The first scene in this week’s episode commences with Hunkar writing a letter to her son. She tells him that she loves him but she has made the decision that she will spend the remainder of her life with the man she loves, Ali Rahmet Fekeli.

We then join Demir giving his story to a group of journalists of his love for Zuleyha. He tells everyone that although Yilmaz is his son’s biological father, he sees himself as Adnan’s true father.

Demir tells Yilmaz that he has his own family now just like Demir has and he wants Yilmaz to leave it like that. Demir offers his hand to Yilmaz in a gesture accepting that Adnan is his son but Yilmaz will not shake his hand. He tells Demir that he is not ready to back away from his son and he never will be. Yilmaz tells Demir that he will not let him have his son and he will take him.

On leaving the Ranch and with nobody watching, Yilmaz walks straight into Adnan’s room and picks him up from his cot. He walks out with him.

Meanwhile, Fekeli arrives home after being left on the road alone by Fikret. He and Fikret were set upon by snipers who were intent on killing Fekeli. Fikret takes off after the assailants and has not been seen since.

Back at the Yaman Ranch Adnan’s absence is noticed by Gulten when she brings the little boy some mild. Demir is incensed with anger to find him gone. He believes that Gulten has sided with Yilmaz and helped him run away with his son.

Yilmaz enjoys introducing his son to everyone. He firstly takes his son to the workers huts and introduces him to the farm workers. Demir on the other hand has created a search party of armed men and searches for him.

In fact, Yilmaz is having a great time. He has his son in hand and little Adnan even has cotton candy to eat while he walks the streets of Cukurova with his father.

Fekeli has survived an attempt on his life. The local police have searched for Fikret everywhere but have only found his empty car.

Although for some the day has been one of anxiety over the missing child, it has been a beautiful day for Yilmaz and little Adnan. They have spent a great day together sharing quality time.

After a time of deep thought, Yilmaz returns Adnan to the Yaman Ranch and into the arms of Zuleyha. He tells Demir that his son will always be with Zuleyha and he will see him whenever he wants. He calls Demir a thug.

Demir’s jealousy is consuming him. You can see the evil in Demir is still alive and well. He still believes that Gulten and Zuleyha were conniving against him to run away with Yilmaz.

When Yilmaz finally arrives home he not only has to contend with a jealous wife telling him that he only cares for Adnan, but he is given the news that Fekeli was ambushed and Fikret has not been seen since the attack. The police are involved but still have not been able to find him.

At the dinner table, Aunt Behice produces the two passports that belong to Fikret. She tells Fekeli that she doesn’t think that Fikret is whom he says he is and that he is only here to steal his inheritance.

We are next taken back to when Fikret first left Fekeli standing in the road and chased their attackers. Fikret catches one of the attackers and makes him drive to a warehouse where he strings him up.

Now Fikret is a man who approaches his job seriously. He produces a knife and plunges into the man’s groin and then lights a fire under him waiting for him to give him the name of the person who gives him his orders. He finally cracks and gives the name of Huseyin Cekirceli.

Fikret is given a tape which he is ensured by his captive will tell him everything he wants to know. He hands over the tape and his captive to the police.

Back at the Fekeli Ranch, Fekeli gets a phone call from the police to say that Fikret has been found. Yilmaz and Fekeli make their way to the police station.

Since Gulten was kicked out of the Yaman Ranch and told never to come back, she is welcomed into the Fekeli household. Soon she will be Cetin’s wife and is loved by Yilmaz as a sister.

In Adana, Sevda is sent a package which suspiciously looks like money. Sevda sends it back to Demir.

Sermin definitely gets flustered with Behice. Behice even worms out of Sermin that she saw who killed Hatip Aga. It is worrying that this knowledge has now been shared with someone like Behice.

At a Businessman’s Club in town, Fikret is seen as a hero and is proudly welcomed by the Governor and the Mayor. He has single handedly saved Cukurova from loosing their land.
Although it is a happy scene in front of the photographers, you are still taken back to the telephone booth in last week’s episode when Fikret speaks to an anonymous person and tells them that he has gained entrance into Fekeli’s house. We still do not know what that is all about.

At the dinner table that evening Fikret tells the family that he has to go to the police station in the morning to make a statement on the incident. Aunt Behice asks him directly which name he is going to use, Fikret Fekeli or Tahsin Omez. Fekeli hands him over the two passports and asks him to explain himself.

Fikret tells them that his real name is Fikret Fekeli and the other passport is a fake one which he had to use in Germany. He is wanted by the German police for fraud which he had no part of. He required another Passport to come to Turkey. He could have gone to prison for two years if he didn’t use a fake Passport. Fekeli accepts his explanation and so does Yilmaz.

That evening Yilmaz visits Zuleyha. It has been a full and difficult day for them both. Zuleyha is tired of the men in her life taking her children from her. She tells Yilmaz that he is no different from Demir and that she does not want to see him again. She walks away from him.

At the same time that Yilmaz meets with Zuleyha, Hunkar and Fekeli meet at the lookout. Fekeli asks Hunkar to help him show their children what love is really about. He takes a ring from his vest pocket and asks Hunkar to marry him. She accepts his proposal.

The next morning at the breakfast table Fekeli breaks the news to the family. The words are hard to get out but he shares that his life will end happily with love. He tells them that he is to marry Hunkar Yaman.

The reaction of the family is not one of joy . Nobody wants to be happy for him. He tells them he has loved her for 40 years.

Behice tries to put on a happy face but deep down she is seething with jealousy. She thought that she would be the one to be the head of the house. She can see that she and Mujgan will be kicked out of the house. Behice swears she will find a solution to this problem immediately.

In Cukurova, Yilmaz catches up with Zuleyha while she is out shopping. He asks her to forgive him for taking Adnan. She tells him that she can’t take too much more anxiety over her children. She asks Yilmaz to give up on her.

He watches her as she walks away and says under his breath “I will never give up on you”.

Hunkar knows that her son will not agree with her marrying Fekeli so she writes him a letter. She asks Demir not to act with anger towards Zuleyha and not to hold it against her for marrying Fekeli. She tells him that she wants to be happy and live out the remainder of her days with the man she loves. She leaves it unfinished when she is disturbed.

The phone rings. Hunkar picks up the phone and leaves the mansion. She turns and looks at the mansion with warm thought. She drives out to meet with her private investigator who has been investigating Behice. The private investigator tells her that Behice is more dangerous than they first thought and she should be very careful.

The next scene shows Hunkar standing in the middle of old ruins. Behicle walks out from behind a wall. She gives Hunkar an evil calculating look and asks, “Have you come to give me a personal invitation to your wedding?”
Hunkar hands her a file that the private investigator had given her. Her investigator reports that Behice has had two husbands, one of four years and one of two years, both died of heart attacks and both had their death certificates signed by Behice’s brother who was Mujgan’s father. She goes on to say that Behice has even been charged with murder, which could not be proven.

Hunkar tells Behice that she should have realised what kind of woman she was when Zuleyha told her that Behice had tried to kill her in hospital. Hunkar believes that Behice and Mujgan are both involved in the attempt to get Fekeli’s money.

Behice reminds Hunkar that she has underestimated her.

Hunkar tells Behice to pack her bags and to take Mujgan and leave Cukurova and never come back.

Behice refuses to leave and asks Hunkar what she is going to do about it . Hunkar tells her that she is going to hand the file over to the Prosecutor.

Behice walks away, then turns and draws a knife from her purse. She drives the knife deep into Hunkars body.

Hunkar falls to the ground after being stabbed twice.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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