A gunshot has echoed throughout the Yaman mansion. The sound of the gun discharging comes from an upstairs bedroom.

The group rush upstairs to find the baby has shot himself with Demir’s gun. He is rushed to hospital.

Zuleyha refuses to allow Mujgan to treat her son and blames Demir and Yilmaz for their jealous hatred of each other for her son’s his condition. In her grief she has a breakdown.

The wait at the hospital is long as they wait for baby Adnan to be operated upon. He is fighting for his life.

Meanwhile at the Yaman Ranch, Fadik is having a hard time with Haminne. she finds it hard having patience with her. She doesn’t see that Haminne has wandered off.

Haminne is disorientated and waits on the side of the road for a bus. She is picked up by a truck and helped into the back to sit with two women. It is obvious that Haminne doesn’t know where she is going.

In the back of the truck the two women eye off Haminne’s gold bracelets. They stop the truck along the way and rob her of her gold bracelets and her purse.

Lucky enough Haminne’s memory is alright for some things. She somehow finds her way back home. Fadik has been frantic looking for her and they are yet to find out that she has been robbed.

At the hospital Hunkar takes the opportunity to bridge the gap between her son and herself. She comforts him in his grief over Adnan. Demir even puts his arms around her and tells her that he has missed her love.

The doctors brings the good news that Adnan will live. Thanks are given to god but still this is not enough for Demir and Yilmaz who continue to fight over the boy. Zuleyha refuses to let either one of them be with her son.

They are told that Adnan will have to stay a few days in the hospital before he can go home. The group is encouraged to return home and let Zuleyha care for her son.

At the Fekeli Ranch, Mujgan acts like she has just found out that Adnan was Yilmaz’s son. Both Mujgan and Aunt Behice have known this for quite some time.

In their bedroom Aunt Behice wants Mujgan to act like a hard done-by wife who has been lied to by her husband. At the dining table Mujgan takes her Aunt’s advice and acts like she knows nothing. She asks Yilmaz why he never told her.

Yilmaz feels guilty that she has challenged him for not telling her and if it wasn’t for Nazire he would have to apologised to Mujgan. As it is, Nazire sticks up for Yilmaz and tells them all that she heard Mujgan and Aunt Behice talking in their bedroom before dinner and they both knew the truth about Adan a long time ago. She tells Fekeli that she heard Behice telling Mujgan to make believe that they only just found out.

Mujgan has to own up to knowing that Yilmaz is Adnan’s father, a fact that she withheld from Yilmaz a long time ago. She believed that there would be a blood bath if he found out.

Mujgan tells him that everything she did was because she loved him and their son.

Meanwhile, at the Yaman Ranch, Fadik has found out that Haminne has had all her gold bracelets stolen. If Hunkar finds out she will kill her for not telling her that she allowed Haminne to wander off. Knowing the truth Rasit comforts her.

Demir locks all his guns away in his safe. At the same time he takes out the letter his father left him and gives it to his mother to read hoping that she will understand why he did what he did for Sevda. He tells his mother that their affair had been going on since he was 14 or 15 years old.

Hunkar tells Demir that she was never happy. She loved Fekeli but her father made her marry Adnan. She admits that his father had a new woman every week until he fell in love with Sevda. He wanted to divorce Hunkar but that would mean he would take Demir from her. She wouldn’t let that happen. Hunkar preferred to fight and keep her son. Demir embraces his mother for her determination to give him a life of dignity.

Little Adnan continues to improve at hospital. Yilmaz quietly watches over them both.

In a hidden location deep within the woods, Yilmaz digs a very large hole. He places all the money he has amassed in metal tins and then covers it over. This was all the money he possessed. He previously sold all his lands to Hunkar when he was going to run away with Zuleyha and start a new life. Hunkar now holds the deeds to these lands.

Demir sacrifices 5-10 goats for the safe arrival home of Adnan. Although Demir has moved back into the mansion Zuleyha will not allow him into their bedroom. From now on she sleeps with the children.

The news that Adnan is the son of Yilmaz Akkay travels around town very quickly. The truth is out.

In town, Fikret and Sermin run into each other. Sermin gets the impression that Fikret is not who he says he is. Behice also is of the same impression and tells Sermin that she has proof coming.

Aunt Behice receives her proof. She shows Mujgan two passports belonging to Fikret, one passport in the name of Fikret Fekeli and the other in the name of Tahsin Omez. Behice tells Mujgan that Fikret’s real name is Tahsin Omez.

Behice calls Fikret a fraud and feels his plan must be to take as much of the Fekeli money as he can. She asks Mujgan not to say or do anything until the household settles down after the shooting

Meanwhile, Fikret makes a phone call from a phone booth in town. His conversation is with an anonymous person. Fikret explains to his caller that he has no problems and that he is inside the house. This information is all we know at the present time.

Fekeli and Hunkar have called a meeting between the two households hoping they will be able to sit down and settle their differences over the children and avoid bloodshed. Both families have suffered and both families are fractured.

Hunkar tells them all that if she could turn back the clock she would sacrifice her life for them.

Fekeli makes it clear that they have to go forward and not backwards. The only solution is divorce and breaking up. Mujgan refuses to divorce. Demir also refuses to divorce saying he still loves his wife.

Zuleyha doesn’t care any more. She has had enough of both families. She places her children first and leaves the meeting telling them she would prefer to live with neither of them.

Once more there is no progress between the two families and Yilmaz’s last words to Demir is that Adnan is his son and one way or the other he will have to accept it.

A telephone call is received by Fekeli of a fire at one of the Cotton Mills. Yilmaz is not around to support Fekeli. He is on his way to see Zuleyha and his son at the Yaman Ranch, so Fekeli leaves the Ranch with Fikret.

The road they take is blocked by heavy rocks and they are forced to stop. What they do not see are two snipers up in the rocks . They are ambushed.

Both Fekeli and Fikret are armed. They return fire and the two shooters take off in their vehicles. Fikret does not listen to Fekeli when he is told not to chase him. Fikret races after the shooters and leaves Fekeli standing on the road alone.

Meanwhile at the Yaman Ranch, Demir has asked for journalists to be present for an announcement. They gather at the front of the mansion. Although Zuleyha has questioned Demir about why the people are there, Demir says nothing. He picks up little Adnan and presents himself to his guests.

He first thanks all the doctors and nurses who worked to save his son’s life. He then goes on to tell them that rumours have been spread throughout Cukurova that he is not Adnan’s real father. He continues to tell them that Yilmaz was his wife’s ex-fiancee and he wants to make that fact clear to everyone.

He doesn’t get too much further when Yilmaz turns up.

Yilmaz stands looking at Demir who is holding his son. Demir looks him straight in the eye and announces that Adnan’s real father is Yilmaz Akkaya.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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