After overhearing a conversation between Demir and Hunkar,    Zuleyha has called Yilmaz and asked him to meet her secretly.  They both show up in a chalet not knowing that Mujgan has followed them and is filming their meeting by video camera.

Yilmaz welcomes Zuleyha warmly and when she asks him if he really did kill Ercument he owns up to the murder.  He tells her that Ercument raped Gulten and he does not feel any guilt about his death.   “Maybe that is why I am on this earth, he says.  I saved you from being raped and killed.   Now the same thing has happened to Gulten and I have killed again. “    Zuleyha wraps her arms around him and tells him that he is such a wonderful man.  
Outside on the verandah Mujgan continues to film the meeting.  She now has evidence that they really are having an affair.   What she is going to do with it we do not know at this stage.

Mujgan thinking the worse is very upset.  She leaves the chalet but drops her scarf in her haste on the snow covered pathway.
Zuleyha warns Yilmaz that Demir and Hunkar may tell the Prosecutor.    Zuleyha is scared for him and tells him so.  He tells her, “Don’t be scared my love.”  

 They leave the chalet before anyone notices they are gone.  It is Yilmaz who finds Mujgan’s brown scarf on the pathway.  He recognises it and raises it to his nose to smell the scent.  He recognises the smell. 
Mujgan on the other hand has missed her scarf but is not sure where she has lost it.

Seeing Yilmaz again and feeling his arms around her brings back memories to Zuleyha of times they had together and the love they have for each other.  She wonders why fate stepped in and changed their lives and keeps them apart.

Gaffur and Saniye enjoy playing the role of parents to little Uzum.  Gaffur even takes the little girl to town for new shoes but he is reminded by Uzum that the children in the bowers also have no shoes.  Uzum has begun to soften his heart especially when she calls him “father.”

Behice still lives at Fekeli’s house since he had his heart attack.  When she is asked by Fekeli who told her about the Yaman’s murdered nephew she does not tell him that it was Sermin who told her.

Mujgan starts making Yilmaz feel uncomfortable by asking him if he has seen her brown scarf.  He denies having seen it.   He asks her, “When did you last wear it?”   Mujgan tells him that she cannot recall.     She is suspicious that he may know that she was at the chalet but cannot prove it.  
Mujgan obsessive behaviour still makes everyone uneasy.
Once again Hatip Aga comes to see Eyup. 

Eyup has been putting the pressure on Hatip for more money.   Hatip promises him that he will pay him soon.  Eyup gives him to the next day before he will go to Yilmaz who has promised him 3 times the money if he will only tell him who he is protecting.

The gossip in town has reached the Chief Prosecutor.  He calls Julide into his office and tells her that they have a delicate situation and they have to be careful.   Gossip had reached his ears that  Ercument raped Demir’s wife Zuleyha and maybe Demir had murdered him to save her virtue.

 The Chief Prosecutor tells Julide that the Yaman’s normally would turn the town upside down looking for a missing family member  but this time they didn’t even look for him let alone make an enquiry.    Julide is asked to re-investigate the case.

Yilmaz is called by Eyup to the prison but  he dies before he can tell Yilmaz the name of the real murderer.

 Meanwhile at the Yaman Ranch the police arrive and request Demir, Hunkar, Gaffur, Zuleyha and Saniye  come into the police station to give a statement with regard to Ercument’s disappearance.     Julide tightens her net hoping that one of them will break their silence.   Of course the gossip in the town is all assumption about what Demir may have done to Ercument after finding out that he raped Zuleyha.  The towns people believe that they would have done the same thing themselves.

 Now that Eyup is dead and after he pleaded guilty to murdering Cengo, the murder case will most likely be closed.  It is only Yilmaz that knows that the real killer is still at large.  In his mind he believes it must be Demir.
Demir has heard the gossip second hand from Hatip Aga so to make sure he gets the story right he goes to the local barber shop .  The Barber is the best person to give him the most up to date gossip in town.    The Barber at first does not want to tell him what he has heard but when Demir is foreful he tells him the truth.

The barber tells add that nobody would blame him even if he did kill Ercument.  

Hunkar cannot believe the slander that has been placed on the Yaman family.  How are they going to get out of the situation they do not know?  They have no choice but to tell Zuleyha what has happened.   She is shocked to find out that the town believe that it was she who was raped.

When Yilmaz hears that the town gossip now involves Zuleyha he can see how things have got out of control.    Hunkar calls Fekeli to arrange a meeting with all involved.  She also arranges to speak with Gulten as she will also hear the gossip about Zuleyha as she moves throughout town.

Hunkar asks Gulten, Gaffur and Saniye to help them keep the secret and thereby save the reputations of both Gulten and Zuleyha.   How they were going to clear Zuleyha’s name was not clear.  The meeting with Fekeli and Yilmaz, Hunkar and Demir goes ahead at the lookout point.

Yilmaz is still angry about Eyup dying and confronts Demir about his suspicions that he killed Cengo and had Eyup murdered.  Demir denies everything and swears on the life of his children that he had nothing to do with it.  Demir does tells him though that he will try and help Yilmaz find his murderer just to show him he is innocent.  

 After hearing Demir swearing his innocence on the lives of his children,  Yilmaz for the first time believes that Demir just may not be the killer.   A decision is made at the meeting to keep Zuleyha, Gulten and Yilmaz out of the investigation.  The girls names must be cleared and the gossip stopped.  Yilmaz also must be protected.   For once the two families have come together peacefully and discussed a situation without wanting to kill each other. 

Meanwhile  back at the Ranch,   Gulten and Zuleyha hug each other knowing the horrible gossip that is going around.  For the first time since Zuleyha found out about Gulten’s rape the two girls can comfort each other.

The Prosecutor calls each family and staff member to her office.   They all tell the same story of how Ercument always came to the mansion to ask for money.  They tell the Prosecutor that he was not the kind of person to molest women.  When asked if he raped Zuleyha they all denied the report, even Zuleyha.

 Zuleyha begs Sebahattin to ask Julide to stop investigating the killing of Ercument.   Julide does not see this as a good request.  She sees it as he is trying to prevent justice being carried out.  He  tells her that justice is not always delivered in a court room.   She begs him to tell her who he is trying to protect.  She refuses to drop the case.

Yilmaz and Demir leave Cukurova to find out information about Eyup and his death.   They go together to Istanbul to visit Emel whois Ercument’s sister.  Emel welcomes them to her home.  They are invited in to talk.

Demir asks her for help with regard to her brothers death.    She refuses to give it.  She knows the kind of man Ercument was but still refuses to help them. Yilmaz asks her what is her price to do what they ask.  

They rise from their chairs to leave but before they can get to the door she yells, “5,000,000 Million TL.”      Yilmaz and Demir agree to pay half the bribe money each although Yilmaz will have to sell some of his properties to pay the bill.

 Our next scene sees Emel in the Chief Prosecutors Office giving her testimony to Julide.  She tells of how her brother was a huge gambler and was always being threatened by people he owed money to.  These people belonged to the mafia.   She also tells them of how she had to move house 3 times because of men were sent to try and kill her brother and collect their money.   She comments on how she would pay off his debts many times.   
Emel tells the Prosecutor that in the end they threatened her and she told them that her brother was in Adana and not to bother her any more.  Emel believes that it must have been the mafia who killed her brother.    Emel signs her statement and the Prosecutor moves the case to their Istanbul department and the file is closed.

That evening Mujgan cannot believe her ears when she hears Fekeli and Yilmaz discussing paying 5,000,000 Million TL to Emel to pay for Zuleyha’s name to be cleared.   She vindictively attacks Yilmaz and Fekeli for protecting Zuleyha.   She screams and pushes until she is told that the rape victim was Gulten and Yilmaz was the one who killed him.  Mujgan is shocked.

Little do they know that Behice is listening to their conversation and hears it all.  

To make sure that everyone hears it right and to stop the gossip around town, the Yaman’s call a Press Conference at the Club and invite the local Journalists.  Sermin, Behice and the charity ladies are also invited considering they manage to spread a lot of the gossip around town. 

 Hunkar, Demir, Zuleyha and Emel sit and address the meeting.  Demir explains to the audience that his family has been dragged through slander, especially his wife and all of it has been a lie.  He tells them that Ercument’s sister will explain to them how the Yaman’s name has been slandered undeservedly.  

Emel does a good job and explains everything that she had told the Prosecutor.  Mostly everyone in the room believes her except Sermin, also there is Behice who knows the truth.   Emel accepts her 5,000,000 Million TL for a job she considers well done and takes her leave from the Yaman’s.
At the Lookout at the end of the day Fekeli, Hunkar, Demir and Yilmaz gather to discuss making peace, and they agree that they can work together if they really try.    Fekeli encourages them to end the war between them.   They shake hands.

 Meanwhile back at the Yaman Ranch,  Zuleyha approaches Mujgan to try and make her own  peace but Mujgan tells her she will never make peace with her and she prefers to make war.

Our last scene shows Mujgan taking a reel of video film and posting it to Demir at his office.   The package arrives and he slips the reel from the envelope and holds it in his hands.

We all know what the reel of film contains. 

Will Demir see Zuleyha and Yilmaz in each other arms?    What will happen to the newly made peace between the two?   

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles




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