In our last episode we experienced some great acting and suspenseful viewing. Above all , it gave you an insight to the true character of Demir Yaman. It was fine acting by Murat Unalmis who stirs up your emotions by the way he treats women, especially his wife. The hairs went up on my neck watching him dish out his special kind of cruelty to Zuleyha.

In this week’s episode after Demir removes Zuleyha from the Ranch she makes her way to Sermin. Sermin takes care of Zuleyha who is in a physical, psychological and emotional state. Although Sermin is a devious woman she likes Zuleyha. Poor Zuleyha doesn’t even know what triggered Demir into his psychotic rage. It is Sermin who explains it was because of the film Mujgan had sent him. She ends her story by telling her that Mujgan ends up in telling Demir , “You see Demir, I wasn’t crazy”. Zuleyha wants to find sanctuary with Sermin but Demir finds out that she is there and once again makes her move her on.

Meanwhile in Istanbul, Mujgan has arrived with the baby and is staying with her girlfriend. Her plan is to leave for America. In the meantime, Yilmaz has tracked her down but although he sees her getting into a taxi he cannot catch up with her.

Feeling very tired and with nowhere else to go Zuleyha ends up in the farm workers Bowers . She knows the Bowers well and gets on with the farm workers very well and she is made to feel welcome. The toll of her traumatic day takes its toll on her and she collapses into their arms. The simple small hut offers Zuleyha comfort. She now rests.

Unfortunately her peace is short lived. The men in the Bowers tell Demir that she at the Bowers and he immediately comes for her.

Zuleyha hears him yelling and when she fronts him he tells her to get out of Cukurova and never come back. She defies him and tells him she will not go without her children. His reaction to her defiance is to hit her.

Fuelled with anger he fires his gun into the air and tells the farm workers if they as much as give her a sip of water he will burn down their houses. Zuleyha has to move on.

Driven to the point of no return, Zuleyha walks to the canals and stands on the edge in readiness to throw herself into the water as she did when she was forced to marry Demir. She is stopped by Hunkar this time who gathers her into her arms and walks her to Gaffur’s house where Gulten and Saniye can take care of her. The plan is to keep it a secret from Demir.

Zuleyha swears to them all that she is innocent and has never been unfaithful to Demir. She tells them “all I did was give him a hug and warn him”. Hunkar later reunites her with her two children.

As fate would have it Demir returns home for work early and is met by little Uzum who tells him that his children are at Gaffur’s house. He barges into the house and drags the children away from Zuleyha.

(Writers note: It is noticeable in this scene that little Adnan is very is upset by the raised voices and violence in the room.)

Zuleyha is then taken by the security guards and forcibly removed from the Ranch leaving behind her children who are distraught by being removed from their mother.

The Prosecutor is looking for Rasit once more. She has reopened the case of the murder of Cengo and wants to question him. This news makes Hatip nervous.

After Zuleyha was dumped in town by the Ranch guards, she is emotionally and psychologically defeated. She sees no other way to stop what is going on except taking her own life. She walks down the main street of town and douses herself in petrol. She then stands in front of the towns people with a lighter in her hands and demands they listen to her and not believe the slander that her husband has spread about her.

The towns people can see a broken woman standing in front of them and she is bearing her soul. She tells them she has had enough and she cannot stand it any longer. She has had her children taken from her and she is innocent. She tells them there is no truth in what Demir says. She takes the lighter and ignites the flame. It is only the presence of Fekeli that saves her life. He grabs the lighter and holds her close. She begs him not to stop her. She sobs that she cannot live any longer and the pain is too great.

Fekeli shows her warmth and compassion and gathers her into his arms and tells her that it is O.K. and that the worst is over and he will not leave her. He also promises that he will help her get her children back.

Meanwhile back at the Ranch Hunkar tells her son that he is very wrong in her treatment of his wife. She tells him that he has punished her before knowing what the truth really is. He warns his mother that if she doesn’t stop interfering that he will leave and take the children with him and she will never see them again.

Fekeli drives Zuleyha back to the Ranch where she is cared for by Nezire. Now Nezire loves Zuleyha as they go back to a time that they all lived together at the workers Bowers. Nezire in a motherly way cares for her with tenderness and compassion. She bathes the petrol off her body and tends to her wounds. She then washes her hair and dresses her in clean clothes.

In Istanbul the police arrest Yilmaz and give him no reason for their actions.

In the Fekeli household, Zuleyha has been bathed and fed. She sits with Fekeli and Behice, She has to defend herself from accusations from Behice. She makes sure they both know that she only went to Yilmaz at the Chalet to warn him and not to have an affair with him . Fekeli realises that heard the same story from Yilmaz and he believes that they are both telling the truth.

Hunkar is told of Zuleyha’s actions in the main street of town by one of the ladies in her charity group who visits her at the mansion. Hunkar is told how Zuleyha tried to set herself alight and how Fekeli came to her rescue and how she is now being cared for at his Ranch. Unfortunately Demir was within hearing of the news and once again he goes off into one of his tantrums. Of course he blames Zuleyha for embarrassing the Yaman’s but there is no way he will let her stay at the Fekeli Ranch . He takes his gun and drives to the Fekeli Ranch in a vicious temper .

Demir bashes on the front door of the Fekeli Ranch yelling at the top of his voice. The door opens and he faces Fekeli . Now Fekeli looks him straight in the eye and is not scared of him and will not back down. Demir calls for Yilmaz to come out but when told that he is not at home he will not believe him.

He then turns to Zuleyha and orders her to come with him. At first Zuleyha was going to relent but Fekeli will not allow her to go. He tells Demir that he ashamed of him for what he has done to his wife. He repeats “I will not give Zuleyha up to you, you have punished her enough.”

He slams the door in Demir’s face. Hunkar tries to reason with her son but it is impossible, he cannot be reasoned with. There is only has revenge on his mind.

Zuleyha apologises to Fekeli for the terrible scene brought on by her husband. She tells him she will leave to make it easier on him but he will not back down in protecting her.

Hatip is trying to get Rasit out of the way as the Prosecutor is looking for him. He sends Rasit to his horse stables to stand guard that night. Rasit had plans on dating Fadik that evening but that won’t be happening now. Rasit is most upset that he will miss the chance to be with Fadik but he goes to the stables as ordered. During the night men who have been hired by Hatip come to steal his horses. Rasit draws out his gun for protection and a gun shot is heard at the farm house.

Rasit being a little frightened has shot one of the thieves. The snake like Hatip tells him that he will cover for him but he should leave town. Hatip gives him plenty of money to help him on his way. One thing that Hatip does not want is for Rasit to be questioned by the Prosecutor as he feels he will break under the pressure and tell her that it was Hatip who owns the gun.

In Istanbul Yilmaz is still behind bars. He is told he is being held over the weekend along with his friends. His friends have been arrested for taking possession of stolen goods. Fekeli tells his lawyer to get them out of jail ASAP.

Zuleyha feels very close to Yilmaz at his home. The feeling brings back wonderful memories of their passionate love for each other.

Zueyha doesn’t feel any emotion about leaving Demir but she is very upset about being removed from her children. This is her greatest sorrow as little Leyla is still breast fed.

Eventually Yilmaz is released from jail. He hopes he isn’t too late to prevent Mujgan taking his son to America but he is told that they have already gone. He makes his way back home to Adana.

Zuleyha tells Fekeli that her life is full of pain. When one pain stops another begins. Fekeli tells her she will receive the biggest reward when all these problems are over.

Our sneaky Aunt Behice tells Mujgan on the telephone that she should get her backside back to Cukurova as her husbands old lover has moved in. She tells her that Zuleyha is being treated like a daughter by Fekeli and he protects her from any harm. She gives her a “Well done” referring to her posting the film to Demir. “Congratulations, you have now placed them together to live happily ever after” she tells her.

At the Chamber of Industry Meeting, Demir wants to sell his shares in the Oil Factory to anybody who is interested. He no longer wants to be a partner with Yilmaz. Hatip of course goes immediately to the two businessmen who were interested in the factory in the first place and tells them the news. The opportunity for them to enter the Cukurova property market has arrived.

Yilmaz returns to the Fekeli Ranch. He sits with Zuleyha and they talk about all that has happened in their lives. Yilmaz believes that it was all written in their destiny when they met.

Cetin is stabbed in the streets of Cukurova when trying to defend the honour of Gulten and Zuleyha.

The words of Aunt Behice must have had carried some weight with Mujgan. That evening at the Fekeli Ranch she returns home.

No sooner is she inside the door Mujgan attacks Zuleyha. She tells her that she didn’t waste much time in moving into her husbands house. Her jealous obsession and paranoia has increased. She now even looks dangerous. A full on domestic develops where yelling and screaming is heard all over the house.

Zuleyha is left by herself. She feels bad that she has brought unhappiness upon the family. She enters Fekeli bedroom and sees his gun lying beside the bed. She is already traumatised by what has happened to her and she can see that all she brings is pain to others. While they are all busy with fighting each other she quietly slips out of the house and walks off into the night.

It is Yilmaz who first discovers her absence and Fekeli who notices that his gun is missing beside his bed. They make a frantic chase after her as they believe she will kill herself.

At the Yaman Ranch, Hunkar and Demir sit in the lounge room talking with Sebahattin when Zuleyha enters the room. Demir tells her “how dare you come into this house”. Her answer to him is to raise her gun and point it directly at him.

Zuleyha stands shaking with tears welling up in her eyes. She tells Demir that she told him to never separate her from her children ever again after he had taken Adnan from her on two occasion.

With a trembling gun in her hand pointed directly at him She tells him, “I do not have the power to hold on and deal with your cruelty any longer”.

“It is over” she tells him. “You will leave this world without even kissing your daughter goodbye.”

Our last scene shows the outside of the mansion. Three shots are heard coming from the upstairs lounge room.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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