We saw last week Mujgan confronting Zuleyha and Demir with a scarf that she had found in Yilmaz’s car. Mujgan had seen this scarf on the neck of Zuleyha when she left for Cukurova earlier that day. She feels sure that Yilmaz and Zuleyha are having an affair behind her back.

Mujgan was very shocked to see that Zuleyha still had her scarf and even more shocked when she was shown the scarf was exactly the same as the one that was in the car. Mugan in her jealousy has embarrassed Yilmaz and herself in front of everyone. They are beginning to feel that she is going crazy.

When Yilmaz and Mujgan return home Yilmaz takes Mujgan to task for her obsessive nature and for putting him in such an embarrassing position in front of the Yaman’s. Mujgan believes that Zuleyha continually provokes her. Yilmaz tells her that he is sick of her continual behaviour.

A Business Award is given to Fekeli and Yilmaz for their plan to bring irrigated water to the Cukurova Plain. The local newspaper takes a photograph for the local paper.

Demir and Hunkar believe that this project should have been theirs. Demir tells Hunkar that all is not over. He thinks there is something he may be able to do about it. I get a bad feeling about this.

Ali Rahmet Fekeli arranges a meeting with a real estate agent. He plans to buy a property right in the heart of Cukurova.

Zuleyha is not going to leave Mujgan alone after she attacked her about the scarf. Zuleyha goes to her home to make sure she wont blame her again for something she did not do. As they are alone Mujgan tells her that she believes that Zuleyha and Yilmaz take every chance they can to be together.

Yilmaz asks Mujgan to see a Psychiatrist over her obsessive behaviour towards Zuleyha.

Gaffur works a second job in a restaurant to get more money to help pay his debt to Hatip Aga. On his way home from work he sees Cetin and Gulten. They have been to the cinema. They are promised to each other and hope to marry soon. Cetin has plans to ask permission to marry her very soon.

Gaffur is enraged when he sees his sister with Cetin. Gaffur forces Gulten into his red truck and drives her home yelling and screaming at her on their way. Gulten begs him to realise that she loves Cetin. Gaffur will not listen to her.

Saniye finds it hard getting through Gaffur’s thick head that she wants him to listen to her. He calms after a time and she gets the opportunity she wants. Saniye tells him Gulten has been through a terrible time.

She then goes on to telling him that his sister had been raped by Ercument. At first Gaffur is in shock and then he moves into anger. He then emotionally breaks down.

She finishes her story by telling him that Yilmaz made sure that Ercument would never rape another girl and killed him. Saniye goes on to tell him that Gulten has kept her assault inside her for so long and that Cetin knows all about it.

It is not long before Cetin comes bashing on Gaffur’s door in search of Gulten. It is a calm and contrite Gaffur who opens the door to him. Cetin can see that he has had a change of heart. He is ushered into their home and gathers Gulten into his arms.

The next morning Saniye has to tell Hunkar that she told Gaffur the secret. Although Saniye swears that Gaffur will never tell anybody about the rape.

Ali Rahmet Fekeli is called to the cotton Factory by Yilmaz . Yilmaz explains to his father that they have received orders for 200 water pumps. Although the payment for the pumps has to be in cash, they will take a 10% deposit from their customers and pay for the rest on credit.

Demir has been told about the water treatment business which is the talk of the town at the present time. You can see by Demir’s face that he is up to something with regard to the water pumps.

Yilmaz pays the Prosecutor a visit after he finds out that Eyup has confessed to the murder of Cengo. Yilmaz tells her he believes that Eyup has been paid to take the blame by the murderer himself. Yilmaz visits Eyup in prison.

He offers him triple the money that he has been paid to tell him who is paid him to lie. Yilmaz tells him that he will have his protection when he is released if he accepts his offer.

The news that Yilmaz visited Eyup in prison reaches Hatip Aga. Eyup has told Hatip to come to the prison to speak with him. Hatip pays a guard at the prison to allow him to see Eyup privately and to have time to talk with him. Eyup now tells Hatip that he wants four times the money he is paying him or he will tell Yilmaz that he paid him to lie. Hatip has no choice and agrees to pay him.

Trying to bribe Hatip is not a wise move for Eyup. He is an evil man and Eyup will now have to watch his back in prison.

At the hospital Mujgan tells Sebahattin that she does not believe that she needs a Psychiatrist. She tells him that everyone thinks she is becoming paranoid but she still believes Zuleyha and Yilmaz love each other and she will try and prove it.

At the Club dining with Cukurova businessmen Demir makes a comment that he does not like unfair competition in Cukurova. He intimates Yilmaz needed that competition. This comments gives you the impression that Demir has something in his mind or even in the pipeline with regard to taking revenge out on Yilmaz. It could be regarding the new water pumping business.

Yilmaz’s business ventures is not all that Demir is interested in. His eyes catch the form of a new beauty in town and he likes what he sees.

Out of the window in Yilmaz’s mansion Mujgan watches as Zuleyha twists her ankle while going to see Saniye. As fate would have it Yilmaz has just driven into the driveway and sees her stumble. He quickly goes to her aid. Unbeknown to them both Mujgan is watching jealously from her window and when she sees them touch it sends her into another jealous tangent.

A new nurse has been hired to care for Haminne. Her name is Gulseren and grannie likes her.

Cetin and Gaffur get to know each other over dinner a few bottles of Raki. Gaffur owns up to Cetin that he has done some terrible things to Gulten because he was stupid. He now only wants to see her happy. Cetin brings Gaffur home absolutely plastered after a night of heavy drinking.

Zuleyha on the other hand has been at home caring for her two little ones. Demir finds her asleep in the nursery along with Leyla and Adnan.

All attend the Open Day celebrations of the local school where renovations have been completed. The Mayor attends along with all the dignitaries in the community. As it happens Ali Rahmet Fekeli is the financial donor of the charity work undertaken. In his speech he names the school after the woman who saved his life after his heart attack, Behice.

Seeing Fekeli giving honour to Behice in this way really upsets Hunkar who is sitting with the dignitaries. It is hard to see the man she loves drawing closer to Behice. There is nothing she can do about it. She leaves the school ceremony and goes home.

After the ceremony all the ladies gather at Fekeli’s ranch for tea. It is here that the ladies begin to gossip and it is here that they discuss the missing Ercument and the belief that he was murdered by the Yaman’s after saving Zuleya’s honour. Neither Behice nor Sermin do anything to stop the gossip from spreading. Sermin asks Behice to use her influence in getting the Prosecutor sent out of Adana. Behice tells her that she knows somebody who just may help.

On her way home Hunkar meets with an investigator named Kenan. She asks Kenan to go to Istanbul on her behalf and investigate Behice.

Hunkar gives him most of the information he should need. Kenan is only to happy to help Hunkar. She asks him to report back to her. Of course this will be kept only between the two of them. Hunkar wants as much ammunition as she can get before she shoots Behice down.

Yilmaz and Fekeli arrive at the cotton Factory to see the delivery of the water pumps. Yilmaz purchased 200 on credit.

Their joy in viewing their new pumps is short lived. Cetin brings the bad news that they have received multitude telegrams cancelling their orders. They are stuck with 200 water pumps.
Yilmaz had taken a 10% deposit from his customers which came to 500,000 TL but the total of the bill is 5,000,000 TL. This leaves a debt of 4,500,000 TL.

Quietly in his office, Demir sits writing out cheques to all those that had placed an order with Yilmaz for a water pump. Although they paid 500,000 TL in their deposits, Demir gives their deposit back to them. He tells Hunkar that evening that he hired the people to place pump orders which lured Yilmaz into ordering 200. He has happily paid 500,000 TL to see Yilmaz in financial debt.

Demir believes that although he was out of pocket 500,000 TL that Yilmaz would be out of pocket 4,500,000 TL and it was worth it to see his enemy bleed.

Yilmaz tells Fekeli that he knows there is human intervention in all of this. 200 pumps could not be cancelled all at the same time.

As Yilmaz drives into his driveway at home he sees Demir and Hunkar standing out the front of their mansion. Demir with a smirk on his face raises his glass in a toast to Yilmaz. Touche! Touche! Were the unsaid words! This teasing has Fekeli holding Yilmaz back from attacking Demir. Fekeli calms him and tells him that they will have their revenge and to have patience.

Meanwhile, police are seen at the Yaman Ranch. Demir has been requested to present himself in front of the Prosecutor after the Prosecutor received a note telling her that Demir was responsible for killing Ercument. Julide tells him that he is now a suspect in the murder and not to leave town,

That evening at home in the Yaman Ranch, Demir discusses the situation with Hunkar. They decide to tell the Prosecutor the truth about the death of Ercument and to tell her that Yilmaz is responsible.

Little do they know that Zuleyha is behind the door and hears everything. She immediately picks up the telephone and calls Yilmaz. She arranges a secret meeting with him.

Unfortunately whilst Yilmaz was speaking with Zuleyha, Mujgan overhears Yilmaz’s plans and follows him.

Yilmaz meets with Zuleyha who looks into his eyes and asks him if he killed Ercument. He takes her face between his palms and tells her that he will explain everything and for her to trust him.

At a distance Mujgan films them together with her video camera .

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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