Get ready for a most exciting episode. We were left with a cliff hanger last week when Demir and Hunkar viewed the film that Mujgan had sent them showing Zuleyha and Yilmaz in each others. She also gave them a personal comment at the end of the film saying, “I told you so” .

We see Demir’s reaction this week. It is just as I anticipated. His face changes into rage and he takes out his gun and goes after Zuleyha. All the while Hunkar is screaming “don’t, don’t” as he drags Zuleyha outside the Ranch and into his car at gun point. He speeds away in an uncontrollable temper with a petrified Zuleyha in the passenger seat beside him.

Mujgan hears the yelling and screaming from her mansion. She sees Zuleyha being dragged away by Demir and she realises she is responsible. She covers her mouth with her hand. “My God! What have I done?”

Hunkar, Sermin and the staff have never seen Demir in such a violent rage before. They are frightened for Zuleyha. Sermin and Saniye find out what the problem is when they find the film rolling in the office and can see why Demir had lost control.

Hunkar goes immediately to tell Ali Rahmet what has happened. She is very frightened thinking that her son could have killed Zuleyha by now.

Mujgan is so afraid she calls for Aunt Behice and tells her everything as well. Mujgan tells her that she just had to show Demir what his wife was not going to accept what he is doing behind her back. She confides to Aunt Behice that she is considering running away to Istanbul and taking the baby with her.

Mujgan tells her aunt that Zuleyha deserves what she gets from Demir even death. This comment shows her aunt just how dangerous Mujgan is with her jealous obsession.

Aunt Behice reminds Mujgan that not only has she put Zuleyha ilife in danger but Demir will come after Yilmaz also. She has killed them both.

Demir has driven into the woods and looks psychotic. He has a gun in his hand and has Zuleyha sitting on a log whilst Mujgan’s words go round and round in his head. Zuleyha’s face shows her fear

Zuleyha tells Demir that she can see that he is prepared to kill her but she doesn’t know the reason. “It is obvious that somebody has slandered me” she says. She tells him that she has not dishonoured him.

After telling her that she was seen at the chalet with Yilmaz, Zuleyha tries to explain to Demir that it was an innocent meeting. She explained she was only trying to warn Yilmaz after hearing that Demir was going to tell the Prosecutor that he killed Ercument.

Unfortunately Demir does not believe that the hugging was innocent. He tells her that he loved her even though he knew that she did not love him. He tells her that she has ruined him. She makes sure he knows that she feels no guilt and if he kills her she dies with a clear conscience.

Meanwhile, Hunkar and Fekeli are searching for Zuleyha in every known place . So far they have been unsuccessful. They drive through the woods with their eyes peeled for Demir’s car. At one stage they get out of the car and walk through the woods calling out for Zuleyha. It is here that they hear gun shots from deep within the woods.

The gun shots have come from Demir. He walks out of the woods and gets into his car. He looks at the blood on his hands. He puts his head on the steering wheel and weeps.

Zuleyha lies on the ground unconscious.

Hunkar and Fekeli search for a while longer and then make their way home after not being able to find Zuleyha.

All the towns people know about what happened at the Yaman Ranch. Sermin has spread the news to the charity group at lunch and they advise her to go to the police. The news reaches Sebahattin at the hospital via a nurse and he tries to contact Yilmaz or Fekeli with no luck. So far, Yiulmaz has not heard what has transpired. He makes his way to the Yaman Ranch.

The two businessmen who were not successful in buying any property around town are still looking for another way to secure properties. Today we find them driving around town trying to find the Yaman Ranch. They are obviously up to no good. They sit outside the Ranch gates observing what is going on within.

While all the excitement at the Ranch is focussed on Demir and Zuleyha, nobody is looking after the children. Uzum and Adnan are seen walking around unsupervised.

Today is also the engagement of Gulten and Cetin. The ceremony is scheduled for that day but it has to be cancelled due to what has happened at the Ranch.

Meanwhile Yilmaz is finally tracked down at the Cotton Factory. When Yilmaz finds out what has happened he is angry. He swears that if anything has happened to Zuleyha he will kill Demir.

Yilmaz swears that Mujgan has ruined his life and he will not accept the blame. He knows that they are innocent. After explaining over again why he was hugging Zuleyha, Fekeli finally believes him.

At the woods Yilmaz searches for Zuleyha’s and calls her name over and over again without any response.

Meanwhile night has arrived and Demir is drowning his sorrows in wine, women and song . He has left Zuleyha lying on the cold ground out in the woods.

The next morning Demir makes his way back to the Ranch a broken man and hung over from his night of excess.

At home Mujgan meets with Sebahattin. Her continued jealous obsession over the couple is evident. She believes she has won battle in getting people to believe her with regard to her husband and Zuleyha having an affair. Her heart is filled with vengeance but she is content that she has proven them all wrong by showing them on film.

With everyone busy about their own problems nobody keeps an eye on the little ones. Uzum and Adnan are missing. It is reported that a car was seen at the Ranch gates and they have the fear that the children have been kidnapped.

It is at this time of fear that Demir returns home.

Fekeli and Yilmaz also arrive at the Ranch after being asked by Hunkar to help search for the children. Demir sees Yilmaz want to kill each other but are controlled as the need to find the children is priority.

Yilmaz still cannot get over what he has heard and decides to walk next door to his home to confront Mujgan about the film. He asks her “what have you done?” She yells at him that he is the one that has cheated on her. She will not accept any explanation from him for his actions. She is happy now that she has proven his guilt and lies. She has shown everyone that she was right. The argument ends with Yilmaz telling her that he regrets the day that he ever met her.

Aunt Behice asks Yilmaz to reconsider his actions if he leaves Mujgan. He has his son Kerem Ali to think about as well but as they are talking Mujgan has packed a suitcase and has left the mansion to run away with the baby.

It is not long before Yilmaz finds out that Mujgan has taken the baby and left. He believes that she may have gone to Istanbul. He goes after her to bring back his son.

A full search is underway for the children. Fekeli believes that the businessmen have taken the children and have a plan in mind. He tells them to make sure they stay near their telephones as he believes they will call.

Meanwhile our little children are holding hands and walking on a back road in Cukurova. Little Adnan is lucky he has Uzum as his buddy as she is very familiar with the back roads. Uzum firstly takes Adnan to the cemetery to visit her mother’s grave before they continue their journey as if on an adventure.

It is the second night since Demir took Zuleyha into the woods. She has laid on the cold ground all that time. She has now regained consciousness and although she is concussed with a head injury she can walk. She begins to make her slow way back home through the woods.

We were led to believe that Demir might have killed Zuleyha in the woods but as angry as he was he had control and only hit her over the head with the butt of his gun. He then shot his gun into the air several times.

After persistent questioning by Sebahattin, Demir tells him that he did not kill Zuleyha and that she is still out in the woods somewhere. He also tells Hunkar that her name is not to be mentioned in the house or is anyone ever to ask where she is. As far as he is concerned she is dead to him.

Meanwhile back in the woods Zuleyha wanders through the woods trying to find her way out of the forest in the dark.

Uzum and Adnan have walked a long way along the back roads. Uzum has taken great care of little Adnan and has held his hand and brought him to the bowers where she and her mother lived. They are tired and hungry but Uzum tells Adnan not to be scared as she knows everybody who lives at the huts. She takes him into her own hut that she shared with her mother and finds him food to eat. They are soon asleep and spend the night there.

The night leaves many in deep thought and emotional turmoil. Saniye and Gaffur worry over Uzum and Adnan, Demir is broken hearted by Zuleyha. Yilmaz drives towards Istanbul wondering if he will see his son again and whether Zuleyha is still alive.

In the morning a new day awakes in the bowers. Hunger brings out the two little ones who are looking for breakfast. The farm workers give them food and then take them home to the Ranch.
The lost is found and Uzum and Adnan are welcomed with great excitement.

As everyone is gathered together in the grounds of the Ranch, a figure is seen walking through the front gates. It is Zuleyha. She is in a weakened state after walking all night through the woods.

Hunkar thanks god for her safe return but Demir only sees a shameful woman. He tosses her back out through the gates and locks the gates behind her.

Zuleyha screams her innocence for all to hear.

Demir turns his back on his wife and orders everyone to return to their jobs and Hunkar to take his children inside the mansion.

He tells the staff that nobody will be allowed to open the gates to Zuleyha any more.

We leave this week’s episode with Zuleyha holding onto the gates of the Ranch having been exiled by her husband. Join me next week as we find out what fate has in store for Zuleyha and Yilmaz.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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