Zuleyha’s quick thinking saves the life of baby Kerem Ali.

Demir knows what happened at the river as he had Zuleyha followed and his investigator has reported back to him. He is told that Zuleyha saved the lives of both Mujgan and Kerem Ali.

Yilmaz on the other hand knows that Zuleyha took Kerem Ali but has no idea what has happened.

The girls arrive back at the house dripping wet and Yilmaz then finds out that baby and Mujgan had been rescued by Zuleyha after Mujgan tried to run away with the baby. His anger is driven toward Mujgan. The thought that his son could have drowned in the river frightens him. He draws out his gun and threatens her with it. Zuleyha protects her as she knows a mother will do anything once she is separated from her child.

Demir has come in search of Zuleyha and stands at the front door and listens to their conversations. Zuleyha is speaking to Yilmaz. She tells him that she loves him but his wife has been consumed with jealousy over their love. She has even tried to kill Zuleyha. She tells Yilmaz to put away his gun and that she would leave him if he killed his wife. She continues to tell him that Mujgan has now been separated from her child and she recognises her pain. Zuleyha tells Yilmaz that they are the ones to blame and Mujgan is not at fault.

Zuleyha turns and tells Mujgan that you cannot win love with evil and she has given Mujgan all the compassion she can. She explains that she can no longer wants to live with pain, blood and tears. She leaves the house and returns to the Yaman Ranch running into Demir on her way out.

At the rented house, Yilmaz tells Mujgan that he is not as compassionate as Zuleyha and she will not see Kerem Ali ever again. He puts the baby in his car and drives off leaving Mujgan on the ground.

As he leaves Zuleyha’s words are still in his head. He stops the car and has a change of heart after seeing Mujgan weeping on the ground. He reverses and takes her back with him to the Fekeli ranch.

Demir follows Zuleyha home and into their bedroom. He tells her that he admires her for her compassion towards Mujgan.

Zuleyha wants to know how he knew where she was. He owns up and tells her that he has had her followed. This does not surprise Zuleyha but she had believed Demir when he said she is free to go and do anything she wants. She admits to him that she was an idiot to believe him.

Demir makes the excuse that he cares for her and wants to protect her as he still has not found his mothers killer. He tells her that he is a man that loves her. Zuleyha will not listen to his excuse any longer, she tells him that he is a vengeful and possessive man who sees her as his property.

Demir cannot help himself. He tells her that she is the greatest pain in his life and as much as he has tried he cannot stop loving her. Zuleyha is quick to reply that he is killing her with his love and he doesn’t realise it.

Our episode now turns to Fikret. He is a mysterious man. He is seen renting an office in town with the instructions to the real estate agent not to tell anyone about the rental. From the beginning there were suspicions that he is not the person he says he is. He has a briefcase and in the briefcase a series of Deeds or Share certificates held by the Yaman’s. What is his interest in these?

Yilmaz and Fekeli are in a sticky situation. They cannot trust Mujgan as far as the baby is concerned and they do not trust Behice also. Fekeli knows that Behice is only after money. Both men believe that they are better off with the two women right under their noses. Yilmaz allows Mujgan to stay at the Fekeli Ranch to be close to her son until their divorce is settled.

Fekeli is not gentle with Behice . He makes sure she knows that he understands what kind of woman she is and he has no respect for her. He blames her for most of the problems Mujgan has had with Yilmaz. She is told that if she stays at the Ranch she will not be allowed to get involved with Mujgan and Yilmaz. If she does, she will be made to leave. Fekeli elaborates that one false move and she will go to Istanbul.

Little does Fekeli know that he is dealing with a murderer and if he pushes her too far he could become her next victim.

At the Yaman Ranch, Saniye continues to give cheek to Sevda and refuses to serve her.
Gaffur receives a response to a job search in Germany. His application has been successful and he has a commencement date. This job will give him hope for the future and take him away from the threat of Behice who could at any time tell the police that he killed Hatip Aga.

The atmosphere at the Fekeli dinner table has changed. There is not one happy face. Fekeli discusses what the family will do when Yilmaz and Mujgan divorce. He tells Mujgan that she can still practice medicine at the hospital and he will buy her the best house in Adana for her and Behice to live in. She also will be allowed to see her son on a regular basis but Kerem Ali will continue to live with his father.

At the Yaman Ranch, Saniye continues to be disrespectful to Sevda. This time, even though Haminne was hungry, she refuses to feed her nor prepare the dinner table early. Demir rips into Saniye and tells her that if she doesn’t pick up her game she will be dismissed.

Saniye finds the letter from Germany offering Gaffur a job. She thinks that he was going to leave them. She knows nothing about Hatip Aga. Saniye asks him not to take up the position in Germany and if he does he will not see her any more.

Demir visits the police to see what progress they have made about his mother’s murder. There hasn’t been any evidence presented even though Demir has put up a 1Million Lire reward. Demir is told to have patience and one day somebody will say something or do something that will lead them to the murderer.

That evening Zuleyha and Yilmaz meet in the garden grove as before. They fall into each others arms.

They make the decision to leave Cukurova as soon as Hunkar’s grieving period is over. Zuleyha tells Yilmaz to make the arrangements and they will escape with the children to a life of happiness.

Zuleyha explains she will always feel sorry for Mujgan and Demir as she is taking away their children from them. Zuleyha sees it as the price she will have to pay for having a life with Yilmaz.

Zuleyha tells Yilmaz that she is happy that Sevda is at the Ranch for Demir. At least he will have her to comfort him when he realises she is gone. Yilmaz feels the same way in leaving Fikret to take care of Fekeli. Yilmaz hopes that when they are settled that Fekeli will come and live with them and see the children grow up.

They agree not to think too much about others but to concentrate on each other and their children who deserve a happy future.

The next day Fikret makes an excuse to leave home early. He tells everyone that he is going to work but instead he goes to his new secret office. He makes a phone call to Istanbul. He speaks to an unknown person telling them that he found out that Yilmaz had sold all his shares to Hunkar Yaman. He wonders why he would do such a thing when she was his enemy.

On arriving at the Cotton Factory, Yilmaz asks Fikret where he has been. He is given the story that he had a flat tyre.

Poor Gaffur is in a bad way. He keeps inside of him the secret of who killed Hunkar Yaman. He is now in trouble with Saniye because he has secured a job in Germany and Saniye will not go with him. He has not been able to tell anybody that he knows who murdered Hunkar so he goes to a well and screams into the pit over and over again that Behice killed Hunkar Yaman. He hopes that this will ease some of his pain and guilt. Afterwards he takes a deep breath and softly whispers “and I killed Hatip Aga” too. He finds some relief from his actions.

At the garden grove, Yilmaz brings passports and false I.D’s to show Zuleyha. He tells her that they will travel only with essential items until they have found a place to settle. Zuleyha can’t help feeling scared that she will be caught and dragged back. Yilmaz comforts her and tells her that this time they will not be caught. He brings her a small parcel of sleeping powder which she will use to help them get a head start.

It has been 40 days since Hunkar died. The Yaman Ranch is holding a prayer gathering for her.
It is after the prayer meeting that Zuleyha prepares for her escape. She takes her sleeping powder and mixes it into a sherbet.

Zuleyha then offers the sherbet to all the staff and family. They all drink her potion which should put them to sleep in a very short time.

At the Fekeli ranch Yilmaz also prepares to leave with baby Kerem Ali. He looks in on his father with regret that things have come to this point. He has posted him a letter telling him of his decision. He takes one last look at Mujgan and the house and walks out with his son. He drives to the small mansion as planned to pick up Zuleyha.

Zuleyha has managed to creep out of the house with the children. She runs to the small mansion and meets Yilmaz there. Their eyes meet and Yilmaz ask her if she is ready to go. Zuleyha answers, yes and gives him a big smile.

Yilmaz places the children and Zuleyha in the car and drives out of the gates of the Yaman Ranch.

Zuleyha is happy and excited that they are finally leaving. Yilmaz promises her that they will not be separated again.

On the back seat the children have fallen asleep and Yilmaz and Zuleyha settle down to put as many miles as they can between them and Cukurova.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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