It is a sad beginning to this week’s episode. Hunkar has been stabbed by Behice and the injury is deadly.

Hunkar had hired a private investigator to look into Behice’s background. He found that Behice had been married before. Both her husbands died. Mujgan’s father, who was working as a doctor at that time was involved by signing their death certificates and notating that they died of a heart attack when all along they were murdered by Behice.

Behice’s next victim was to be Ali Rahmet Fekeli, the man Hunkar loved and was soon to marry. Unfortunately Hunkar went alone to meet Behice and there were no witnesses to the murder. Hunkar is told as she lies dying that she under estimating her. Hunkar is left lying on the ground and Behice makes her escape.

Meanwhile at the Yaman Ranch, Yilmaz manages to get Zuleyha aside. She has been angry with him since he took Adnan away. Yilmaz presses her to tell him that she forgives him. Deep down Zuleyha can never stay angry with him for long and tells him that she will always love him. Yilmaz is still making plans for them to leave and go to Germany but still Zuleyha is concerned in taking his son away from Mujgan.

The police have been looking for Gaffur. He thinks that they know he killed Hatip Aga.

At the murder scene, Behice is very agitated. She has walked quite a way and stops on the top of the bridge and throws the murder weapon into the river. She then covers her movements by attending a ladies charity meeting in town which is normally headed by Hunkar. She takes her seat and asks the question “has Hunkar turned up yet?”

The first questions begin to surface about Hunkar’s absence. She has not turned up for her meeting and her driver has arrived back at the Ranch without her. Demir thinks something is wrong and goes looking for his mother. He turns up at the charity meeting but finds out she never turned up.

Behice is looking quite flustered sitting at the meeting table, and so she should be. She rethinks her movements after she stabbed Hunkar. She checked to make sure she had no witnesses. She made sure she wiped the blood off her knife with her handkerchief before placing it in her purse. She then picks up the file from the private investigator and tucks it under her arm before she drags Hunkar’s body out of view and into the woods.

Before she is done Behice removes Hunkar’s expensive jewellery making the scene look like a robbery and then flees.

Demir finds out that the money he gave to Sevda was not accepted and was given to Hunkar.

The police are looking everywhere for Gaffur. Eventually Gaffur gives himself up only to be told that they were looking for him because he had dodged the army draft. Gaffur is greatly relieved that he wasn’t being sent to prison for murder.

Demir returns to the Yaman Ranch after unsuccessfully finding his mother. He tells Zuleyha that he has a bad feeling about the situation. He goes to his mother’s bedroom and finds the letter she wrote to him but which was not finished. She tells him that she loves him but is leaving to marry Ali Rahmet Fekeli.

Demir makes the decision to go to see Fekeli, thinking that maybe he knows something about his mother ’s whereabouts. He soon finds out that Fekeli has not seen Hunkar all day. They both begin to feel a little worried for Hunkar. A larger search party is under way and the towns people join in the search with an announcement over the local council speaker system.

A worried farm worker brings Demir Hunkar’s scarf that she wore that morning. He tells Demir it was found hanging on a tree at the old town ruins. The last time Demir saw this scarf was around his mother’s neck. It is obvious that Behice left the scarf on the tree to be found. Demir wonders what Hunkar was doing at the ruins. He takes Gaffur and Rasit to begin his search.

It is Demir that first notices the form of his mother lying on the ground.

Hunkar’s body is driven back to the Ranch with Demir sitting beside his mother stunned at what has happened. He hears his mothers voice telling him that she loves him and he is her happiness.

Grief begins to flow as the shock of her death sinks in.

Demir picks up his mother in his arms and carries her into the house and places her on her bed. He kneels beside her and takes her hand in his and weeps.

It is Fikret who takes the bad news to Fekeli and Yilmaz who are still searching. The words are hard to get out so all he can say is, I am sorry for your loss. Fekeli falls to the ground in shock.

Fekeli later turns up at the Yaman Ranch and climbs the steps to her bedroom where he is confronted with her body lying on the bed. Fekeli is emotionally broken down as he grieves beside her body. His is racked with sobs and they are heard all throughout the mansion.

The news that Hunkar has been murdered starts to spread around town like a virus.

Mujgan welcomes her Aunt home from the cancelled charity meeting and can see that she shows no emotion at all when she is told of Hunkar’s death. Behice smirks to herself.

Demir is approached by the police and told that because Hunkar has been murdered an autopsy will be required. Her body is removed. Demir and the staff say farewell.

While everyone is outside grieving for Hunkar, Fikret walks up the stairs and enters Demir’s study. He even sits in Demir’s chair experimenting with the feeling of power. He goes through his desk and takes out the letter that Adnan had written to Demir and reads it. He looks with hate at the photo of Adnan Yaman.

The women of Cukurova meet in the lounge room of the Yaman Ranch for prayer. Little do they know that the murderer sits and prays amongst them.

Sevda is welcomed by Zuleyha when she turns up at the prayer meeting. Mostly everyone else believes she is an embarrassment to the Yaman family. She comforts Demir who tells her that the murderer took all Hunkar’s jewellery and then killed her. Demir swears that he will find out who did it.

Mujgan is suspicious of her aunt. It was not too long ago that Behice had told her that she wished Hunkar was dead. She remembers how her aunt encouraged her to kill Zuleyha. Mujgan wonders whether Behice’s threat and her murder was just a coincidence. She is asked directly by Behice whether she suspects her or not. Mujgan is taken back by her savage defence to her question.

Behice feeling threatened packs her bags and leaves the Ranch. Mujgan watches as she leaves the Fekeli Ranch wondering why she reacted like she did.

Hunkar’s funeral is under way but it is interrupted by the arrival of the police who arrests Sevda in front of everyone.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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