Last week Zuleyha found out that Mujgan is pregnant. This was as a shock to her as she thought that Yilmaz was not sharing a bed with Mujgan anymore.

Gaffur has been acting strange since he allowed Behice to take the file from him. His cowardly act was to protect himself and to stop Behice telling the police that he killed Hatip Aga. He knows that Sermin must have told Behice and now he feels terrible. He knows who the murder is but he cannot collect the 1 Million Lire reward Demir is offering. He is so frustrated.

After speaking with Mujgan, Zuleyha arrives home very upset. She shuts herself in her bedroom sobbing her heart out. She feels betrayed by Yilmaz because now she can see that they cannot get away together if there is another baby on the way.

Behice holds a press conference. She tells them that it has been 22 days since she was attacked. The reason she was attacked was due to Zuleyha’s verbal attack on her accusing her of killing Hunkar Yaman. She tells them that Zuleyha did this without any proof. Behice lies and tells them that there were three people involved in her attack and she does not know why they attacked her. One journalists asks whether she feels that Zuleyha paid them to attack her. Behice then plays the innocent and tells them whether Zuleyha was involved or not she has forgiven her for the sake of her children.

Fekeli stands listening to everything she says and wonders to himself what is her goal in holding the press conference. He is suspicious. Behice of course does not want to prosecute Zuleyha but she certainly wants to take any suspicion off herself as a suspect in Hunkar Yaman’s murder.

Sermin does not for a moment believe Behice. She is the only one who feels that she hired somebody to shoot her. Behice’s reaction to her suggestion is savage. She slaps her across the face and tells her that she will destroy her and to keep her mouth shut. Behice’s finds her true nature is hard to keep controlled.

Sermin feels that Behice is an evil monster and she tells Behice that she will not forget what she has done to her.

After leaving Behice, Sermin immediately goes to Demir. She tells him about the press conference and how Behice slandered Zuleyha. Demir is not going to do anything at the present. He already suspects Behice as his mother’s murderer and he cannot stop her going to the newspaper. Sermin shares with him her suspicions that Behice hired the man to shoot her and she believes Zuleyha in thinking that she killed Hunkar.

Demir believes that if she was the murderer that it had to be more than just jealousy over Fekeli. He tells Sermin that Hunkar was lured to the ruins for another reason. Sermin tells him that she is going to be his ears around town and if she hears of anything she will let him know.

Meanwhile, Saniye is having a hard time in allowing Sevda any privileges around the Ranch. In particular she does not like to see Sevda in Hunkar’s glass house, let alone touching her plants. Saniye has been quite rude and has even told Sevda to get out. Sevda has told Saniye that she is here to stay and she had better give her the respect she deserves or she will be sorry.

Zuleyha has left a message for Yilmaz to meet her at the small mansion. Yilmaz has no idea what he is walking into. Zuleyha has been crying all day over Mujgan’s pregnancy amd she is angry.

As soon as Yilmaz sees Zuleyha he tries to apologise for arguing with her when last they met. He can see that she is angry. She immediately tells him he cannot accuse her of sleeping with Demir when his wife is pregnant with his child.

Yilmaz cannot believe his ears. He tells Zuleyha that this cannot be true as he has not touched Mujgan in months. Zuleyha doesn’t believe him because she saw the pathology results herself and they were positive.

Yilmaz tells her he did not betray her and she must believe him. He swears Mujgan is up to something and is lying. Not being able to convince Zuleyha she turns her back on him and leaves the house.

When Zuleyha returns to the house she is very upset. Demir does not know why she is crying and thinks that it is because of Behice.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz arrives home enraged. He storms into the house yelling at the top of his voice for Mujgan. Fekeli is in the room and so is Behice and Fikret, they have never seen Yilmaz so angry.

Mujgan hears his calls and faces him. He asks her directly if she told Zuleyha that she was pregnant. She tells him that she did and she thought that he would be happy to hear the news of another baby. Yilmaz tells her that he has not touched her for months so how is it possible that she is pregnant. Mujgan tells him that he has forgotten a time when he was drunk.

Mujgan hands him the results of her pregnancy test which is positive. Yilmaz tells them all that if Mujgan is pregnant then he is not the father.

Later that night Yilmaz drives to the small mansion not wanting to stay at the Fekeli ranch to sleep. He cannot be in the same house as Mujgan and Fekeli does not believe him when he tells him that he is not the father.

The word gets around town that Mujgan is pregnant. The hospital staff know, Sermin knows and even Demir knows. Demir also knows that this is the reason why Zuleyha has been so upset lately.

On the other hand, Yilmaz cannot get anyone to believe that he is not the father of this baby. Fekeli has never seen Yilmaz so determined that Mujgan is lying. Yilmaz doesn’t know which way to turn.

Gaffur is getting himself into trouble by lying to Saniye by saying that he was going to town to buy pesticides. Demir tells her that the pesticides were delivered yesterday. Nobody knows that Gaffur has signed up for national service.

Meanwhile Zuleyha calls a staff meeting. She tells them that Hunkar has entrusted them to take care of the Yaman Ranch. She calls for them to do a good job and to gather every morning at the steps of the Ranch so that they can organise the work load. Zuleyha herself will ride Hunkar’s horse with Saniye as Hunkar used to and check the farms.

Zuleyha mounts Hunkar’s horse and together with Saniye they ride out of the Ranch gates to keep the memory of Hunkar alive. As she rides she asks the workers if they need anything to help them in their days work. She rides into the farm workers huts and tells them that she will support them from now on.

Yilmaz sees her at the huts and follows her to the stables. In the stables Yilmaz asks her why she will not trust him. He tells her once more that he had never touched Mujgan for months and the baby is not his. He begs her not to break up with him. He calls her his beloved and she tells him not to call her that any more and he is to stay away from her.

Gossip begins to flow around town about Mujgan being pregnant. Mujgan and Fikret have been seen together hugging. This gossip leads to more gossip and before long suspicion has it that Fikret is the father of Mujgan’s child.

Gaffur arrives home. Saniye is waiting for him. He has lied to her. She asks him where he has been. He lies and says he went for pesticides. Saniye catches him out lying. Gaffur will not tell her that he has enlisted for national service in the army. Saniye thinks he has been with another woman.

At the Fekeli Ranch, Nazire is brought the news that the town is talking about Mujgan and Fikret. The house keepers know that Yilmaz has not been sleeping with Mujgan and they also believe that Mujgan could have slept with Fikret.

Demir is very happy that Yilmaz will have a bigger family. This will keep him away from Zuleyha. Yilmaz on the other hand feels very unhappy and alone with nobody on his side to believe him.

Fekeli shares the pain of losing Hunkar with his friend Turan.

Gaffur turns up for his national service medical for the army. He finds out that his first term will be in Germany.

Cetin over hears two men in town gossiping and in protection of Yilmaz a fight breaks out. In finding out what the fight was all about Yilmaz hears the gossip about Mujgan and Fikret. He believes the gossip and puts two and two together and comes up with Fikret as the father of Mujgan’s baby. He leaves the scene angry enough to kill and heads for the Cotton Mill.

Cetin knows there will be trouble so he heads straight for the Ranch and tells Fekeli . He shares what the towns people are saying about Mujgan and Fikret. Mujgan is shocked as the news.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz arrives at the Cotton Factory looking for Fikret. He finds him and makes him walk into an empty warehouse at gun point. Yilmaz tells him that he called him his brother but he has gone behind his back and slept with his wife. This is the first time Fikret has heard the news and he denies the accusations. Fikret tells Yilmaz to shoot him if he doesn’t believe him.

The next scene shows Fekeli arriving with Cetin and Mujgan. Mujgan calls for Yilmaz not to put down his gun and not to shoot. She owns up to not being pregnant and tells them all that she has lied.

All men stand glaring at her confession. Her lies nearly killed poor Fikret.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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