different ways in which revenge can be exacted. He tells him that together they will get revenge by turning the Yamans upon each other so that they will fear their shadow. They will not be able to sleep. He believes this fear has already begun in Demir.

Our final scene is of Demir leaving the house to travel to Istanbul. Zuleyha and Haminne are sitting in the garden. Our little baby is in the pram taking in the fresh air. Zuleyha goes into the house to warm the babies milk and while she is gone Haminne, in her demented mind , walks off pushing the baby in its pram. She travels quite a distance and is easily distracted. She leaves the baby lying in his pram and walks off into the fields. Zuleyha now realises they are gone and a frantic search is being conducted to find them.

We see a pair of hands take hold of the handle of the pram and begin to push the baby along the dirt track. We don’t know who it is!




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