We continue this week at the funeral of Hunkar Yaman. It is an emotional and solemn event but it is made worse when the police arrive and arrest Sevda for the murder of Hunkar.

The funeral procession for Hunkar is led across the bridge to conclude at the cemetery.

Meanwhile at the Fekeli Ranch, Behice leaves the mansion after an argument with Mujgan. Mujgan has been suspicious about Hunkar’s death and she remembers Behice threatening to kill her. Behice still has great dreams of being the wife of Fekeli and cannot let anything jeopardise her goal, so Behice creates a huge argument to make Mujgan feel guilty about her accusations. Behice packs a bag and makes her way to the Adana railway station threatening to leave but hoping that Mujgan will come after her.

The train approaches and it looks like Behice will have to get on the train but Mujgan shows up just as expected all apologetic. Behice makes Mujgan beg for forgiveness for upsetting her and they return to the Ranch.

The funeral at the cemetery proceeds with great sorrow. Hunkar’s coffin is laid beside her husbands.

Ali Rahmet Fekeli says his final goodbye’s to his sweetheart. He never had an opportunity to share the rest of his life with her.

At the police station Sevda is placed in an interrogation room facing investigation for the murder.

Sevda tries hard to defend herself but she has nothing to say when the investigator places jewellery which was taken from Hunkar’s dead body on the table in front of her . She is told that the jewellery was found inside Sevda’s house when they searched it. Sevda is astounded to hear of this discovery. She wonders to herself how Hunkar’s jewellery came to be found in her house.

Sevda is asked when she last saw Hunkar. She tells the investigator that it was the day before her death when she came to her house with an envelope containing money that Demir had sent to her. She had returned the money and Hunkar had brought it back to her. The investigator tells Sevda that when they searched her home they found no envelope with money.

Demir is speechless when he is presented with his mother’s lost jewellery found at Sevda’s. He cannot find the words to express himself and Sevda herself is not able to prove her innocence.

Neither Demir nor Sevda are aware that after killing Hunkar, Behice made her way to Sevda’s house and planted the jewellery in her bedroom drawer. At the same time she noticed the envelope of money which Hunkar had given her the previous day. This envelope had Sevda’s name written on it in Demir’s handwriting.

The money is a temptation Behice could not resist. She places it in her handbag and leaves. She believes she was undetected but Sevda’s next door neighbour sees her leave.

Sevda is in an awkward position. Nobody believes her when she tells them she never touched Hunkar nor did she see her on the day she died. She cannot prove her innocence and Demir is faced with much evidence placed against her.

Fekeli swears on Hunkar’s grave that he will find her murderer.

Zuleyha has a hard time comforting Demir in his grief. He has a load of guilt to deal with as well.

Haminne goes missing and is found beside her daughter’s grave weeping. This scene is deeply moving.

Behice tries all she can to place the blame for Hunkar’s murder on anyone she can.

Mujgan finds the contract drawn up between Demir and Yilmaz when Mujgan was sent to prison. It was taken from Demir’s office drawer by Fikret on the day of Hunkar’s death. Fikret tells Yilmaz that he stole it to protect Mujgan as the document itself is her death warrant.

Fikret plays the long lost family member towards Fekeli and Yilmaz. He stole the signed contract from Demir thinking he was saving Mujgan. He chases Fekeli’s attackers and has them sent to prison. He leads you to think that he is all goodness but deep down you feel that he isn’t who he says he is.

Zuleyha comforts a heavily guilt laden Demir. She tells him that he will always have the pain of losing his mother but eventually his pain will stop and he will return to being his old self.

He draws her close and kisses her neck. She pulls away from him not wanting him to get the wrong idea. She makes sure he knows that she does not love him and her heart belongs to Yilmaz.

Later Demir takes her asideand tells her that she is all he has left.

Zuleyha fights her own feelings with the compassion she feels towards Demir in his grief. It breaks her heart to hear his plea’s for her to love him as he stands outside her door emotionally stripped of any pride.

Meanwhile, Fikret has managed to win over most of the inhabitants at the Fekeli Ranch and also the employees. Although he has done many good works Cetin and Yilmaz cannot get over their first feelings of suspicion when Fikret turned up claiming to be Fekeli’s long lost Nephew. Sometimes they both feel that he is hiding something, especially having two passports. Many times they see him gazing into the sky as if thinking of somebody or something.

A new day has dawned, Zuleyha has remained locked in her bedroom all night to keep Demir out. Demir once again approaches her and tells her that he can feel that deep down she loves him.

Meanwhile at the Court House, Sevda is brought in for sentencing. Demir and Fekeli attend the hearing. If Sevda is found guilty she will be sentenced to life in prison.

The Defence Lawyer has proof that Sevda made a telephone call to her friend in Mersin at the same time that the Coroner estimated Hunkar was murdered. There was also evidence from a young man who delivered fruit and vegetables to Sevda at the same time. Both times Sevda was at home and at no time did she leave.

The Prosecutor does not feel there is enough evidence to convict Sevda and makes the conclusion that the jewellery could have been planted by anybody. He dismissed the case and sets Sevda free.

Demir is relieved at the Court’s decision. He and Fekeli now know that Hunkar’s murderer is still roaming free with her blood on their hands. They both agree that when they find out who it is they are dead.

Meanwhile, back at the Yaman Ranch, Yilmaz asks Zuleyha if she is ready to go away with him to Germany. She tells him no. She wants him to find a solution for Kerem Ali before they go. She will not take him away from his mother.

Sevda refuses to see Demir since he did not believe that she was innocent. She remains indoors with the gate to her home locked. She packs her bags in readiness to leave Cukurova.

Demir tells Zuleyha that Sevda will have nothing to do with him which hurts him. Zuleyha takes it upon herself to drive to Sevda’s house and when she gets there she finds an angry crowd bashing on her gates intent on hanging Sevda. If it wasn’t for Zuleyha they may have killed her.

Her presence at the Yaman Ranch is also not welcomed by the staff. Saniye is beside herself with anger believing that Hunkar has only been buried a day or so and Demir has brought the one woman she despised to his home.

The next morning Demir goes straight to the Prosecutors Office. They discuss the fact that Hunkar must have gone to the ruins to meet somebody and without a witness they are going to have a hard time finding her murderer. Zuleyha joins the meeting in support of Demir and to present a report on the attack on Sevda.

Demir and Zuleyha are told that Hunkar’s murder was made to look like a robbery but there was another reason why she was murdered. She still had money in her purse which was not taken.

The Prosecutor reveals that the murderer must have had a personal grievance against Hunkar as she was brutally stabbed many times. This is an indication that the person hated Hunkar. The look on Zuleyha’s face leads you to believe that she feels she knows who that person is.

Meanwhile that day, Hunkar’s charity foundation meet for lunch as they normally do. Hunkar used to chair the meeting and sat at the head of the table. Today, Behice has joined the group. She was not prepared for a visit from Zuleyha who has just left the Prosecutors Office. Zuleyha remembers when Behice tried to kill her when she was in the hospital. She stares her fully in the face and tells her that she knows that she killed Hunkar and she knows why.

Zuleyha raises her voice and a visiting Fekeli hears her accusations toward Behice. He also hears Zuleyha tell her that she believes she killed Hunkar because she was going to marry Fekeli and move into his mansion, something that Behice wanted to do. Hunkar’s presence in the home meant that Behice would have to leave.

Zuleyha swears she will find out how she lured Hunkar to the ruins to her death and she will not rest until she sees her pay for her crime in prison.

Fekeli stands listening to Zuleyha’s accusations. He sees the truth in what she is saying. He follows her outside where Zuleyha tells him that she knows that Behice killed Hunkar but she has no proof.

Zuleyha’s accusations make Behice nervous. She walks back and forth in front of the family that evening. Of course she has no idea that Fekeli was present when Zuleyha accused her. She stands in front of them all slandering Zuleyha and taking the position of a woman that has been hard done by.

In a rage she raises her voice to Fekeli forgetting that she is a guest in his home. He tells her to leave the house and go back to Iistanbul. He sees her as a bad influence on Mujgan.

Behice has to pack her bags yet again and is forced to leave the house. Mugjan can see that Fekeli and Yilmaz believe Zuleyha’s accusations even though there is no proof.

Mujgan begs to go with her but Behice is adamant that she should stay at the Ranch. On leaving Behice tries to make Fekeli feel sorry for her.

A taxi takes Behice to the Adana train station to catch the train to Istanbul. As soon as she elites she empties her clothes on the side of the road. She then hurries into the bush where she meets up with an unknown man. In her hands she has the envelope of money that she stole from Sevda’s house. She has moved into a state of desperation.

She commands the man to bash her in the face and to make it look like she has been attacked.

Behice is not content with only a few punches, she commands him to draw out his gun and shoot her in the shoulder.

She screams for him to shoot. He takes aim but his gun is grabbed by a police dog and it discharges. Behice is shot but not in the shoulder. She lies on the ground having achieved her goal.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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