Finally, Zuleyha tells Yilmaz he has a son. His reaction certainly surprises Zuleyha. His raises his voice yelling at her to tell him why she has waited all this time to tell him. Her answer to him is she was scared. Zuleyha tells him that she lived in fear that her children would be taken from her and Demir had threatened not only to kill her but Yilmaz and their son also.

Yilmaz asks her why is she telling him now after all these years. She explains that everything has changed since Mujgan tried to kill her. She tells him the story of how she was lured out of the mansion on the pretext of meeting with him but found Mujgan and a gun waiting for her.

Yilmaz is infuriated by what she tells him. He makes a move to leave the room and to claim his son. Zuleyha begs him to wait until the time is right so they can make a plan together. He is angered and impatient and Zuleyha fears that she cannot stop him.

Her life without him and her children is not worth living. She swears she will kill herself if he does not believe her. She rushes to the hospital balcony and stands on the edge telling him that she will have nothing to live for if he leaves and sheds blood. She looses her footing and if it was not for Yilmaz she would have fallen to her death. He grabs her and drags her back over the balcony giving her his promise not to do anything.

On his way out of the hospital Yilmaz meets Mujgan. He tells Mujgan to stop messing with Zuleyha. He now knows that Mujgan tried to kill Zuleyha and that he has a son. His life is in a turmoil at the moment. Zuleyha’s words go around and around in his head giving him so much anxiety. He thinks of his son and wonders how he will have the patience to wait until the time is right to claim him. He blames Hunkar for it all.

At the Yaman Ranch, Hunkar burns every photo of her deceased husband. She realises that Demir has turned his back on her and has betrayed her by secretly supporting her ex-husbands lover without telling her all these years.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz wants revenge. He drives to the Yaman Ranch looking for Hunkar who he finds in the stables. He draws his gun. He has an unobstructed view of his enemy. It would be so easy to just pull the trigger.

As fate would have it, his little son comes into the stables and the situation is diffused. Hunkar picks up the child which forces Yilmaz to lower his gun. Yilmaz watches his son from a distance. Later that day he gets a cuddle and the opportunity to kiss his son after he runs up to greet him in the grounds of the Ranch.

In this scene, actor Furkan Palali from the television series 309 makes his entrance. At this stage we do not know what character he is playing. What we do see is that he secretly watches Fekeli from inside his car.

Sermin has kept quiet about seeing Gaffur murder Hatip Aga. The body of Hatip Aga has been found and Gaffur lives in fear of being found out.

Zuleyha makes the decision to leave the hospital. She asks Gulten to help her as much as she can. She tells Gulten she will not be telling Demir about what Mujgan did to her as she has plans for Mujgan herself.

At the Yaman Ranch, Gulten brings Zuleyha the news that Yilmaz is waiting for her and his son in Sermin’s old mansion. It is the first time the three of them have come together as a family. Zuleyha tells him that she named his son Yilmaz and not Adnan. She uses this in private.

Yilmaz leaves Zuleyha to return to the Fekeli Ranch. She reminds him of their need to be patient. She warns that the first little mistake they make could mean death to either of them. She shares with him some of her plan and tells him what to say when he gets home.

In town, Gaffur hears the story that Hatip Aga must have been killed by the men from Ankara trying to buy up his land. A shepherd tells police that he saw Hatip talking to the Ankara men and they were shouting with raised voices at Hatip. He has reported this to the police.

Fekeli has asked all the town land owners to join him in a community meeting to discuss the men from Ankara. It was decided at the meeting to unite against them.

In Season 2, the men from Ankara were given a task by their mafia boss to kill Hunkar and Demir Yaman for their interference in stopping the sale of Cukurova land . The men from Ankara decide that Fekeli is proving to be big trouble also and they plan to teach him a lesson.

Sermin meets the new blonde stranger in town. She openly shares the Yaman family history with him.

Under the orders of Hunkar, Demir is stopped by security guards from entering the Ranch. Hunkar stands at the gate with a rifle in her hands when the security guards have a hard time in holding Demir back. She tells Demir that he has shamed and disgraced her by staying with his fathers lover. He has also betrayed her by supporting Sevda financially and never letting her know. She refuses to let him call her mother and turns him away.

Whether it was to plan or not, Yilmaz gets home and immediately confronts Mujgan for luring Zuleyha into the forest and shooting her. He tells Mujgan that Zuleyha told him everything. He has trouble though with Fekeli who feels he is slandering his wife.

Mujgan continues to deny everything he says. She believes he wants a divorce so he can continue his affair with Zuleyha. Fekeli remembers seeing Mujgan in the house the night Zuleyha was shot and tells him that Zuleyha must be lying. He tells him not to torment Mujgan and to ask for forgiveness.

Mujgan tells Aunt Behice that she believes her hate for Zuleyha is greater than her love for Yilmaz.

Demir returns to Sevda Caylagan who decides to support him in everything he does.

Zuleyha is comforted by the thought of a changed Hunkar. She can see that Hunkar tries to make up for the things she has done. Zuleyha has told her that she has made her suffer a great deal but she understood when she became a mother and she now has forgiven her.

That evening Hunkar goes to meet with Fekeli at the lookout. Her disappointment in Demir is great. She has always lived for her son but now he has betrayed her.

Demir also thinks about the mistakes he has made with Zuleyha. His mother has now cut him out of the family and he has lost any chance to make up with Zuleyha.

That evening Yilmaz goes to meet with Zuleyha and holds her in his arms. Zuleyha reminds Yilmaz that if they are careful they will be together very soon.

He tells her she was right about Mujgan’s reaction when he told her he knew what she had done.

He warns her that although she feels Hunkar has changed she cannot be trusted. Zuleyha realises she will have to be careful as Mujgan will still be watching her.

Hunkar takes down the Adnan Yaman Holdings sign and places her name in its place. She orders the photo of her ex-husband taken down from the foyer. It is an angered and surprised Demir who sees the changes when he arrives for work that morning.

Ali Rahmet Fekeli calls in a Lawyer to undertake the legal adoption of Yilmaz as his son and who will inherit his wealth when he passes.

Cetin once more sees the blonde stranger watching Yilmaz. This is the second time Cetin has seen this man watching them. He takes it upon himself to follow him and find out who he is.

Cetin and Gulten make plans to set a date for the wedding. They believe they have waited long enough.

Sebahattin is getting married at the Businessman’s Club and after that he will leave Cukurova.

Sermin still had hopes that Sebahattin would come back to her. She is still worried about her financial situation. The news of his pending marriage that evening angers her.

Cetin tells Fekeli that he has watched the blonde stranger following Yilmaz and he is unsettled by his presence when he thinks about the Ankara strangers in town.

That evening Fekeli decides not to go to the wedding but rather to pay the stranger a visit. He enters his room at the hotel and holds a gun to the strangers face. Fekeli is surprised when the stranger calls out Uncle! He introduces himself as Fikret and asks Fekeli to remember him.

The wedding guests arrive and amongst them are Yilmaz, Mujgan and Aunt Behice. Demir arrives separately with Sevda Caglayan his father’s ex-lover.

Sermin sees Sevda Caglayan and reacts with shock. She immediately runs to Hunkar and tells her of what she has seen.

Hunkar turns up at the wedding and the look in her eyes tells you she is not happy.

Demir addresses the wedding guests and tells them that although they all know Sevda Caglayan as a singer, she is much more than that to him. He relates how his father loved her and had asked him to always take care of her if anything should happen to him.

Hunkar feels embarrassment standing in front of all the wedding guests especially when Demir tells them that he claims Sevda Caglayan as his second mother. You can see the hairs standing up on the back of Hunkar’s neck also a steely look in her eyes. We will have to wait until next week to see what eventuates.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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