Yilmaz and Zuleyha successfully make their escape. Yilmaz has made sure that they will not have to worry about money on their journey as he sold everything he owned to Hunkar prior to her death.

The lovers thought that they would put many miles behind them before their absence was noticed, but Mujgan rises the alarm when she finds baby Kerem Ali and Yilmaz are not in their beds.

Unfortunately for Yilmaz and Zuleyha they are caught by the police and are returned to the police station in Cukurova. They are forced to give up the children. They feel defeated. They had happiness for a very short period of time. Fate has dealt them a heavy blow.

Zuleyha is given the choice of returning to the Ranch with Demir or staying with Yilmaz. She makes the choice to return with Demir for the sake of the children. Her heart is torn in two by having to leave Yilmaz, the love of her life.

That night both Yilmaz and Zuleyha shed tears over the sad situation they are caught in.

Yilmaz has to return home. Fekeli has turned his back on him. He disowns him as his son and tells him he is no longer welcome in his home.

Yilmaz had written letters to Demir, Fekeli and Mujgan before he left on their flight to freedom. He posted them the day before they left. This morning their letters are delivered.

All letters bring the messages appropriate to their owner. Fekeli is told that he is and always will be a father to Yilmaz. He is told that he is grateful for everything he has ever done for him and he knows that Fekeli will not forgive him for what he has done. Never-the-less he loves Zuleyha just as he loved Hunkar and he is going to try and have the happiness which is owed to him.

Demir’s letter is a little different. Yilmaz tells Demir that he is very sorry for taking his children away from him. Although Yilmaz feels he is a cruel man. He tells him that it never really had to be this way if he had only given him Zuleyha and his son in the first place. Demir declares that he tried everything to buy Zuleyha’s love but he could never succeed. Yilmaz tells Demir that Zuleyha will always love him as their love was ordained by God. He tells Demir that he will see his daughter again although he doesn’t deserve it. He concludes with an offer of friendship for the future.

In Mujgan’s letter he asks her to forgive him for taking their son away. He tells her that her hate for Zuleyha has changed her. Circumstances in his life has also made him cruel and he is sorry for that. He tells her that she also became cruel. She turned from being a woman of compassion to one who shot a mother of two children and she had lied and played games . He asks her to forgive him for separating her from Kerem Ali but he tells her she will see him again shortly. He concludes in thanking her for giving him a son and he hopes she finds happiness soon.

Yilmaz feels terrible after his father told him that he disowns him as his son. Yilmaz spends much time at the cotton Factory and sits alone in the warehouse miserable.

It is in the warehouse that Fekeli finds him after reading his letter. He tells him that he is a part of him and he loves him. He places his arms around Yilmaz and holds him close forgiving him.

That evening Fekeli meets Demir in the cemetery. They discuss the letter Yilmaz sent. Demir understands that he is an angry and cruel man and that Yilmaz was right. Zuleyha has never loved him because of his evilness and he is responsible for that.

Demir finally owns up that his biggest mistake he made was betraying Yilmaz’s trust at the very beginning when he told him that Zuleyha was his wife. He now regrets it. Fekeli and Demir agree on a plan.

A family meeting is held the next morning at the breakfast table in the Fekeli household. Fekeli tells Mujgan and Yilmaz that they must divorce as soon as possible. He has decided that Mujgan will stay in the house with Kerem Ali and Yilmaz will be allowed to visit whenever he wants. He may take Kerem Ali at any time to play with his siblings. Mujgan and Yilmaz will not be allowed to interfere with each others lives and must respect each other as responsible parents. Mujgan is happy with the arrangement.

As fate would have it Demir calls Zuleyha to speak with her. She tells him he can lock the doors, take her children away and do a manner of things to her but she will not stop trying to run away with Yilmaz. She declares that he is the love of her life.

Demir surprises her in saying that he finally gives up and the battle is over. He accepts that she does not love him. He tells her that he will divorce her and give her freedom to be with Yilmaz. He agrees that she deserves to be happy.

Demir has decided that Leyla will stay at the Ranch with him and Sevda and Zuleyha will be able to come and see her whenever she wants. Zuleyha will be allowed to take Adnan with her but Demir begs her not to separate him from Adnan as he loves him as his own child. If Zuleyha agrees to these arrangements there will not be any trouble in the future. As painful as it is with the separation from Leyla, Zuleyha agrees.

And so it is decided. Kerem Ali will stay with Mujgan and Fekeli. Leyla will stay with Demir and Sevda and Yilmaz and Zuleyha will take their son and begin a life together.

Demir makes peace with Yilmaz and the two men shake hands. Demir tells Yilmaz that he will no longer stand in his way and he will divorce Zuleyha as soon as possible.

Behice of course wants Mujgan to be left all of Yilmaz’s money when they divorce. Fekeli is adamant that Mujgan and Kerem Ali will not need any money as he will financially support them as long as they live. This information is not agreeable to Behice as she wants as much as she can get for herself.

Both Yilmaz and Zuleyha say their goodbyes to their children and Demir farewells Adnan.

Yilmaz, Zuleyha and Adnan drive out of the Yaman Ranch to begin a new life but leaving much sadness behind them. The atmosphere in the car is a little sad but Yilmaz brightens Zuleyha up by driving to a location beside a lake. They are met by an architect who shows them plans for a new family home that Yilmaz is having built for Zuleyha , the children and himself. Already the lovers begin to feel better about the decision they have made for their lives.

Yilmaz and Zuleyha travel on to a home he has rented for them while their new home is being built. Gulten and Cetin meet them there. Yilmaz has taken care of every need for Zuleyha and their children. She has only to unpack her suitcases and move in.

Zuleyha can see that Yilmaz has gone to a lot of trouble to show her how much he loves her. She tells him to always be with her . He draws her into his arms and says that he will love her until his last breath.

At the Yaman Ranch the feeling is different, Demir finds the house empty without Zuleyha and Adnan. He doesn’t know how he will get used to the emptiness. He weeps for his loss.

Saniye has turned out to be quite nasty to Sevda. She is jealous when she finds Sevda caring for Hunkar’s flowers in the glasshouse. Her jealousy leads her in putting the farm truck through the glasshouse walls and smashing the conservatory to pieces stopping Sevda from ever going into the glass house again. She may have lied to Demir when she said it was an accident but Sevda is not convinced. Sevda knows that Saniye smashed the glasshouse on purpose to get at her.

Sevda has become the lady of the house now and she is always going to have trouble getting Saniye to accept her. She has prepared a dinner menu for the next week for Saniye and Fadik to follow. Saniye shows her disrespect by tearing it up.

The day has come for Demir and Zuleyha to go to Court for their divorce. Demir calls Zuleyha and tells her that he will pick her up from her home.

At the Fekeli Ranch fate steps in. Mujgan leaves baby Kerem Ali on the lounge unattended and the baby rolls off the lounge onto the floor. He is unconscious. Mujgan grabs him and rushes him to the hospital.

A call comes to the office telling Yilmaz of the incident. He panics and drives at speed towards the hospital. He overtakes Demir and Zuleyha on their way to the Court. They recognise his car and can see that Yilmaz is driving erratically. They watch him as he looses control of his car and plunges down a hill rolling over and over again. The car ends up lying at the bottom of the hill in a broken mess.

Inside the car the body of a motionless Yilmaz lies bleeding and broken.

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WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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