In last week’s episode Sermin tells Zuleyha that Demir has taken Adnan and Leyla away from the Yaman Ranch and nobody knows where they are. We also saw Demir take the children to a house where a stranger is caring for them and feeling defeated Yilmaz leaves for Istanbul.

Our first scene in this week’s episode opens at the hospital where an unconscious Zuleyha is brought from the prison by ambulance. We also see a woman dressed as a nurse and enter Zuleyha’s hospital room. She has a syringe filled with a substance and prepares to inject Zuleyha as she sleeps. (As the writer summarised as the episode unfolds, I do not know the outcome of this murderous visit at this time and we will have to continue with this episode to find out. )

Yilmaz is on the road to Istanbul. In the car he has Mujgan, Aunt Behice and Kerem Ali. You can tell he feels uncomfortable in the journey. Aunt Behice has a smug look on her face and is happy to see Mujgan and Yilmaz make a new attempt at their marriage.

At the prison Zuleyha has an emotional melt down with the worry of the whereabouts of her children. She is taken to the Director’s Office where she is allowed to make a call to Hunkar. Unfortunately Demir picks up the phone and tells her she will never see her children again. This news further devastates Zuleyha who is already emotionally in very bad way.

Demir’s anger is not only towards Zuleyha but also to his mother. He enjoys seeing how he can frighten and intimidate the two women as he separates them from the children.

Fekeli and Cetin escape with their lives when they are ambushed on a road and attacked by armed gunmen. Their attackers spread oil on the road causing their car to skid to a halt then the attackers try to kill them both.

Fekeli believes that the attack has come from the two business men who entered Cukurova to buy up as many properties as they could. It was Fekeli and Yilmaz who told all the property owners in Cukurova not to sell their land to them. He believes that this is their revenge. Fekeli asks Cetin not to let Yilmaz know as he was on a journey to a new life with his family.

After the attackers failed to kill Fekeli they fled the gunfight and returned to the two businessmen to tell their story of their failure. They had gun shot wounds that required medical treatment, one even requires hospitalisation. The businessmen are furious that they failed in killing Fekeli. They discuss how they will make another attempt now that Fekeli is wise to them.

On the road to Istanbul, Yilmaz has stopped for refreshments at a cafe on the side of the road. Although Cetin was told by Fekeli not to tell Yilmaz of the attempt on his life, Cetin decides to go after him. He luckily catches up with him further down the road. One look at Cetin in the rear vision mirror tells Yilmaz that something is wrong.

Aunt Behice can see her big chance of moving back to Istanbul slipping away. She hopes with Zuleyha in prison that Yilmaz would give up. She tries to get Yilmaz to let them travel onto Istanbul without him but Yilmaz will not let his baby out of his sight any more since Mujgan took him away from him. He turns around and takes them all back to Cukurova to the Fekeli Ranch.

Meanwhile Uzum plays hide and seek in Zuleyha red car. By coincidence Demir takes Zuleyha’s car out when he goes to see his children. He is unaware that Uzum is hiding behind the drivers seat. Demir drives straight up to a house and is welcomed at the front door. Adnan is placed into his arms as he walks into the house. Uzum sees Demir hug little Adnan and go inside.

On the return journey Demir finds Uzum hiding in the back seat. They spend some good quality time together before returning to the Ranch. He asks her not to tell anyone about seeing Adnan and the strange woman that takes care of him.

Zuleyha has plenty of time to think in prison. She goes over in her mind of how she ruined Yilmaz’s life and how Demir told the court that she doesn’t deserve to see her children again. These thoughts make her feel that she is to blame for everything when all along she is the innocent one who has been separated from the man she loves and has had her children taken from her.

Julide the Prosecutor has been stood down due to a report received that she accepted a bribe. The source of the report was Sermin who does not want Sebahattin to marry Julide, so she planted money in Julide’s apartment for the police to find. Sebahattin swears that he will prove that it was Sermin who sent the report.

Fekeli and Yilmaz call a meeting of all Cukurova land owners along with the Mayor and the Commandante of the Police. They discuss the situation at hand with the businessmen and their attempted murder of Fekeli. The Police Commandante can see where the attack happened and that there was blood at the scene but so far nobody has treated any gun wounds in Cukurova. The group will not take Fekeli’s warning seriously.

Aunt Behice is so angry that he longed for return to Istanbul didn’t go ahead. She thought she had finally won in getting Yilmaz back together with Mujgan and they were off to start a new life. To see them turn around and come back stirs her evil soul. Her patience wears thin now with Mujgan. She has had enough of playing the peace maker. She tells Mujgan that she can say goodbye to Yilmaz now that they are back in Cukurova and closer to Zuleyha. Their opportunity to live in luxury in Istanbul is gone. Behice reminds her that her husband does not love her and in the end she will be left with nothing. Mujgan’s last word to Behice is that in time she will get her husband back.

It is dinner time at the prison and the inmates of the cell all sit down together and eat, Zuleyha included. Deep into the night Zuleyha begins to vomit. The vomiting increases until she loses consciousness. She is rushed to hospital. The hospital doctor alerts Sebahattin that he believes that Zuleyha has been poisoned.

A report is made to the Chief Prosecutor that Zuleyha has been poisoned in prison. An investigation proceeds as to who could be responsible.

That evening Yilmaz sleeps beside his wife but his heart is elsewhere. As much as he tries he cannot feel any affection for Mujgan as his mind is always taken back to his sweetheart Zuleyha.

Mujgan on the other hand loves Yilmaz with the same kind of destructive love as Demir has for Zuleyha.

At the Chamber of Industry Meeting, Yilmaz stands in front of a whiteboard and addresses the meeting. He believes that the two businessmen from Ankara are trying to buy all the land in Cukurova. He shows the members the area of interest that the businessmen are interested in. He reveals it is a whole Zone. Yilmaz is able to show the meeting that they are trying to buy up land one block at a time but their goal is to up all of Cukurova. The land owners can now see that if they don’t stand together they will lose their properties.

It was at this meeting that Hatip Aga tells Yilmaz that Zuleyha was poisoned in her prison cell and has been admitted to hospital.

At the hospital, Mujgan has begun work in her clinic. She sees a worried Yilmaz enter the hospital. She is told by a nurse that Zuleyha has been poisoned.

Demir is also told that Zuleyha has been poisoned. He is told that she is not dead but she is very seriously ill. He reacts like his heart is ripped open by the news.

Yilmaz is beside himself with worry over Zuleyha. Aykut her doctor, tells him that she is critical and may not make it through the night. Aykut allows Yilmaz to see Zuleyha while she sleeps. His first words as he walks into her room is “Zuleyha my lover.” Zuleyha of course cannot hear his words. He takes bends down and takes her hand in his. He tells her that he cannot live without her and begs her not to die. He promises her that their destinies will be to either live or die together.

Yilmaz is very upset outside of her hospital room and is seen by Mujgan who does not disturb him but rather backs away down the corridor.

Yilmaz thinking that it had to be Demir who poisoned Zuleyha reaches for his gun but is stopped by Fekeli.

Hatip Aga on the other hand gossips about how Zuleyha’s life balances on a thin edge and that Demir has successfully poisoned his wife as revenge. Demir beats him up for his trouble after he calls him a lying bastard . Hatip Aga swears that he will have his revenge on Demir.

The Security Officer at Julide’s apartment remembers seeing Sermin enter Julide’s apartment. Sebahattin now has the evidence he has been looking for. Sebahattin gives her the choice of confessing to the Chief Prosecutor and or be sued through the Courts by him and Julide. Sermin decides to own up in the end and the report is dismissed by the Chief Prosecutor. Julide is exonerated.

Mujgan asks Aunt Behice if she is a bad person. She tells her that she cannot feel sorry for Zuleyha even if she was to die. Her Aunt asks her, “Do you want Zuleyha to die?” Mujgan replies that she can feel nothing for her even though she is a doctor. Mujgan tells her that if Zuleyha died and they put Demir in jail then all her problems would be over. She wonders why as a doctor she would even think of these things. Aunt Behice gives Mujgan an evil look as she ponders over what she has just said.

At the Yaman Ranch the police arrive and take Demir into custody. He has been asked to present himself to the Prosecutor and make a statement about the poisoning of Zuleyha. He denies that he poisoned his wife for revenge.

Meanwhile at the prison Zuleyha’s fellow inmates fall sick with the same symptoms as Zuleyha, it is found out that the poisoning came from a copper boiler in the cell.

At the hospital Aunt Behice arrives undetected. She dresses as a nurse and fills a syringe with liquid. She takes the syringe and enters Zuleyha’s hospital room. Her plan is to remove Zuleyha forever from coming between Yilmaz and Mujgan.

Join us next week for the continuing love story of Yilmaz and Zuleyha.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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