Zulehya still doesn’t know that Yilmaz is alive and also that he has arrived at the Yaman Ranch in search of her. She is now in heavy labour upstairs in the mansion after accidentally falling down the stairs. After a time she gives birth to a healthy baby boy.

Yilmaz has arrived at the ranch and is creeping around the courtyard calling out for Zuhelya. Gulten sees him through the kitchen window and unfortunately, Demir has also seen him. A savage fight occurs and Yilmaz didn’t have much of a chance to defend himself when Gaffur and Demir overpower him and render him unconscious. He is taken out to a field on the farm which is barren and filled with brambles. They tie him to the back of a farm tractor with a tow rope and on Demir’s instructions, Gaffur tows him through the brambles ripping the skin from his body.

Demir stops the tractor and asks Yilmaz the question; “Swear you will not look for Zulehya again”? Yilmaz refuses. Demir repeats his torture and repeats his question. Yilmaz refuses once more. His torture continues and his screams of pain can be heard echoing across the bramble field. Demir’s patience has come to an end and he draws his gun to shoot him. It is here that Cengo comes on the scene and intervenes. Yilmaz takes this opportunity to escape and although badly injured manages to run to the canal but is shot and is swept downstream! He floats near the worker’s village where Gulten , who has been a witness to his torture, follows him and saves his life. He is taken to the worker’s village and with the help of Nazire (a female field worker) he is hidden in one of the huts and his wounds are cared for. Gulten makes a race to find Sebahattin to tend his wounds. She tells him of the torture and abuse by Demir and Gaffur.

Following the successful birth of her son, Zulehya looks a picture of beauty. Hunkar has bathed her and dressed her in beautiful lingerie and placed her in a bed of white satin sheets with a large red ribbon tied in her hair. Her new son also lies in a bed of white satin with a red sheet over him. Neither woman knows anything of what has been going on out in the field.

Demir needs to know for sure that Yilmaz is dead. He enlists Gaffur to look for him and gives him a wad of money to keep his mouth shut. He then makes his way to the mansion. He is overjoyed to find out that he is now a father and races up the stairs to see Zulehya and his son. She places the baby in Demir’s arms. She cannot help but think that Yilmaz didn’t even know she was pregnant before he died. He would have loved to have seen his son. The thought of him makes her sad but there is nothing she can do.

Sebahattin has now arrived at the village to attend to Yilmaz. He finds his patient in a bad way. Barely alive. His back torn to shreds with a bullet hole between his shoulder blades. He places him on his stomach and begins work to repair the damage. Yilmaz’s presence at the village is kept a secret and although his operation was very painful with no pain killing medications, Yilmaz remains quiet in his agony. He is left in the hands of Nahir and Gulten to nurse him throughout the night.

Although Gaffur has searched the Ranch he still cannot find his body. What he does find though is a small piece of bloodied shirt indicating that he is still alive. That night at their normal dinner and drink on the verandah of Cengo’s house, Demir tells him of the time when he first saw Zulehya at the train station. He tells him of how he was immediately smitten by her beauty. He lies to Cengo telling him that Yilmaz is her stepbrother. The same stepbrother who sold her in Istanbul. His lie continues with how she ran away from him and he traced her down to the Yaman Ranch where he tried to rape Zulehya. This news infuriates Cengo who regrets stopping Demir from shooting him out in the field on the day of his torture.

Yilmaz now has some hope. His friend Fekeli who was an inmate at the same prison in Istanbul with Yilmaz has arrived in Adana. He is a mafia boss who was also released under the general amnesty. He is seen as a man of wealth and standing in the Cukurova region of Adana and still has friends who are happy to see him and help support him in his resettlement. Prior to his imprisonment, he had sold everything he owned with the exception of his ring with the inscription “Allah is enough for me”! He now requires a car, a house and a young man to act as his right-hand man. He is introduced to Cetin an intelligent and good-looking young man with a respectful attitude. On one of their drives, Fekeli stops outside the Yaman Ranch and views Hunkar standing on the verandah (you get the feeling that there is some history there). He also asks his new right-hand man if he has heard of his friend (Yilmaz) who came to work in the Cukurova region. Cetin tells him that he heard that such a man was employed by Demir at the Yaman Ranch. Fekeli now knows that his friend came here and the story he told him in prison of a wealthy man stealing his wife is Demir! He knows Yilmaz will be here somewhere and is going to try and find him.

Gulten continues to care for Yilmaz. She obviously loves him very much but he only loves Zulehya. Gulten leads him to believe that Zulehya married Demir willingly and with love. This news breaks his heart. ( How could she do such a thing when she always told him that he was the only one for her and she would die rather than live without him. ) Not only did he hear the news of Zulehya’s apparent love for Demir, he also hears that she has given birth to a baby boy! This news seems to confirm to him that she no longer loves him.

Gaffur intensifies his search. Demir has offered him much more money if he can bring him in dead or alive. In his search, Gaffur has found the false identities that Yilmaz buried before he went to jail. He hides them in a wall for a later date. He realises that if Yilmaz had the help he could be in one of the worker’s villages. This becomes apparent when he is searching for Gulten to attend her engagement gathering that evening. He finds her and beats her when she refuses to be engaged. She is so angry she spits in his face and tells him she saw what he and Demir did to Yilmaz and she will tell all to the police. She also knows that he is alive. Hearing this news Gaffur immediately seeks out Demir.

Demir and Cengo are in Adana. Gaffur has tracked them down and relays the news that he now knows where Yilmaz is. They drive to the worker’s village in search of him. Demir is now a formidable enemy for Yilmaz. He has become vengeful, unreasonable, filled with jealousy and hate. He is yelling throughout the village threatening the workers. Yilmaz hears the chaos and is now aware that Demir has come for him. Not being able to find Yilmaz infuriates Demir. He finds his jacket in Nazire’s hut and drags her to her knees in the middle of the village and whips her. She will not betray Yilmaz and tells him nothing. He sets fire to the huts in his rage but Yilmaz has escaped.

Where did Yilmaz go? He is still very much injured. Fekeli is out there somewhere looking for Yilmaz also. Do you think he will find him? Fekeli had been in jail for 20 years, do you think he knew Hunkar prior to his imprisonment?




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