It has been a couple of months since Zuleyha found out that Yilmaz had died in a prison fire in Istanbul. She is heavily pregnant now. Demir is very attentive and looking forward to the baby’s birth. Hunkar at times feels cast aside due to her son’s obvious devotion to his wife and baby. Jealousy is felt in the kitchen. A growing dislike by Saniye and Fadik is felt for the new lady of the house. They have been taken to task by Zuleika’s for gossiping behind her back about her rightful place in the great house (remember Zuleyha used to work in the kitchens).

Zuleyha is hurt and embarrassed by their gossip and fires them both on the spot. This move escalates later on in Saniye’s cottage when Gaffur finds out what she had done. He orders her to ask for forgiveness. Her answer is to spit in his face! Filled with hate and vengeance towards Zuleyha she refuses to go up to the great house to repent and Gaffur throws her out of the house into the night. Later that evening Saniye and Fadik have no other option but to ask Zuleyha for forgiveness which she grants and they unhappily return to work. Saniye may have asked for forgiveness but it was not a heartfelt forgiveness. She is fuelled with embarrassment, hate and anger. She will have her revenge on Zuleyha.

The Yaman Ranch is about to get an addition of a dairy. Cengo and Demir have decided to go into dairy farming together. They have chosen a large field to experiment with. At the present time, there is no dairy industry in Adana only beef and crops. This decision excites the two men who are eager to bring the Cukurova Plain into the modern day providing fresh milk and dairy products for a growing population.

Sermin has found out Sebahattin has opened a free medical clinic in Adana which means less money for her and her daughter. Following our poison incident in our last episode, Sebahattin now wants a divorce. Sermin still looks for ways in which she can get rid of Zuleyha so her daughter can inherit the Yaman fortune. Betul (her daughter) has phoned from Paris and asked mummy for more money. Demir refuses to lend her more money which angers and fuels her jealousy towards Zuleyha.

Now for the really exciting news! Yilmaz did not die in the fire! Although injured he was treated in hospital and has returned to prison. Our dear Administration Officer who has been paid by Demir in the past to keep an eye on Yilmaz telephones Demir with the news. Demir had thought all his problems were over when Yilmaz died now his trouble is just beginning. He hires an assassin to kill Yilmaz whilst he is in prison to make sure he is dead once and for all.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz is back in his cell. He is quiet and disturbed since he was told that his wife is now married to the Lord of the Yaman Ranch. There has been a couple of new inmates admitted to our lover boy’s cell. One is a mafia boss. The mafia boss is a strong character who demands obedience from those around him. He gives out money and food to obtain a strong footing within the cell. Yilmaz refuses everything offered. Yilmaz and is set upon by an assassin sent by Demir to kill him and has a timely rescue by our mafia boss. This action develops a fond friendship between the two. A bond of trust and understanding develops. The mafia boss tells Yilmaz that if somebody dislikes him enough to send an assassin into the prison to kill him then he must always be looking to his back as he now has an enemy. Yilmaz confides that he has been betrayed by a wealthy landowner and his wife (whom he married in the eyes of God) and whom he left in the care of the landowner has forced her to marry him under legal registration.

On a more positive note, some wonderful news has arrived at the prison cell! The Turkish Government has declared that 23,000 prisoners will receive a general amnesty. Yilmaz is ecstatic with excitement but on the other hand, Demir is panicking. He leaves the Yaman Ranch again for Istanbul to try and stop the Release Form from being approved. He knows that there will be no stopping Yilmaz from heading for Adana and claiming his wife who still thinks he is dead! The farm workers are armed and put on guard around the Ranch and told to watch out for strangers.

Sermin has tracked down Saniye. They both get together for a hate session about Zuleyha. They have evil on their mind and are deep in conversation as to their plan of attack.

Our mafia boss has taken Yilmaz under his wing. He realises that his young friend has a broken heart and is consumed with rage. His wisdom comforts Yilmaz who is quietened by his friendship. He tells Yilmaz that revenge can never be taken whilst he is in such a rage. He needs to have patience and plan his attack.

The day arrives when Yilmaz hears his name called out on the amnesty list. This spells freedom and Zuleyha. He embraces his new friend and walks out of the prison to freedom.

At the same time, Demir is racing to the prison to stop the Release Form from being signed. When he arrives at the prison he is too late. Yilmaz has been discharged! He once again hires his assassins to search the Haydarpasa Railway Station looking for him but little does he know Yilmaz has successfully hitched a ride to Adana on a quiet country road. He is making his way slowly but surely towards his love and Adana.

Sermin and Saniye have met in the orchard. They have a basket with a lid. Saniye slips into the mansion that night and into Zuleyha’s bedroom. The basket is tipped upside down on the floor and a horned viper slides under the bed. Upon waking from sleep the next morning Zuleyha is frightened by the horned viper and runs through the house in fear and slips on the stairs. Her fall is nasty. It knocks her unconscious.

Household servants and Hunkar rush to her aid. Sermin and Saniye are hopeful that their little surprise had bitten Zuleyha and she and her baby will not survive. Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed when Zuleyha awakens and confirms the viper had only frightened her.

The fall has brought on early contractions and Zuleyha goes into immediate labour. Her baby is on its way. There is nobody to help. Sebahattin is away and Demir is in Istanbul. The ladies of the house enlist the help of the village midwife for the delivery and the baby is born.

AT THE SAME TIME ……. Yilmaz has arrived at the Ranch looking for Zuleyha.

Will our baby be born healthy seeing it had such a dramatic entrance into the world?
Will Yilmaz find Zuleyha?
How far away is Demir?
I doubt Yilmaz has had time to plan his revenge. What will he do?




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