Yilmaz has had a devastating car accident and is seriously injured. The accident was witnessed by Zuleyha and Demir who were on the same road. Demir and Zuleyha rush to the bottom of the hill to find Yilmaz crushed inside his car.

Help arrives but they can see petrol oozing around the vehicle and cannot help. Despite the danger Demir does not leave Yilmaz and continued attempts free him and he is dragged to safety before it explodes. He is then rushed to hospital.

Meanwhile, Fikret sits inside his new secret office and speaks with an unknown caller about the land titles belonging to Yilmaz and the deceased Hunkar Yaman. Fikret gives the caller a brief history of the love Yilmaz has for Zuleyha. Fikret estimates that Yilmaz has amassed 30,000,000 Million Lire for his new life with Zuleyha. Hunkar is now dead and Demir owns the lot. He has also learnt that Demir’s estate will go to his daughter Leyla on his death. Fikret wonders what Mujgan and Aunt Behice would say if they knew.

Mujgan knows nothing of her husbands accident. She had brought little baby Kerem Ali to the hospital after he fell off the lounge. It was this fall that made Yilmaz rush to the hospital and have the car accident on his way. Baby Kerem Ali is not hurt. Mujgan meets Fikret at the hospital and they decide to spend the day together.

At the Yaman Ranch, Saniye continues her persecution of Sevda. Their relationship is developing into one of nasty destruction. Saniye asks Gaffur to take up the job in Germany as she will follow him afterwards. Saniye tells him that she cannot work at the Ranch any longer with Sevda as the matriarch. Saniye wishes in front on Gaffur, that she knew who Hunkar’s murderer was so she could get the 1 Million Lire reward.

Fekeli meets with his private investigator. He learns that Hunkar’s murder was a planned one. He has interviewed over 100 witnesses on that day but not one saw Hunkar at the ruins. Fekeli is encouraged to give the investigator the name of the person who Fekeli suspects, Behice. Fekeli hesitates in telling him his suspicions of Behice. The investigator tells Fekeli that if the person is innocent then there is nothing to be worried about.

It is at this meeting that Fekeli gets a phone call from Demir telling him that Yilmaz is in the hospital and close to death.

Meanwhile Mujgan and Fikret spent the day together happily at the sea side. You can see that they are drawing closer together. Fikret has stars in his eyes as he looks upon Mujgan. He tells her that she will love again of that he is certain. Neither one knows that Yilmaz is fighting for his life while they are having an enjoyable day in each others company.

Aunt Behice is angry when she finds that Mujgan has been absent all day long. She rips into her when she gets home with Fikret. She let’s them both know what has happened.

The news travels fast around Cukurova that Yilmaz has had a serious accident and is critically injured. At the hospital Zuleyha has been given a sedative to help her manage her grief.

Those that love him and have a close friendship with him gather at the hospital waiting for any news of his condition. Fekeli is told that Demir and Zuleyha had dragged Yilmaz out of a burning car. Demir is honoured for his bravery in saving the life of his once greatest enemy.

Yilmaz comes out of surgery and lies in Intensive Care. Demir comforts Zuleyha as much as he can. She is grateful to him for being there with her but she is living with the fear that she may lose the man she loves.

Later that day Yilmaz begins to regain consciousness. He gives everyone hope that he will recover. He is weak but asks Zuleyha to bring his children to see him. He does not want to wait for the next day, he needs to see them as soon as possible, not trusting that he will be alive the following day.

Mujgan gets an opportunity to speak with Yilmaz. She tells him that she read his letter and he was correct when he said that everything she did was so unnecessary. He tells her that she deserves a life full of happiness. She begs him to hang on for all of their sakes.

The first child to arrive at Yilmaz’s bedside is young Yilmaz/Adnan.

Kerem Ali is also arrives shortly after. Yilmaz looks at both his sons with so much love and pride.

Although Demir is doing everything he can to support Zuleyha by bringing Adnan to see his father, you can see that on the inside he is hurting as well.

At the Fekeli Ranch, Nazire and the kitchen staff discuss the fact that Behice would be happy if Yilmaz dies as she would want to have whatever money he has left.

Yilmaz feels content now that he has seen his children and their mothers. He lies in his hospital bed weak and in pain but happy at the new crossroads they have come to in their lives. He asks Zuleyha to allow him to speak with Demir alone.

As Demir sits by his bedside Yilmaz whispers that he remembers that Demir saved his life. He thanks him. Demir tells him that he received his letter and everything he said was true. Demir admits that he has done some terrible things to Zuleyha and he cannot believe that he has been so evil.

Yilmaz asks for one last thing before Demir leaves him to go home. He asks that if he should die he requests that he takes care of Zuleyha and his son. Yilmaz understands how much he loves Zuleyha and he has shown that he loves his son as well.

Demir cannot believe that after everything that has happened Yilmaz wants to trust him with the care of Zuleyha and his son. Demir tells him that he would be honoured to protect them. They shake hands with respect for each other.

Outside the hospital Fekeli addresses all who gather to hear news of Yilmaz’s condition, that from now on Demir will be known and treated as his son. He tells Demir that he owes him a life.

Inside the hospital Yilmaz asks Fekeli to take care of Mujgan and Kerem Ali if anything should happen to him. Although Fekeli thinks that Yilmaz is taking things a little too far he swears that he will take care of them both. Yilmaz now feels at peace. Before Fekeli goes he turns and takes a long look at his son. They both gaze deeply into each other eyes.

Zuleyha decides to spend an all night vigil beside her darling’s bedside. She holds his hand and tells Yilmaz her memories of how they first met and the dreams that they had together. She tells him how they shared just one little piece of bread together when they were hungry. They have suffered but they have survived. She gazes at Yilmaz and she can see that his condition has changed. He is having trouble breathing. She calls the medical staff.

His last words to her before he becomes unconscious is to take care of their son. He lets her know that she has been the love of his life.

Yilmaz takes his last breath and slips into the eternal space reserved for each of us before we meet our maker.

No amount of resuscitation can revive Yilmaz and he is declared dead.

The devastating news that Yilmaz has died is quickly spread to those involved in his life. Demir is the first to get a call and then Fekeli is notified straight after him. Everyone begins to grieve.

Meanwhile that evening, Mugan is having trouble settling Kerem Ali to sleep. She remembers that she left his pacifier in Fikets car. She asks Behice if she could go and look for it. Behice opens Fikret’s glove box and finds a file that Fikret has stashed there. She reads it.

At the hospitalthe grieving Zuleyha slides to the ground as they wheel her beloved Yilmaz out of Intensive Care and down the corridor to the morgue. Her heart calls out to him in a final farewell to a love that fate would not allow.

Farewell, my Yilmaz she says, farewell, my beloved.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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