Yilmaz has his son in his arms waiting for Zuleyha to come to him. Unfortunately Zuleyha has been caught escaping by Demir. His waiting will be in vain.

When Zuleyha doesn’t turn up as planned, Yilmaz is forced to turn around and take the baby back home.

Meanwhile, Demir takes Zuleyha to the house where he and Sevda live. His worst fear has always been that Zuleyha would leave him and he has now caught her running away and taking his children with her.

Zuleyha breaks down and weeps because of Demir’s savage and hurtful words. She is placed in a situation that if she leaves she has to leave her children also. Sevda is kind to her and stands up against Demir.

Yilmaz knows that Zuleyha must have been caught. His first thought is that Hunkar has betrayed them. He leaves the ranch in a raging temper and heads for the Yaman Ranch. He draws his gun and abducts Hunkar and then drives away with her in his car.

Gulten runs to the Cotton Mill and tells Fekeli who hurries in pursuit.

Yilmaz takes Hunkar to a run down shack on top of a cliff.

He pushes her inside and closes the door behind him. He asks her “are you that bad”? And, “What has Zuleyha ever done to you?” Hunkar swears her innocence but Yilmaz will not listen to her. He takes his gun ready to shoot but he cannot do it . He lowers his gun.

Yilmaz then takes gasoline and spreads it throughout the shack. Hunkar tells him, “No son, don’t do it!” Yilmaz sets fire to the shack, walks out and shuts the door behind him. The shack burns. Yilmaz walks away with the screams of Hunkar coming from the burning shack.

It is Hunkar’s lucky day, Yilmaz has a change of heart. He lets her out of the shack just as Fekeli turns up on the scene.

Hunkar arrives back at the Ranch with nobody except Gulten knowing what went on. Hunkar is told that Zuleyha never came back. Hunkar knows she did not tell anybody about the planned escape, especially not Demir. Hunkar suspects she is at the house with Sevda.

What nobody knows is that it was Sermin who told Demir about Zuleyha’s escape. Sermin had seen Zuleyha on the road and reported what she saw to Demir. Demir had given Sermin a wad of money for her information on Zuleyha’s movements.

Fekeli makes Yilmaz swear that he will not hurt Hunkar or Demir in future.

Meanwhile, Zuleyha finds Sevda to be a kind woman. She even tries to get Demir to understand that his love for Zuleyha is the wrong kind of love. She begs him to divorce Zuleyha and set her free.

Zuleyha believes that Hunkar was responsible for telling Demir she was escaping. She wants to kill her also. She drives to the Ranch where she takes a knife and threatens Hunkar. It was Sevda who saves the day by following Zuleyha to the Ranch and telling her that it was Sermin who told Demir about her escape and not Hunkar.

Zuleyha throws herself into Hunkar’s arms with relief and Hunkar comforts her.

Yilmaz meets with Zuleyha and learns the truth that Hunkar was not responsible for telling Demir and the blame was Sermin’s. Yilmaz cannot believe that he was so close in burning her alive.

Hunkar goes herself to get the children from Sevda. Demir is at the house and she tells him that she is taking her grandchildren back home to their mother. She also tells him that she will not separate him from his children and he is welcome to visit them or live with them. The choice is his.

The children are brought back to an overjoyed Zuleyha who believes that her fate is not to be with Yilmaz.

Although Yilmaz promises her a new life , Zuleyha is full of fear that her children will be taken from her. She sees no way out. She tells Yilmaz that they cannot leave , as if they do they leave two people who will never see their children again.

At their usual meeting at the lookout, Fekeli tells Hunkar he believes that Yilmaz and Demir must divorce their wives. This is the only way he can see any peace for them.

Yilmaz and Zuleyha also realise that they must also legally divorce their partners if they have any hope of having any life together. Yilmaz begs her not to give up.

Fikret seems to be overly interested in Mujgan. He knows what has been going on between Mujgan and Yilmaz but still he seems not put off by the events.

Hunkar removes the security guards from the front gates and tells them to let Demir in if he should come. It is not long before he returns home. Gaffur and Saniye are overjoyed to see him. His mother stands at the door as he enters. There is no welcome kiss between them any more.

Demir brings his children gifts. Trucks for Adnan and a gold bracelet for Leyla which has the surname Yaman engraved on it.

At the Fekeli Ranch the air is strained at the dinner table. Yilmaz apologises to Mujgan for his previous behaviour but agrees that they should divorce her. Although Mujgan was the first to mention a divorce, she now changes her mind and tell him she will never divorce him.

The dinner table at the Yaman Ranch is also strained. Demir once again sits at the head of the table. He presents a gold necklace to Zuleyha, again with the Yaman surname engraved on it.
He demands she allows him to place it on her neck. He bends and kisses her neck as if claiming his possession.

It is impossible for Demir to control his anger. He begins to raise his voice yelling at Zuleyha.

Zuleyha gathers up her courage and tells him that Yilmaz knows that Adnan is his son. This news is like a bombshell to Demir. He thought Zuleyha would never tell Yilmaz. He tells her he claims him as his son anyway.

Zuleyha asks him why he is making life so hard for her and tells him that she wants a divorce. He will not accept a divorce. He swears she will never take his children from him and he will never allow her to go.

Demir believes her destiny is with him. Zuleyha believes her destiny is with Yilmaz.

Fate seems to be against our two lovers no matter how much they try.

An announcement is made in Cukurova regarding Adnan Yaman. Adnan is to have his circumcision celebration and the towns people are invited to attend.

Zuleyha believes that Adnan is too young to be circumcised but Demir will not listen to her.

Yilmaz spends a restless night to be told in the morning that Adnan will be circumcised that very day.

Demir is once again showing his dominance and possession over the little child . Zuleyha fears what Yilmaz might do when he hears the news. She is correct, as it is not long before Yilmaz blasts his way into the mansion with Fekeli hot on his tail.

Aunt Behice takes this opportunity to search Fikret’s room. She believes he is not who he says he is. She finds his passport and speaks to herself softly, “Fikret you are finished.”

As Zuleyha thought the Yilmaz has not taken the news well. He draws a gun on Demir.
Zuleyha has to tell Yilmaz that Demir knows about Adnan. This only makes Yilmaz more determined that he son will not be circumcised.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom Adnan has been left alone. He picks up Demir’s gun lying on the bed.

As the men continue to argue a gun shot rings out throughout the house.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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