Demir has brought proof to Yilmaz that Zuleyha was shot by Mujgan. Demir believes that Mujgan shot Zuleyha in a fit of jealousy.

Demir decides to take the case to the Prosector but Yilmaz intervenes and asks for a legal document to be drawn up between himself and Demir. In this document it is confessed that Mujgan shot Zuleyha. The contract is designed to keep mother and child together and saving Mujgan from going to jail. Yilmaz and Demir both sign the document.

After a lot of pressure from Fekeli, Mujgan owns up to the truth about how she shot Zuleyha.

Yilmaz is seen ordering five illegal passports. He is told that these passports will be coming from Istanbul and can take up to a week to be completed. The cost for these passports will be extreme.

Zuleyha begins to pack secretly. She and Yilmaz will soon be leaving on a journey to a new life.

At the Fekeli ranch the atmosphere is strained. Behice has had huge argument with both Yilmaz and Fekeli over the shooting. Tempers are stretched. Mujgan has told Yilmaz that she doesn’t love him any more and she wants a divorce. Behice reminds her that she may as well say goodbye to baby Kerem Ali as Yilmaz is not the type to let go of his son. Mujgan swears that she will not let go of Kerem Ali either.

Yilmaz calls Hunkar to a meeting after he had signed the contract with Demir. He explains to Hunkar that he has to withdraw from buying her shares otherwise Demir will go to the Prosecutor about the shooting and he does not want to see Mujgan put in jail. Hunkar tells Yilmaz that if he doesn’t buy her shares then she will not sell them to anybody.

As much as everyone has done their best to keep Mujgan away from the Prosecutor, the police enter the hospital and arrest her for the shooting of Zuleyha.

Next we have a series of events. The police take Yilmaz into custody as it was his gun that was used in the shooting and then the police bring in Zuleyha to make a Statement to the Prosecutor.

Yilmaz immediately suspects Demir as having reported them and breaking the contract, but when Fekeli bursts into his office demanding to know why he did it, Demir looks at him puzzled.

What they did not see at the time of they’r meeting outside of the Prosecutor’s Office was the Prosecutor was listening to their conversation.

The Prosecutor asks Zuleyha outright if Mujgan shot her. It would be so easy for Zuleyha to tell him the truth but she denies it. The Prosecutor knows that Zuleyha is not telling the truth especially after he heard the story outside of his office but there is nothing he can do if she doesn’t press charges. Both girls are released.

Demir goes straight to Sermin believing she told him a lie but she swears to God that she heard the truth by listening outside of Zuleyha’s bedroom door.

Mujgan on the other hand cannot believe that Zuleyha did not turn her in. This makes Mujgan suspicious that Zuleyha has a plan in mind.

Zuleyha tells Yilmaz that although she wanted to report Mujgan to the Prosecutor, she knows that they are escaping soon and they will be taking Kerem ali with them. This separation alone will be a punishment enough Mujgan.

Yilmaz has already began to execute his plan to take Zuleyha and the children into safety.

Hunkar and Fekeli still meet at the Lookout. This time they discuss the sadness of what Mujgan did to Zuleyha and how Demir has a broken heart over it. Fekeli still holds some hope that he and Hunkar will someday share their love together. He has forgiven her for lying to him but still has a deep longing for her. Deep down they both want to run away together.

When Hunkar returns to the Ranch she sees Zuleyha and Yilmaz in each others arms. She is suspicious of them both.

Demir is frustrated as to why Zuleyha lied to the Prosecutor. He is also frustrated with not seeing his children. Sevda tells him to go and take what belongs to him and he does. In the morning he arrives at the gates of the Ranch with a police escort. He demands to be let in take his wife and children. Hunkar refuses to let him in the house and Zuleyha refuses to go with him.

Once more Hunkar calls Yilmaz to a meeting of just the two of them. After seeing Yilmaz and Zuleyha embracing she realises that Yilmaz must know that Adnan is his son. She tells him that if he is planning to escape that there is no place on earth where Demir will not find them.

Yilmaz draws his gun and points it at her telling her she has given him and Zuleyha so much heart break. Yilmaz swears to Hunkar that he will never allow her to separate him from Zuleyha and his son ever again. He does not trust her.

He is not prepared for a contrite Hunkar. She tells him that she will not fight him and that she is ready to do whatever is best for Zuleyha and himself. She begs him to allow her to pay her debt to him. As we are used to a more devious and evil approach to everything relating to Hunkar, it is hard to believe at this point that she would let Yilmaz take her grandchildren.

Meanwhile, when Hunkar arrives back at the Ranch she gives Zuleyha her gold to help on her journey. She tells Zuleyha that she knows that she will be leaving soon and she wants her to be happy. She confirms that she will not tell Demir. This will be her way of taking revenge for what Demir and his father have done to her over the years.

Yilmaz and Zuleyha want to believe that Hunkar has reformed but deep down they don’t trust her. The Hunkar that we used to know would kill both Zuleyha and Yilmaz to get what she wanted and Demir has promised to kill them all if Zuleyha ever left him.

Demir returns to Sevda after being rejected by Zuleyha. He found that he could not threaten Zuleyha into being obedient to him. He now realises that she no longer wants to be with him nor will she leave the house with him.

Sanye is suspicious that Gaffur is hiding something from her. She has no idea that it is murder.

Fikret appears to be hiding something appearing not to be the person you think he is.

Yilmaz and Zuleyha have a final meeting at the mansion to discuss their plan of escape. They are surprised when Hunkar knocks on the door bringing the children to them. They feel this is a real act of forgiveness.

Meanwhile, the business man from Ankara have sworn to kill Fekeli. They plan how to carry out their assault. Knowing Fekeli’s movement they believe that they will begin by starting a fire at the Cotton Mill. There is only one road into the Cotton Mill and it is here that they will ambush Fekeli and kill him. The men will seek approval from their boss in Ankara before they proceed.

The time for saying goodbye has come. Yilmaz faces Fekeli telling him how much he respects and loves him. Fekeli has no idea that Yilmaz is leaving. Yilmaz places his arms around him and hugs him tight. He later weeps knowing that he may never see his father again.

He now turns to Fikret who now runs and owns the Cotton Mill. Yilmaz gives him all the keys he will need to run the business. This includes the safe at the bank. He then goes home to get little Kemel Ali. He places him inside his car and drives away to meet with Zuleyha.

Meanwhile, at the Yaman Ranch, Zuleyha is packed and has the babies ready. She looks radiant and happy.

The children and Zuleyha are farewelled with tears as she drives out of the Yaman Ranch gates in her small red car. Hunkar graciously waves her goodbye.

Yilmaz has arrived at the meeting place. He is parked on the side of the road nursing his little son and waiting for Zuleyha to arrive.

Zuleyha on the other hand is ecstatically happy that she is finally free but her joy is short lived as she sees a familiar blue car parked blocking the middle of the road. She is forced to stop as Demir barrs her way.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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