Zuleyha’s biggest fear has become reality. Her beloved is dead. Life will never be the same again.

Zuleyha sits on the ground outside the morgue and mourns. It is here that Demir finds her in a state of collapse and takes her to the Ranch to be cared for.

Mujgan also gets to say her farewells to Yilmaz. She regrets how things have turned out and the part she played in making him so unhappy.

Fekeli has lost both Hunkar and Yilmaz and life for him will never be the same again.

It is heart breaking for everyone when Yilmaz’s body is brought home for burial.

Sermin tongue never stops gossiping about how Yilmaz died before he could divorce Mujgan and how Zuleyha and Demir were in the same boat. They were on their way to the Court House to finalise their divorce the day Yilmaz had his accident.

The casket is paraded through town and into the cemetery. Fekeli strips off his suit coat and climbs down into the grave to received his son’s body. He gently lies him to rest and covers him with the traditional wooden palings. He then fills in the grave.

Zuleyha and Mujgan throw a red carnations into the grave. Zuleyha whispers for him to wait for her and promises to take good care of his son.

Little Yilmaz with the innocence of a child throws himself into Fekeli’s arms and calls him papa.

On returning to the Fekeli Ranch, Fekeli is introduced to Fikret’s cousin. His name is Bahtiyar and he is a doctor who works at the local hospital with Mujgan.

It seems that everything has gone back to the way it was at the Yaman Ranch. Zuleyha is back in the house and the children are in the nursery. Demir still holds the position as head of the family and walks around the house calling Yilmaz/Adnan his son. He has no competition now that Yilmaz is dead. Sevda is left to organise the household and take care of Haminne and the staff.

At the Fekeli Ranch it is a little different. Behice the she Devil will not allow Mujgan to grieve, instead she pushes her for knowledge of what Yilmaz could have left her in his Will.

At the end of a very sad day Fekeli is left alone in his bedroom. The emotional burden of the day has left him with an ache in his chest. He sits and talks to Hunkar telling her that he feels like he is dead inside.

Zuleyha takes time to tell Sevda and Demir of how she met Yilmaz. This is the first time that Demir has ever heard the story. He feels ashamed that he was responsible for separating the two lovers and contributing to their unhappiness which has now resulted in the death of Yilmaz. As Zuleyha closes the bedroom door and looks upon her son she knows that she will be forever reminded of Yilmaz because of him.

In the kitchen at the Yaman Ranch, Saniye and Gaffur celebrate a new job for Gaffur. The job is in Germany and he has to report for duty in 48 hours. The new job will release Saniye from having to take orders from Sevda who she hates. Telling Demir that he was leaving the family was very hard for Gaffur.

At the Yaman Ranch, Zuleyha speaks with Demir and Sevda. She thanks him for all he has done for her and for saving Yilmaz’s life. She also thanks him for grieving along with her and taking care of the children at the mansion and allowing her to grieve. Zuleyha explains how everyone in town knows that they were going to divorce. He tells her that they can divorce or stay together, the choice is up to her. Demir is happy for Zuleyha to live at the Ranch even if they get a divorce.

Demir is happy to buy her a house to live in if she wants to divorce and move out. His one stipulation is that Leyla stays with him at the Yaman Ranch.

Demir asks her to consider living at the Ranch with him and Sevda. Here they can both be with Adnan and Leyla every day. He suggests that they do not get divorced but live separately and she can still remain the lady of the mansion. Zuleyha realises that he is right and that they need each other at the moment. She has no other plan for her future.

Gaffur says goodbye to his loved ones and leaves the mansion. Demir gives him an envelope of money for his hard work over the years and send him off with his blessings.

Gaffur travels to Istanbul to meet his contact who will provide him with his Passport and plane tickets. He pays the contact the money for his documents. Unfortunately Gaffur has been swindled and he finds his contact and money are gone. He realises that there never was a job waiting for him in Germany in the first place. He returns to the Ranch an embarrassed and broken man and lies to his family and tells them he returned because he was homesick.

It has been seven days since Yilmaz’s death but Zuleyha still feels the deep void of his absence. She is angry that she has been left to live without him. Fekeli at the same time looks at his picture of Hunkar hanging on the wall in his bedroom and tells her that just as Zuleyha and Yilmaz were not fated to be together, he and Hunkar were in the same position.

THREE MONTHS HAVE PASSED since Yilmaz died. Zuleyha has lost the strained look from her face. She is smiling once more. Today she is in Hunkar’s room sorting out her belongings. She calls Saniye, Gulten and Fadik to the room and gives them all a gift of jewellery for their hard work and loyalty to Hunkar over the years. The jewellery is wonderful quality encrusted with diamonds, emeralds and rubies and the girls are thrilled to be given such beautiful things.

After sorting out Hunkar’s personal belongings Zuleyha then takes some of Hunkar’s clothing and dresses herself as she used to do. She then saddles up her horse and goes out into the fields to check with the workers if they have any problems. She quietly promises Hunkar that she will protect everything that she has devoted her life to. Zuleyha now feels strength and purpose in her life as she carries out the duties Hunkar has left for her.

At the end of her ride Zuleyha gathers the staff together for a meeting. She announces that she will continue the honourable work that Hunkar has been doing over the years. She tells them she will begin with upcoming wedding of Cetin and Gulten. At this wedding any couple who have not had their marriage legally registered can also be married with them on that day. She asks all the staff to spread the word.

Meanwhile out on one of the back roads a beautiful young woman has a flat tyre. Demir happens to drive past and offers help. There is an immediate chemical reaction between the two as they gaze at each other.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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