Mujgan has lied about being pregnant. She has caused so much trouble between Yilmaz and Zuleyha. Mujgan tells them all that she stole the pregnancy test from another mother at the hospital and put her name to it. She said she did this to stop Yilmaz leaving her.

Yilmaz is beside himself with anger hearing her confession. He can’t stand it any longer. He drags her to his car and drives to the Yaman Ranch where he makes her confess her lies to Zuleyha.

After being held at gunpoint by Yilmaz, Fikret packs his bags. Yilmaz apologises for what he said and did to Fikret and he asks him to forgive him. Fekeli is successful in getting him to stay.

Fekeli has always stood up for Mujgan but this time he tears strips off her for lying. His patience now has reached its limit. Mujgan tells Fekeli that she was desperate to do something when she overheard Yilmaz telling Zuleyha that he will leave Cukurova with her but he will not take Kerem Ali away from Mujgan. Mujgan thought that if Yilmaz thought she was pregnant that he wouldn’t leave her.

Fekeli can hardly believe that he turned his back on his son who was right all along. Fekeli tells Mujgan that he has loved her like a daughter but now she has destroyed all that. The conversation is interrupted by Yilmaz who throws money on the bed and tells Mujgan and Behice to pack their bags and leave. Behice is frustrated, she has had herself shot and has only just manipulated her way back into the house. Now she and Mujgan are going to be chucked out.

Yilmaz has told Demir that he is going to take back everything that belongs to him, that means Zuleyha and his son. Demir makes sure Zuleyha knows that if she leaves him there isn’t anywhere that he wouldn’t find her. He says that he is tired of saying he loves her. He makes sure she understands that he will risk anything for her and his son including death and the shedding of blood. Zuleyha tells him that she has never known him to live without revenge, hatred, hostility and holding a grudges against everyone. She can see no way out other than death for the three of them and Adnan will be left with a very sad story as he grows up.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz gives the orders to his staff. He tells them that they are to be driven to Istanbul to a house owned by Fekeli.

The time has come for Mujgan to leave. She looks for Kerem Ali and cannot find him. Yilmaz tells her that Kerem Ali will not be going with her. Mujgan is beside herself being separated from her child. She screams at Yilmaz through the rear window of the car begging him to allow her to take her son with her.

It was a traumatic departure for Mujgan and also for Yilmaz. He can still hear Mujgan’s screams inside his head. Inside the car Mujgan continues to scream as she is driven further away.

As the car gets further down the road it is intercepted by Fekeli’s car who blocks the road. He tells the guards that Mujgan will be coming with him. Mujgan and Behice get into Fekeli’s car thinking they are going back home but they are brought to a strange house in Cukurova.

Mujgan and Behice are free to stay in the house or leave and go to Istanbul, the choice is theirs. He confirms that Kerem Ali will not be living with them. Fekeli knows that he is going against Yilmaz and he will not be happy with him when he finds out.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz picks his son up and asks him to forgive him for taking him away from his mother. He kisses him and caresses him.

Yilmaz tells Nazire that he will soon be taking Zuleyha and the children and leaving Cukurova. He has promised Zuleyha and himself that they will start a new life together and that will mean taking all the children with them.

That evening Yilmaz visits Zuleyha. They do not meet in the small mansion as they usually do but rather in the small garden nook where they used to meet and caress after a hard days work at the Yaman Ranch. Zuleyha immediately falls straight into his arms. She has not believed him and thought that he had lied to her. As her arms hold him tight she asks him to forgive her.

He tells her that the time has come for them to leave. He has filed for divorce and to have full custody of Kerem Ali. He wishes that Demir would divorce Zuleyha but they both know that will not be happening. Demir would much prefer to shed blood.

Yilmaz promises Zuleyha that Demir will never find them when they leave. She agrees to go with him but tells him that Demir will kill both of them if he catches them. Zuleyha snuggles back in his arms and says, “Till death us do part.”

When she returns to the mansion she finds that Demir has been looking for him. When he asks her where she has been. For the first time since she came to the Yaman Ranch she answers him honestly. She tells him that she has been with Yilmaz and she will not hide her love him any more.
She expected anger and rage from him but finds he is not mad at her at all.

Meanwhile at the Fekeli Ranch, Yilmaz sits having coffee with his father not happy about what has eventuated but glad that he made the decision he did. Fekeli believes that Yilmaz must get a divorce. He tells Yilmaz that he has given Mujgan a house in Cukurova to live in until he gets a divorce. Given time Yilmaz will see that he made the right decision. That night only Yilmaz comforts little Kerem Ali.

Fekeli has a portrait painted of Hunkar. He places it on the wall above the fireplace in his bedroom where he can see her every night.

Later that day the silence at the Fekeli Ranch is broken by a screaming Mujgan. She stands outside the front door and calls for Kerem Ali to be brought to her. Nazire takes pity on Mujgan and lets her see her son from the balcony landing on the house. Mujgan is then asked to leave.

At the Yaman Ranch, Demir seems to have a change of heart . He tells Zuleyha she can have complete freedom to come and go as she feels fit, so she picks up the telephone and arranges to meet Yilmaz. She tells him that she spoke with Demir and told him that she loves him and Demir has been gentle with her, even told her that she can come and go as she pleases and that he will love her until the day he dies.

Yilmaz tells her not to be taken in by his sudden change of heart. He believes that Demir is trying to make her feel sorry for him and stop her from leaving.

Zuleyha asks him whether he believes that Demir is lying to her and deceiving her. Yilmaz tells her that there is no way he can see Demir turning into an angel over night as it goes against his character.

Zuleyha tells Yilmaz that she now feels guilty because she is going to take his children away from him. She is asked why she cares what Demir thinks. Surely she does not feel sorry for him! She has such a kind heart that Yilmaz believes that Demir is working on her sympathy. He begs her not to listen to Demir but rather come with him.

Zuleyha tells Yilmaz, “OK let’s go.” A plan is made to leave in 10 days time.

Zuleyha leaves Yilmaz and goes home, she has no idea that Mujgan is waiting for her. Mujgan surprises Zuleyha in her bedroom. She begs Zuleyha to help her see her son for just five minutes. Zuleyha knows what she is going through as she felt the same way when Demir took her children away from her. Her kind heartedness gives in and she agrees to help.

While Yilmaz is not at the Ranch, Zuleyha arrives and tells Nazire that she is going to take Kerem Ali to the park where Yilmaz is waiting for him. Nazire has no hesitation in letting her take the baby.

Yilmaz arrives home that day and is told that Zuleyha has taken Kerem Ali. He knows that something must be wrong when Nazire tells him that she was told he knew all about it.

Zuleyha reunites mother and child. Everything goes well until the time comes that Mujgan has to say goodbye. Mujgan panics and decides to make a run for it carrying the baby in her arms.

Zuleyha yells after her to stop but Mujgan only runs faster. Zuleyha gives chase and watches as
Mujgan runs to the river bank. She tries to wade through the rapidly moving water but slips. The baby is in his carry case and is moving quickly away and out Mujgan’s reach.

Zuleyha is running for her life to try and save the baby. She watches as it floats further away and moves into the fast moving rapids.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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