This weeks episode follows on at the Court House where Zuleyha sits in the dock on trial for attempted murder of her husband. Her first witness turns out to be Demir. The Court Room is moved to silence as he walks in . He gives Zuleyha a penetrating stare directed at Zuleyha.

Demir addresses the Chief Prosecutor and tells him that he did everything for his wife. He loved her and still loves her. He agrees that she didn’t love him when she married him but he tried to be a good husband to her.

His testimony tells that Zuleyha did many things to embarrass him when her ex-fiancee moved into the mansion next door. She dishonoured him and she did not deserve his love. At times he admits he wanted to kill her himself for her betrayal but she tried to kill him and shot him three times. He believes she does not deserve to be set free nor does she deserve to see her children. He ends his testimony by requesting that the Court give her the most harshest of punishments.

There is an uproar in the Court as Yilmaz rises from his seat yelling that Demir is a liar. They both draw their guns intent on killing each other. They are both detained in jail for their actions.

Meanwhile at the Fekeli Ranch, Mujgan has slit her wrists and lies in a bathtub of blood. She is found by Aunt Behice after her letter of suicide was found beside her bed. She is rushed to the hospital in a critical condition after losing much blood. She is transfused immediately.

After Court Zuleyha returns to her cell at the prison. Since her fight with her cell mates the cell has settled down now and it is more peaceful inside the room. Zuleyha has adopted the job of teaching a little boy who is also incarcerated with his mother.

Zuleyha at visitation asks Sebahattin to check on Adnan from time to time. She worries that Demir will take his revenge out on the little boy knowing that he is Yilmaz’s son. Zuleyha had planned to tell Yilmaz the truth but since Demir survived her bullets she now asks Sebahattin to help protect him and to go and tell Yilmaz about Adnan if he feels that her son is being treated poorly.

At the hospital Mujgan is stable. Her attending doctor and nurse know Mujgan well and feel that her recent attempt at suicide could be from lack of attention. They notice that Mujgan’s cuts on her wrists were not very deep and since she is a doctor they believe that if she truly wanted to kill herself she would have cut her main artery. Mujgan is discharged home after treatment .

Behice upsets Nazire and the staff at the Fekeli mansion. They do not like her. Behice warns them that she will get rid of them. Nazire is not threatened by Behice.

Hatip Aga bails up Gaffur at the Yaman Ranch. He wants his IOU back. When he is told that there is no IOU any more he is savagely angry at Gaffur. Gaffur of course tore up the IOU. Saniye and the rest of the staff of the Ranch turn up and protect Gaffur and Hatip is made to leave the Ranch empty handed.

In our last episode we saw Rasit being sent away by Hatip Aga and kept away from the police. The police are still trying to find Rasit to ascertain his involvement in the murder of Ercument. At this stage nobody knows where he is.

Cetin and Gulten will wait until the right time to be married as there is so much going on at the Ranch at the present time.

When they are released from jail Yilmaz is told that Mujgan had slit her wrists. Demir on the other hand is agitated and still filled with hate towards Zuleyha.

When Yilmaz returns home to the Fekeli Ranch and sees Mujgan. He reads her suicide note and can see that she is standing on the edge of a cliff mentally and emotionally.

Meanwhile Demir, who is at home and sitting with his mother in the lounge room feels that he cannot portion any blame on himself for what happened. He tells his mother that all the blame is Zuleyha’s. Hunkar tells her son that he is trying to hurt Zuleyha as much as he can by keeping her children away from her and keeping her in prison.

Mujgan and Yilmaz talk through her attempt on suicide. He does tell her that she has ruined the family he had hoped to have by her jealousy and paranoid behaviour. She tells him she sees the way he looks at Zuleyha and wishes it was her and that in the end she just had to give up. She wishes that he didn’t love Zuleyha as much as he does and asks him not to leave them in a family without a father.

Yilmaz understands that Demir does not send Zuleyha any money to make her stay more comfortable in prison. He hands the Warden enough money for food and essentials to be shared with all her cell mates. It is not long before platters of food are brought to Zuleyha’s cell and the hungry inmates eat their fill.

Yilmaz then makes his way to the visitors room to see Zuleyha. She thanks him for the food and money. Unfortunately she let him know that she cannot eat nor sleep since she has been exiled from her children. Yilmaz wishes he could do something about it but it is out of his control.

Zuleyha asks him not to come to see her anymore. She tells him that their destiny is not to be together and they are continually being punished for their love. He swears that he will not accept that her destiny is to be in prison.

She tells him that if she had her time over again she would choose to love him all over again but when it comes down to being separated from her children she would not love him again.

Julide the Prosecutor, has been dismissed from duty due to an anonymous letter that was sent to the Chief Prosecutor. The letter sites her for apparent bribery and receiving a large payment of money. The money was found secretly hidden in her bedroom. She pleads her innocence but is still stood down until further notice. Julide has no idea who could have send the letter. It is Sebahattin’s guess that the culprit is Sermin. Outside Sebahattin’s consulting room Sermin sits and listens to what is going on with a smirk on her face.

Fekeli tells Yilmaz to accept his destiny for the time being and to take his family and go to Istanbul until things settle down. He reminds him that destinies are in Gods hands but at this time Yilmaz refuses to leave Zuleyha alone.

Fekeli tries his hardest to keep Yilmaz away from Zuleyha but he will not listen to him. He tells him that he will not give up on Zuleyha any longer and he openly disobeys him. He also tells his father that he will continue to support Zuleyha even if he has to wipe him out of his life.

When Yilmaz visits the prison on his regular visit he is turned away by the guards and not allowed to see Zuleyha. He is given a letter from her instead. Yilmaz sits down quietly where he can open Zuleyha’s letter.

“My Yilmaz, being able to call you my Yilmaz after all this time is the only thing left from our love. Destiny has played a huge and cruel game with us. It created walls for us and would not let us be happy. We thought our love could break them down and we thought we could fight our way that destiny was taking us. It turns out we were wrong. We made a mistake by thinking that we could beat it. We couldn’t. We are beaten Yilmaz. I have said that I don’t love you and to stay away from me and I have told you that I was in love with Demir multiple times, but all these were lies. My heart tells me one thing and my mouth says another.

This time I am telling you to stay out of my life with all my heart because our destiny is testing me with my children. Demir will keep my children away from me as long as you are in my life. I can’t stand living like this. I am begging you to give up on me and don’t visit me. Don’t think about me and don’t call my name. Please don’t make me live without my children. Dedicate your life to your son also and be happy with him. For the rest of your life search out happiness.
Farewell, Zuleyha.”

After reading his letter Yilmaz can see that it is hopeless to reunite with Zuleyha and makes the decision to take Mujgan and his son and move to Istanbul.

When everyone believes that Demir is out of town the girls at the Yaman Ranch take the opportunity to bring the children to see Zuleyha. Unfortunately they are caught out when Demir does not leave town and heads for the prison.

True to his word and to show his dominance, Demir decides to remove his children from his mother and to keep them from ever seeing Zuleyha again. In his bedroom he packs their bags. He will not tell Hunkar where he is taking them. He leaves the house with his mother crying for her grand children and for him not to take them but her son is full of resentment and hate. He drives out of the Ranch gates as Sermin stands watching him from the roadside.

Hunkar gives Sermin a photograph of the children to give to Zuleyha when next she visits the prison. She does ask Sermin not to tell Zuleyha that Demir has taken the children but after questioning she admits to that the children have been taken away and they don’t know where they are. She also advises that Mujgan tried to kill herself.

Demir has arrived at his destination with his children. He carries the children into the front door of a house and is greeted by a strange woman who is a stranger to us. She takes the baby in her arms as Demir carries Adnan inside.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz sits with his baby in his arms with the words of Zuleyha’s letters going around and around in his mind . The car is packed and he prepares to leave for Istanbul. He places Mujgan and the baby in the car and hits the road.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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