At the conclusion of last week’s episode we saw Zuleyha pointing her gun at Demir after his cruelty to her had reached boiling point. Three shots were fired at the end of our episode and we were left up in the air as to whether she pulled the trigger or not. In this episode we see that she did. Zuleyha fired all three bullets into Demir’s body and he lies on the floor bleeding out. Luckily enough Sebahattin is on the spot and delivers medical care. The ambulance is called and Demir is transported to hospital. Demir’s condition looks grim.

At the Fekeli Ranch the men have gone looking for Zuleyha believing she may kill herself. Mujgan thinks that Zuleyha would do anything to bring attention to herself.

Aunt Behice has had enough of Mujgan’s drama and she tells her so. Mujgan is paranoid that everyone believes Zuleyha and nobody is on her side. She yells, “I’m going crazy! What have I done except love somebody?”

Last week Cetin was stabbed when trying to stand up for the honour of Gulten and Zuleyha. His wound is not too bad and it will heal easily.

Meanwhile Zuleyha is in her bedroom saying goodbye to her children with the police waiting outside her door. They are ready to take her away and she is handcuffed and placed in the back of the paddy wagon. It is now that Yilmaz enters the Ranch and takes in the scene of his beloved being taken away.

He runs after her calling her name and not wanting her to go. Mujgan could not believe her eyes when she sees her husband chasing the police van let alone falling on his knees and weeping as she is taken away.

On his knees he whispers under his breathe for Zuleyha to hang on. He will save her even though their destiny together is long and dark. He watches as she is driven out of sight.

At the hospital the Demir is taken directly to the operating theatre. He is critical.

Meanwhile the Prosecutor visits Zuleyha in her cell at the police station. She tells Zuleyha that Demir is not dead. The Prosecutor sits and listens as Zuleyha tells the story of two simple people who fell in love. The Prosecutor is enthralled by her story knowing she was telling of her life’s journey with Yilmaz and what led up to her wanting to kill her own husband. Zuleyha makes sure the Prosecutor knows that she does not regret what she did to Demir and she is ready to go to prison for it.

Hunkar and Fekeli wait outside the Operating Theatre for news of Demir.

On her way to prison, Zuleyha can see Yilmaz standing and waiting to catch a glimpse of her as she leaves the court House. Her memory takes her back to a time when he was arrested and placed behind bars and she was the one grieving for him.

Inside the Court House, Yilmaz tells the Prosecutor that they are all guilty for what Zuleyha has done to Demir. Hunkar Yaman had separated him and Zuleyha in the first place and then she made Zuleyha marry Demir by force. He continues to tell her that Demir is guilty also for making Zuleyha live a life of hell and separating her from her children. He then blames himself for marrying Mujgan thinking Zuleyha only cared about money. Lastly there is Mujgan who is just as guilty as she allowed her jealousy to consume her.

Yilmaz continues to tell the Prosecutor that Zuleyha is the only truly innocent person in this whole story and she is the one who is going to pay for it by being imprisoned and not being able to see her children again. He asks the Prosecutor, “What kind of justice is this?” Julide tells Yilmaz that if Demir doesn’t die then her sentence will be more lenient but if he dies everything will be different.

In the operating theatre Demir is still undergoing life saving surgery.

On the other hand Zuleyha arrives at the prison and is led into a cell where she will be interned for who knows how long.

That evening Yilmaz stands outside the prison staring at the sealed gates and thinking about the woman he loves . He understands only too well what it is like to be inside.

Demir’s surgery is complete. They have done all they can. He is critical and has severe lung damage.

Even though Fekeli and Hunkar have undergone some relationship issues in this series, Fekeli still stands by her and supports her with tenderness at this sad time in her life.

Meanwhile back at the prison, Zuleyha has spent her first night. The other women in her cell are trying to get to know her. They can see that she is fragile and wonder how she is going to survive the harshness of prison.

Yilmaz for the first time returns home. Mujgan is nervous and so is Aunt Behice who has had enough of Mujgan and her paranoid behaviour. Mujgan acts subservient when she sees Yilmaz . She tells him she is sorry. He is emotionless and very direct when he tells her he will be submitting divorce papers to take affect as soon as possible nor will he be staying in the house with her.

He advises Mujgan and Behice that he will not separate his son from his mother but he will not allow him to be taken away from him. He warns them both that if they manage to take his son out of Cukurova he will come after them anyway and Kerem Ali will never see his mother again.

Yilmaz is calm, there is no anger left in Yilmaz towards Mujgan. The situation is far greater than meer anger. There is a man fighting for his life and a woman in prison because of her jealousy and actions. Enough is enough. He leaves a broken Mujgan swearing the she cannot live without him.

Zuleyha tries to keep to herself in her cell. One woman has a young son with her.

Zuleyha is brought to the Court House for sentencing. Yilmaz is the only one in the visitors gallery.
Julide is the Prosecutor but not the Chief Prosecutor. She tells the Chief Prosecutor that the charge against Zuleyha is “accidentally injuring somebody with a gun.” The Chief Prosecutor changes the charge from “accidental” to “attempted murder” and Zuleyha is sent back to her prison cell to await her trial.

As she leaves the Court Room, Yilmaz swears under his breathe that if he can manage to get her released he will never let her go again.

Saniye goes to Naciye (Gaffur’s wife) with the story of how Gaffur is in debt to Hatip Aga for 100,000 TL. Naciye promises Saniye that she will do something about it and she does. That evening she steals Hatip’s safe keys and the two women open his safe and take out Gaffur’s IOU. Naciye then takes 15,000 TL being the cost of Saniye’s gold bracelets that Gaffur sold and gives it back to her. Gaffur is delighted to get his IOU back and happily rips it up.

Hunkar still sits outside her son’s hospital room where she has been since he was admitted.

The prison room mates make life hard for Zuleyha in her cell. She is called to the visitors room to find Yilmaz waiting for her.

When asked how she is being treated in prison Zuleyha tells him that she is living in hell. She also accepts that this is her destiny. Yilmaz begs her not to think that way and this is not how their destiny is written.

It is visiting time again at the prison and this time it is Hunkar. Zuleyha apologises for shooting Demir but she tells her that she had no other choice when he expelled her from the Ranch and would not let her see her children. Hunkar asks her to forgive her for all the torture that she and Demir put her through. To show that she means what she has said Hunkar brings Zuleyha’s children to visit her at the prison but this only brings great sadness for Zuleyha.

Yilmaz has hired a Lawyer to represent Zuleyha in Court. Mrs Esin is told the story of the traumatic life Zuleyha has endured and asks her if she feels she has a way out of being sentenced to many years in prison. She agrees to represent Zuleyha.

Hatip Aga is aware that somebody has stolen money from him and that Gaffur’s IOU is missing. His wife tells him that she gave Gaffur the IOU and she is aware that he paid horse thieves to break into his stables. His creditors place pressure on him to pay his debts.

In her cell Zuleyha is surrounded by cell mates who continue to pick on her and give her no peace. After one cell mate pushes her too far Zuleyha snaps. She breaks a bottle and holds a shard of glass to the cell mates throat. She threatens to kill them all if they do not stay away from her.

In hospital Demir regains consciousness.

The episode now moves forward one month to after Demir regains consciousness and is discharged home. He is unshaven, unkempt and looks withdrawn. Hunkar has to tell her son that she wants to hire a Defence Lawyer for Zuleyha’s upcoming court case. Demir will not agree to it.

One of the guards at the prison calls Demir to tell him that Yilmaz was is at the prison and will be meeting Zuleyha shortly in the visitors room . Demir immediately leaves the Ranch and heads for the prison. His attitude and anger has not changed and he seems to be still filled with revenge.

In the visitors room Yilmaz sits behind a security window and lets Zuleyha know that he has hired a great Lawyer to represent her in court. Zuleyha feels his efforts will be unrewarded as she knows that Demir will not let her out of prison. As a matter of fact if they had gazed over their shoulder they would have seen Demir watching them touch hands through the security wire.

The confirmed sight of Yilmaz and his wife sends Demir into deep sadness. He takes off his wedding ring and throws it into a canal.

Yilmaz does not return to the Fekeli Ranch to be with his family at the end of the day as he would normally do. Instead he goes home on his home on the grounds of the Yaman Ranch. As he opens the door he finds Mujgan waiting for him. She begs him to listen to her. She tells him she is sorry for everything she has done but all the apologies in the world will not change Yilmaz’s mind. He bodily throws her out of the house with her cries begging him to forgive her.

Hunkar begs Demir not to be like his father and be cruel to women. She wants him to forgive Zuleyha and get her out of prison.

The day of the trial has arrived. Mrs Esin believes that Zuleyha may still get up to 10 years for attempted murder. Hunkar has also brought Mr Hayati to help Mrs Esin in defending Zuleyha.
Mr Hayati lets them all know that the only way Zuleyha will be set free is if Demir gives a personal statement exonerating her from blame.

After her huge argument with her husband Mujgan returns to the Fekeli Ranch and asks Aunt Behice to take the baby to Yilmaz at their other house where he can his son every day.

The Fekeli house is empty at the present time as Fekeli has gone to the Court House to be with Yilmaz. Aunt Behice believes taking the baby to Yilmaz is good idea and they both make the arrangement for the transfer. Mujgan kisses her baby goodbye as Aunt Behice leaves the house.

Meanwhile at the trial Zuleyha is led into the room and placed in the dock for sentencing. The room is quiet as the Prosecutor and the Chief Prosecutor take their places and the trial begins.

Witnesses begin to be called. The first witness to walk through the doors is Demir. The first question directed to Demir is, “How did the shooting happen?” You will have to wait until next week to find out. (You will have to wait until next week to hear his answer.)

There is an eerie feeling at the Fekeli house. All is quiet as Mujgan picks up her son’s bootee and walks into the bathroom. She closes the door behind her. She takes her pen and begins writing Yilmaz a letter. “I have loved you more than anyone and anything she says. Moreover I gave up on my pride and honour for you my Yilmaz. I am blind and I can’t see the truth because of your love but it is the end now. I won’t upset or hurt anyone from now on. I am not asking you to forgive me Yilmaz. I do not have the right. Tell my son that his mothers wasn’t a bad person and I am sorry to be leaving him. I am leaving Kerem Ali to you darling. ”

Mujgan fills up the bath with water and steps fully clothes into its depths with a razor blade in her hand. She slits her wrists and bleeds out.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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