Demir has burnt his bridges as far as Hunkar is concerned. He has introduced to the wedding party as Sevda, his second mother.

Hunkar deals with the situation with dignity, as she always does when she is in the public’s eye. She calmly but firmly disowns Demir as her son. He has embarrassed her and brought shame on the Yaman name.

In fit of jealousy Sermin throws a jar of red paint over Julide as a parting wedding gift for her ex-husband after 22 years.

Sevda tries to convince Demir that it is about time she leaves Cukurova and he returns to his family. Demir refuses to let the relationship go as taking care of her was the last thing that his father asked him to do. He sees that all the fault lies with Hunkar who made his father very unhappy.

Fekeli is thrilled to find out that the stranger who he thought was part of a mafia gang has turned out to be his brothers son Fikret. Fekeli tells Fikret that he had searched for him for many years but could never find him. Fikret tells him that he has been inGermany. He is welcomed him with open arms.

Hunkar gives all Demir’s clothes to charity. The homeless appear as the best dress all over town. This action infuriates Demir.

At the breakfast table Fekeli relates how he searched for his nephew for many years but he was in Germany all that time. Fikret is invited to stay at the Ranch and to leave the hotel. He agrees.

Cetin gets the feeling that Fikret may not be who he says he is. He doesn’t trust him.

Yilmaz tells Fekeli that he has changed his mind about the adoption as Fekeli’s son. He wants to withdraw the court application. His change of mind is accompanied by a sense of relief that he is not rejecting his own deceased father for an adopted one. Yilmaz can see that with Fikret being a legitimate family member, Fekeli can leave his wealth and responsibility to him.

Yilmaz remembers Zuley’s words that they have to be careful if they want their freedom. If Yilmaz accepts Fekeli’s adoption then it does not make it easy for him to flee with his beloved.

Yilmaz makes sure that Fekeli knows that he loves him and nothing changes between them. He will always be like a son to him.

This news is not welcomed by Aunt Behice as she has her own plans for Fekeli’s wealth. She wants this money to be left to Yilmaz so she and Mujgan can reap the rewards. Aunt Behice also believes that Fikret is not who he says he is and being the only male in line to inherit Fekeli’s wealth he just may kill Fekeli to get it.

Following Hatip Aga’s death, the house has been put up for sale. Demir buys it for Sevda.

Hunkar employs Rasit at the Ranch. Rasit is keen on Fadik. With Hatip Aga dead Rasit can relax now.

Cetin and Gulten are closing in on a wedding date. Cetin tells Gulten that he is suspicious about Fikret.

Zuleyha and Yilmaz have made a plan to meet regularly in the mansion next to the Ranch house within the Yaman grounds. This house used to belong to Sermin but after a fire was bought by Yilmaz and renovated. Gulten has agreed to let Zuleyha know whenever Yilmaz is there to allow them to take the opportunity to be together and to get to know his son.

As she lies with her head on his shoulder Yilmaz promises her that they will take back the life that was stolen from them and when the time comes nobody will be able to find them.

Zuleyha and little Yilmaz have to make a hasty exit when Mujgan turns up at the house unexpectedly. They hide in a wardrobe until she is gone.

Demir brings Sevda to view Hatip Aga’s house which he has bought for her. Sevda tells him that if Hunkar finds out that he has bought the mansion she will not like it one bit.

As fate would have it two of Hunkar’s friends see Demir giving the keys to Sevda. Demir makes sure that they overhear him calling Sevda his mother. Hunkar’s friends make a hurried visit to the Ranch to tell Hunkar of what they have seen and heard.

Hunkar is vengeful towards Demir. She will not let him even speak with his children on the telephone. The anger towards each other is increasing.

Fiket is asked to stay at the Fekeli Ranch and make it his home. He is introduced to everything that is precious to Fekeli, especially his favourite horse Seyhan.

Yilmaz takes this opportunity to tell Fikret the story of how he and Fekeli met and how he is like a father to him. He shares how much Fekeli has suffered and also how much he means to him and the love they have for each other.

Yilmaz asks Fikret not return to Germany but rather to stay and make Fekeli happy in his old age.

Aunt Behice gives Fekeli a mouthful about her suspicions about Fikret. She can see that this man has been accepted by the family. Fekeli surely cannot believe that after 30 years his nephew turns up and will be made the inheritor of his wealth.

That evening when the world has gone to bed, Yilmaz and Zuleyha escape to spend a short time in each other arms. Just like they did when they first came to the Yaman Ranch, they meet in the undergrowth of the garden Ranch in an alcove hidden from view. It is here that Yilmaz finally gathers Zuleyha in his arms and tells her that his patience is wearing thin waiting for them to be together.

In speaking with Sevda, Demir tells her that he did many things to Zuleyha that he should never have done. He made her suffer unnecessarily. Sevda hears for the first time how Demir took Zuleyha from Yilmaz. How he sent him to prison just to get the woman he loved and how Zuleyha never really loved him.

Gossip about Demir, Hunkar and Zuleyha float around Cukurova like a disease. Some are against Hunkar and some are against Demir. They also discuss how Zuleyha shot herself. Aunt Behice believes that insanity lives within the Yaman Ranch.

Sermin overhears a conversation between Gulten and Zuleyha discussing how Mujgan shot Zuleyha. Sermin hears it all. This news has landed on the worst possible candidate with regard secrecy. Sermin is the biggest gossip in town. She will never keep quiet about this.

Hunkar continues with her vengeful nature. She calls a meeting with Yilmaz and after that we see Yilmaz, Hunkar and Fikret arrive at the Yaman office block. It is definitely a business meeting.

Demir is told that his mother is in the building with Yilmaz. The trio view the Yaman company and its share register. Hunkar tells Demir that she has sold her shares to Yilmaz. Demir is incensed with anger at what he hears and starts a fight.

Hunkar stands her ground in front of her son as if to say , “Take that!”

It has not been a good day for Demir. His mother has sold her company shares. The situation seems to just get worse. He returns to his office to find Sermin waiting for him. Sermin has just heard that Mujgan had shot Zuleyha and she cannot keep this information to herself. She makes a hasty trip to the Yaman company to speak to Demir.

Sermin relates to Demir how she heard through a closed door that Zuleyha did not try to kill herself and that Mujgan shot her in the heart. At first Demir does not believe her but then he sees that she is telling the truth.

Demir drives to the police station and speaks with the Prosecutor. He asks whether they have the ballistic information about the gun his wife used to shoot herself with. The police never followed this up believing that the gun must have been Zuleyha’s or Demir’s. Demir asks him to look into the ownership.

Fekeli makes sure Yilmaz knows that he should never have been involved in buying the shares offered to him by Hunkar. He has now placed himself in a war between mother and son.

The two men from Ankara have been warned by their mafia boss to kill Fekeli and the Yaman’s. They have not been able to buy any land for their boss and now he has sent someone else to get the job done. Kadir is the right hand man of the mafia boss and brings with him powerful arsenal of weapons to help him take care of Ali Rahmet Fekeli for good. They arm themselves ready to carry out the deed of killing Fekeli.

Demir on the other hand is waiting in the Prosecutors office for news about the ownership of the gun.

The Prosecutor is shocked when he sees that the gun belongs to Yilmaz and not Demir or Zuleyha.

Everyone is evening dinner at the Fekeli Ranch when there is a knock at the door. The visitor is Demir.

Demir faces Yilmaz telling him that his wife was the one who shot Zulehya in the heart. He has

proof that the gun is registered in Yilmaz’s name.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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