In our final scene in Episode 56 shows Mujgan posting a reel of film to Demir in which contained footage of Zuleyha and Yilmaz in each other’s arms.

In this week’s episode the reel of film has been delivered to Demir’s office. He thinks that it is coverage of a football team match and puts it aside considering he does not have a projector. He decides to buy a new projector and camera to take footage of the children as they grow.

Mujgan on the other hand is trying to track down her brown scarf that she lost in the snow capped mountain the day she filmed Zuleyha and Yilmaz together. It dawns on her that Yilmaz may have found it.

Zuleyha prepares to make a wedding dress for Gulten. Her memories draw her back to the time she made wedding dresses in Istanbul and how she wanted to make her own wedding gown when she married Yilmaz but fate stepped in and it wasn’t meant to be.

That evening Cetin takes Gulten on a date where Cetin tells her that she is his love and in his eyes she is pure of body and pure of heart. He holds her face between his palms feeling quite scared of loves journey but knowing that she is the only one for him.

Engagement plans for Gulten and Cetin are underway. Both the Yamans and Fekeli will come together for the celebration.

In a restaurant in the heart of Cukurova, Ali Rahmet Fekeli sits quietly at his table having lunch. Two customers arrive and immediately begin talking about Demir Yaman. Fekeli overhears their conversation. “Demir Yaman is a powerful man and it will be hard to fool him.”

Fekeli is on guard now that he has heard the two business men planning something against Demir. He knows they are up to something but he doesn’t know what.

Mujgan’s jealousy is becoming so paranoid. She takes every opportunity to rub into Yilmaz that Zuleyha is the only one on his mind. Since seeing them together at the chalet she makes a point of rubbing salt into his wounds making it awkward living together. She is beginning to draw attention to herself and there are those who feel that she is mentally affected and obsessed. Aunt Behice believes that if she doesn’t stop pushing Yilmaz he will leave.

Saniye, Ctin and Gulten are looking for wedding rings. Unfortunately for Gaffur the jeweller tells Saniye that her husband had been in the store recently and sold a bag of gold jewellery, namely bracelets to him of which he gave a good price. He tells her that he bought everything except his fathers watch.

This comment puts Saniye on guard. Saniye believed that all her gold jewellery had been stolen along with Gaffur’s fathers watch. If what the jeweller is saying is correct, he has lied to her.

Saniye cannot believe that Gaffur had robbed his own house. Saniye now knows her husband is not only a thief but a liar. She heads home to have it out with him. Saniye finds him playing with Uzum. Life has been good for them both since the little girl has come to stay.

Saniye broken heartedly confronts Gaffur. She tells him that she feels shame at what he has done.
Saniye tells him that she even forgave him for being with another woman but this time he has ripped the heart out of her with his dishonesty.

Gaffur owns up and tells her the story of how he had 100,000 TL stolen from him when he was on an errand for Hunkar and how he borrowed the money from Hatip Aga and has been trying to pay it back ever since.

Saniye tells him that she will pay Hatip back the money and nobody else will know anything about it. This move of generosity on his wife’s part moves Gaffur to his knees. His embarrassment is evident.

At the normal meeting place high up on a lookout, Hunkar meets up with Fekeli. Fekeli warns her about what he overheard in the restaurant and to warn Demir. He tells her that the business men are out to take their land.
After hearing what Fekeli had told his mother, Demir decides to test Mr Hulusi who is the agent selling him an oil factory. The price has already been agreed upon but when Demir tells him that he wants to sign the contract immediately he is told that there are more offers and if he wants to buy it he will have to raise his bid.

That evening the Yaman’s, Fekeli and Yilmaz gather and decide to buy the factory jointly. Although they do not want an oil factory personally, they do not want any Cukurova land to go into strangers hands.

Watching the two waring families come together in her home sends Mujgan into a fit of hatred. Mujgan only sees the two families becoming closer together when all the time all she wants is for them to grow further apart. She embarrasses herself in front of Fekeli and Yilmaz with her jealousy telling him that she does not want her son to grow up playing with the Yaman children.

Gaffur has made peace with Saniye, Gulten and Cetin. As a matter of fact Gaffur apologises to Cetin as he had led everyone to believe that it was Cetin who stole Saniye’s gold jewellery when all the time it was himself.

Gulten wants to sell her field to pay for Gaffur’s debt but Saniye will not allow it. Saniye tells her that she would leave Gaffur if he wasn’t such a good dad to Uzum. After hearing their conversation Gaffur creeps into his bedroom and pulls the covers over his body and weeps.

Zuleyha tells Demir that she has tried to make friends with Mujgan but she will not accept any attempt at peace. She tells him that Mujgan told her that she prefers to make war. Demir tells her not to worry about Mujgan any more and he will not listen to anything she has to say from now on. He kisses her and tells her not to worry.

Demir tells Zuleyha that he knows she doesn’t love him but he loves her more and more every day.

Meanwhile in the Yilmaz household things are bad. Mujgan continues to humiliate Yilmaz in front of anyone. He tells Mujgan that their marriage is a joke and Mujgan agrees with him. Yilmaz leaves their bedroom to sleep in another room. He is a very unhappy man.

It is the day of the meeting with Mr Hulusi at the oil factory. Demir and Yilmaz enter the factory as business partners. They are both wanting to buy the factory but Mr Hulusi is playing a game with them and tells them he has buyers who have offered 0% more than Demir’s offer. Yilmaz cuts to the chase and offers Mr Hulusi 20% more than Demir’s first offer but the deal is only valid now. Put under pressure Mr Hulusi accepts their offer leaving him no time to contact the other buyers.

The deal is done and they shake on it. Mr Hulusi could not back out and the factory is theirs.

That afternoon Hatip Aga meets with the two business men from Istanbul. They tell him that he had promised them that they would easilybe able to buy the properties. They have found that Cukurova does not sell their property to outsiders easily. Hatip also had a hand in the pot as he would guide the businessmen to the properties and also receive a commission. The businessmen were not happy that the oil factory was sold from underneath them. Hatip is warned that if he doesn’t do as they say in future they will make life hard for him.

Hatip comes face to face with Saniye in his office. She is not as easy to fooled as her husband is. She knows Hatip for the evil fox that he is. She demands that Hatip leave her husband alone and promises him that the debt will be paid. She threatens Hatip that she will make him very sorry if he doesn’t stay away from Gaffur or her home and family.

Demir, Yilmaz and Fekeli meet for coffee to discuss the purchase of the oil factory. Neither one of them really want an oil factory but they have saved it going into strangers hands.

Fekeli believes that they should take what they know to the Chamber of Industry and let them know what is going on. That evening the three of them attend the Chamber of Industry meeting.

Hatip sits at the head of the meeting. He commences the meeting with membership fees owing but is soon interrupted by Fekeli who wants to address the the Industry members.

At the meeting it is found that many land owners have been approached to sell their land at far greater values than what they are worth. Fekeli tells the meeting that it is time to unite and not to sell. The meeting was a huge success. The Cukurova land owners stand together and vote not to sell. The only unhappy person is Hatip Aga who can see no commission coming. He also has the unpleasant task of taking this information back to the buyers. When questioned about the outcome of the meeting, Hatip Aga gives the buyers the name of Ali Rahmet Fekeli as their main opposition.

The buyers can see that they may have to eliminate Fekeli from the situation.

Sermin has a house in Adana given to her by Hunkar and Demir. She is having trouble with the tenant who has not paid rent for 3 months. After seeing Behice and Sermin hugging, Hatip’s wife decides to tell Hunkar that the two women have become very close.

It is the day of Gulten and Cetin’s engagement. The mansion is busy preparing food for the evening with great excitement. Demir has received a delivery from Germany. It is the new camera, projector and screen. Demir and Hunkar prepare to sit together and watch the reel of film they believe contains a football match.

As a big domestic breaks out between Sermin and Naciiye in the lounge room of the mansion, Hunkarr and Demir are still trying to view the reel of film. Finally they are successful in rolling the film. The very first thing they see is Yilmaz climbing up towards a chalet in the snow.

Demir then sees Yilmaz meet Zuleyha and take her in his arms.

The face of Mujgan is also seen as she looks directly into the camera and tells Demir, “You thought I was crazy but will you still feel the same after watching this?”

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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