We continue in the woods where Behice lies on the ground after being shot by a man she hired to beat her. Scared stiff the hired man runs away. In his pocket he has an envelope containing the money Behice stole out of Sevda’s house and which has Sevda’s name on it written in Demir’s handwriting. The whole incident was a plan by Behice after Fekeli asked her to leave the house and return to Istanbul.

The incident infuriates Mujgan and she later has a big argument with Yilmaz. Yilmaz and her do not get on any more and it is easily seen there is no love lost between the two.

Mujgan decides to follow in her Aunts footsteps and take Kerem Ali and a suitcase and leaves for the airport. Fikret tries to talk her out of leaving and when he can’t he drives her to the airport.

At the airport they find Behice’s suitcase with her belongings spread out on the ground. They believe that something may have happened to her. Believing Behice could be on foot, Fikret begins his search near the airport.

Meanwhile, Behice crawls on the ground trying to get to help after being abandoned.

Behice believes nobody knows anything about her plan to have herself beaten up but Nazire and the Nanny heard Behice on the telephone the day she left for the airport arranging for somebody to meet her there. Nazire makes a mental note to tell Fekeli or Yilmaz about this when he comes home.

Behice has made her way onto the road. It is not long before Fikret in his car finds her.

Fikret takes her to hospital and then calls Mujgan. Mujgan becomes paranoid over her Aunt’s condition. She blames Fekeli and Yilmaz for their treatment towards her Aunt. She even blames Zuleyha believing she may have shot her Aunt.

Fekeli and Yilmaz leave the hospital after being told by Mujgan to get out. They feel a little guilty that they asked Behice to leave the house in the first place only to find that she has now been attacked.

Fikret is the only one who can console Mujgan. He places his arms around her and comforts her. You get the feeling that they are becoming a little closer.

In the bathroom Fikret can feel the emotions of his closeness with Mujgan. He feels a little hot under the collar after having his arms around her. He is drawn to her.

Behice’s plan now begins to work. Fekeli now feels guilty that he even asked her to leave the house now that she has been shot. Behice will worm her way back into the Fekeli family relying on them feeling sorry and guilty over the way they treated her. She now has Mujgan also feeling sorry for her. Things couldn’t be better. All these ingredients work together to take any suspicion away from Behice as the murderer of Hunkar Yaman.

Mujgan’s hate for Zuleyha leads her to the Yaman Ranch where she verbally attacks Zuleyha believing she was the one who had Behice shot. She is in a paranoid state. She tells Zuleyha in front of Demir that she will destroy her for telling lies about her Aunt and maligning her name. She swears will take her to court.

Demir is present at the time and hears the threats against Zuleyha. He has ammunition of his own. He goes into his study to look for the confession signed by Yilmaz saying that Mujgan shot Zuleyha. He cannot find it. This is the same envelope that Fikret stole from his office.

Nazire finally gets an opportunity to tell Yilmaz that Mujgan left the house with a suitcase and baby Kerem Ali. He finds out that Fikret took them both to the airport. He is not happy with Fikret.

Demir asks Fekeli whether he feels that Behice had something to do with Hunkar’s death. Fekeli tells him that Zuleyha and he both were suspicious of her but he does not know if there is any truth in it and there is no proof. He swears to Demir that he will find out.

Demir tells Fekeli that somebody broke into his office and stole the confession that Yilmaz signed. Demir does not know if Yilmaz was involved but he asks Fekeli to tell Yilmaz that the confession has been stolen.

That evening over coffee, Yilmaz explains to Fikret that since Behice has arrived at the Ranch that her influence over Mujgan has been significant and Mujgan’s behaviour has changed. Fikret asks him whether he thinks that Behice murdered Hunkar. Yilmaz tells him that he cannot say that she wouldn’t but he knows that Mujgan is under the control of Behice and she is paranoid about Zuleyha.

Yilmaz tells him that Mujgan’s hate for Zuleyha replaced any love she had for him. If she would only divorce him he would take care of her for her lifetime and maybe she could find somebody to love and have a happy herself. Unfortunately Mujgan has chosen hate and it is affecting any peace that there could be.

After returning to the Ranch, Fekeli seeks out Yilmaz and asks him if he signed a confession with Demir. Yilmaz tells his father that he did otherwise Mujgan was going to go prison. Fekeli asks him if he stole the confession from Demir’s office. Yilmaz denies it. His father believes him.

Yilmaz later travels to small mansion to see Zuleyha. She greets him with a warm hug.

He tells her that he is becoming impatient to be with her and he is finding it hard not seeing her or his son. He is so unhappy at home with Mujgan and has made the decision to let Kerem Ali remain with Mujgan and not fight her. This way Mujgan will not be without Kerema Ali and he will be free to divorce her and he and Zuleyha can start their life together. The thought of being separated from his son hurts him but he is not left with any other choice for them to have peace.

The time is nearly upon Cetin and Gulten to be married. Yilmaz has offered them the small mansion at the Yaman Ranch as a wedding present. Mujgan is against this decision but Yilmaz is adamant that as the house is empty and they will live there.

Time passes, it has been about three week’s since Behice went to hospital. She is now ready for discharge. Fekeli has to swallow his pride and ask Behice to return to the house. Of course Behice plays the part of an offended woman but accepts his apologies and of course she happily goes home with him.

At the Prosecutors Office, Demir is told that they have interrogated many suspects with regard to his mother’s murder and have come up with nothing. They have exhausted every avenue to find and have a file of information and that is all. The Prosecutor tells Demir to have patience and something may present itself in time.

Demir has his own plan to find his mothers killer. He calls another meeting of the towns Journalists. Zuleyha and Sevda join him while he addresses the journalists. Firstly he announces that Sevda has been cleared of any suspicion in the murder of his mother and he has called them to the Ranch to tell them that he is offering 1 Million Lire for any information leading to the apprehension of her murderer. this money just may flush out the murderer.

Yilmaz watches Demir as he places a hand over Zuleyha’s in gesture of love and possession. Yilmaz sees that Zuleyha makes no move to withdraw her hand. Yilmaz takes this as a sign that Zuleyha has changed her opinion of Demir. He is jealous.

At the small mansion that day they have an argument about this . They are not aware that Mujgan has come to the door. Their argument is quite loud. She overhears Yilmaz tell Zuleyha that has made the decision to let Kerem Ali remain with his mother, leaving him free to leave with Zuleyha. Neither one hears Mujgan drive away without disturbing them. Her jealousy is paramount.

Their argument continues and then Yilmaz makes a big mistake by asking Zuleyha if she and Demir are living as husband and wife in the bedroom. His jealousy is unwarranted and Zuleyha cannot believe what she is hearing. She leaves him and marches off back to the mansion.

After she has gone Yilmaz couldn’t believe he said what he did. His jealousy just could not be controlled. He knows that he has hurt Zuleyha.

Meanwhile, the amount of a Million Lire for information leader to the capture of Hunkar’s murderer spreads through town like a virus.

Gaffur is asked to go to Hunkar’s room and retrieve her Death Certificate for Demir. On entering her empty room he is drawn to sadness. He looks through the drawers for the Death Certificate and finds a secret drawer containing a red file. The original file that the Private Investigator gave to Hunkar after he investigated Behice.

Gaffur is surprised to see Behice’s name written on the file. He opens it and reads it. He sees where Behice was prosecuted for killing her husband on suspicion of murder. He believes he knows she killed Hunkar and the thought of 1 Million Lire in reward sends him straight to find Saniye.

Meanwhile, Behice has arrived as the small mansion to retrieve some personal items before Gulten and Cetin move in. She sees Gaffur calling for Sanye and waving the file around.

Gaffur tells her that he is going to tell everybody in Cukurova that she killed Hunkar and she should be scared of him. He goes on to say that he plans to give the file to Demir.

Behice threatens Gaffur until he is shaking in his shoes about knowing that he killed Hatip Aga. She threatens to go to tell on him. He cowardly sits on the ground and lets her take the file from him and leave.

In town that day, both Mujgan and Zuleyha meet in the pharmacy.

Zuleyha cannot believe what she hears when Mujgan tells the Pharmacist that she is pregnant.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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