The new season of this long awaited series continues. We find Mujgan has lured Zuleyha into the woods where she has walked into a trap. Mujgan points a gun at Zuleyha and forces her to place a noose around her neck.

At first Zuleyha does as she is asked but then she calms down and removes the noose. She confronts Mujgan and tells her that she is not going to make it easy for her to kill her. A struggle for the gun occurs with Mujgan shooting Zuleyha. All the while Aunt Behice is watching from a distance.

Aunt Behice and Mujgan leave Zuleyha lying on the ground thinking that they have killed her but Zuleyha is found by Recep who is Hatip’s employee. At first gaze he believes that Zuleyha has tried to commit suicide and he runs to the Yaman Ranch and raises the alarm.

Aunt Behice brings the distraught Mujgan back to the Fekeli Ranch in a state of shock . Deep down Behice is happy that Mujgan has carried out her plan to perfection.

Zuleyha is found and transported to hospital with everyone still believing that she shot herself.

Meanwhile as suspected, Uzum couldn not keep the secret about knowing where Zuleyha’s children were taken. She tells Hunkar. Hunkar takes the child to search for the house and they are successful. Hunkar enters the house to finds her son and the woman sitting together. Hunkar is shocked when she sees who the woman is. She is known to Hunkar and it is obvious that they have a past history together.

Hunkar does not stay in the house very long but rather takes her grand children and leaves. She tells Demir that she never wants to see his face at the Ranch again. The staff alert Hunkar of Zuleyha’s plight on her return to the Ranch.

Our mystery woman turns out to be the ex lover of Adnan Yaman. Adnan had an affair with Sevda when he was married to Hunkar. Demir believes his father was very unhappy in his marriage to Hunkar when he met Sevda. She loved him very much and made him happy. It was obvious by Hunkar’s reaction that they must have had a serious affair. To see Demir with her really hurts Hunkar. Demir has always kept in touch with Sevda and treats her like a step mother.

Hunkar tells Sevda to leave her family alone or she will make her regret that she ever had any involvement with Adnan and Demir.

At the hospital it is found that the bullet entered Zuleyha’s heart and she is not expected to live. Demir is finally contacted and rushes to the hospital in a fit of panic in thinking that she tried to kill herself over his removal of her children and his cruel behaviour towards her.

Mujgan is told at the hospital that Zuleyha is alive and that they believe that she tried to kill herself. She is told that although her condition is grave Zuleyha may survive. This is not what Mujgan wants to hear. If Zuleyha survives and tells that she shot her then she will go to prison for attempted murder.

The news of Zuleyha’s condition is brought to Yilmaz. He makes a rushes journey to the hospital and watches his sweetheart struggling for life in Intensive Care. He asks her to forgive him for not being able to protect her.

Demir has a real case of the guilt. He weeps as he looks at his wife lying in her bed. Yilmaz has told him that he is to blame for it all and although he does not like to hear the truth, he is right. We see a remorseful Demir.

Our story takes a turn now. We join Gaffur and Recep talking about Hatip Aga. If you recall last season, Hatip killed Cengo in the orange grove and Sermin saw him do it. Since then she has held threatened to tell if Hatip did not finance her new home. They have had quite an affair which Naciye, Hatip’s wife is aware of.

After he kills Cengo, Hatip gave Recep the murder weapon to dispose of. He is told to throw it into the ocean but he throws it into the forest instead. The police have the bullet taken from Cengo’s body and are now looking for the owner of the fingerprints. Hatip gave a poor innocent man quite a sum of money if he would lie and tell the police that he was the murderer.

Hatip Aga has given Recep quite an amount of money also to keep quiet about the gun and to disappear. Unfortunately for Hatip, Recep is keen on Fadik at the Yaman Ranch. He meets with Gaffur and tells him everything.

Gaffur sees an opportunity to get himself some quick money. He writes a letter to Hatip Aga and blackmails him. He tells him that if he doesn’t bring 150,000 dollars then he will go to the police with the knowledge of Cengo’s death.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Yilmaz sits and waits for any news of improvement in Zuleyha’s condition. Mujgan jealously looks at her husband knowing that his every thought is for another woman. The snakelike Aunt Behice stands beside her niece still trying to manipulate her every thought. Mujgan tells Behice that she is being driven insane by thinking about Zuleyha and Yilmaz . She is sorry that even when she had the chance she could not do the job right and kill her.

Mujgan is frightened knowing that Zuleyha is alive and may very soon will be telling the police that it was Mujgan who shot her. Behice believes that with no witnesses Zuleyha will not be able to prove anything. She encourages Mujgan to tell the story that she was at home with the family.

Yilmaz has distanced himself from both Mujgan and Aunt Behice. He does not want to be with Mujgan any longer. He blames himself for not being there for Zuleyha when she needed him. He lives with this pain in his heart which is hard to bear. He makes the decision to divorce Mujgan as soon as Zuleyha gets out of hospital.

Demir has not left Zuleyha’s side since she was shot. He still burns with love for her and is frightened that she may leave him. Yilmaz at the same time watches from a distance looking for signs that Zuleyha will regain consciousness.

Zuleyha wakes to find Demir at her side. After all his violent behaviour towards him, Demir asks Zuleyha to forgive him and to live for him and their children and he promises to bring her children to see her.

Outside the hospital Yilmaz prays to God and thanks Him for answering his prayers.

At the same time Mujgan who is on hospital duty finds Zuleyha has survived and also regained consciousness. She enters her room. Zuleyha is surprised by the figure of the woman who shot her. Mujgan tries to see if Zuleyha remembers anything about the incident and Zuleyha makes no hesitation in telling her that she remembers everything. As Aunt Behice and Mujgan have rehearsed what Mujgan is going to say. She tells Zuleyha that she must be crazy and denies that she shot her. She gives an alibi of being at home on that evening with her Aunt and baby.

Zuleyha warns Mujgan that she does not know who she is dealing with and she is not going to let her get away with it. Zuleyha tells her she is going to make her pay and that after she has finished with her she will wish she had killed her.

For Zuleyha having everyone think that she tried to kill herself has made them more sympathetic and loving towards her. Both Demir and Hunkar are contrite and ask for forgiveness thinking that they drove her to trying to commit suicide. Hunkar especially now has had a change of heart towards Zuleyha. She tells her that she will always be with her from now on to help her care for her grandchildren . She promises she will never leave her side again. She backs up her words with actions. She brings her children to see Zuleyha in hospital.

Meanwhile, Hatip Aga receives his blackmail letter from Gaffur. At the same time Gaffur seeks permission to leave the Ranch and heads for town.

Hatip finds Sermin waiting for him in his car. Hatip has been giving Sermin the cold shoulder. Sermin is destitute with no money. Hatip takes Sermin with him in the car to meet with the blackmailer. In the car he has a bag full of money.

Hatip’s wife Naciye receives an application from the court for divorce. He has pushed her too far this time. She makes her way to the Police Station. She reports that although she did not see the crime happen she heard Hatip speaking to Sermin on the telephone and admitting to having killed Cengo. Naciye then goes on to tell the Prosecutor that an employee of hers told her that he took the murder weapon and threw it away.

An arrest warrant is given for Hatip’s apprehension.

With Sermin in the car, Hatip stops outside the cemetery where he takes the bag of money and places it under a tree. He steps back and waits for the blackmailer to arrive. It is not long before Gaffur emerges from the cemetery.

Gaffur sees the bag of money and opens it only to find newspaper. He is angered that he has been tricked. He is taken by surprise by the evil Hatip Aga.

Hatip draws a gun on Gaffur planning to kill him. Gaffur wrestles the gun from him and in self defence pulls the trigger. Hatip Aga dies on the spot.

Unknown to Gaffur, Sermin watches from a distance as Gaffur throws the murder weapon in the canal and runs away . He drags Hatip’s body into the undergrowth. He is now a murderer. Sermin leaves the scene and dumps Hatip’s car on the road not knowing which way to turn.

The news that Hatip Aga has dissappeared and wanted for murder of Cengo reaches the ears of everyone in Cukurova. The police look for him everywhere. Gaffur knows that it will not be long before they find his body in the undergrowth.

Fekeli announces to Yilmaz that when he dies he wants Yilmaz to inherit every thing he has. Fekeli asks Yilmaz to make it legal and allow him to adopt him. Fekeli believes that this inheritance will also be shared with Kerem Ali later in life and it will be him who will eventually receive the inheritance from both of them.

At this point in our episode a new character is introduced to the series. A tall man with gingery hair. He stands in the middle of the town having stepped out of his car. At this stage we do not know who he is nor where he will fit into our episode.

At the hospital, Gulten is asked by Zuleyha to find Yilmaz and tell him that she wants to talk him.

Yilmaz is at the Cotton Factory when Gulten catches up with him. He excitedly rushes to the hospital room thrilled to hear that Zuleyha is wanting him.

She looks deep within his eyes as he enters the room. He waits for her to speak. She asks him to swear that he will not react or do anything to anyone when she tells him what she has to say. He agrees. She also makes him promise that he will not be angry with her when he hears her news. He promises.

Zuleyha finally gets the words out. “Yilmaz, Adnan is your son.”

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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